Best Michelin Star Restaurants near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburg is a wonderful place, and packed into this city is a whole heap of history, museums, and glorious food. We have made a list comprised of some of the best-rated restaurants in the city, according to Yelp, as unfortunately, the Michelin guide hasn’t expanded its star rating awards to the state of Pennsylvania; nevertheless, there are still fantastic restaurants for you to try.

Meat & Potatoes

Meat and Potatoes entered the market as the city’s first gastro-pub, taking a risk with a style that hadn’t been seen in the area before, however, the risk paid off and this gastro-pub is now the hight-rated and most recommended eatery in Pittsburgh. Meat & Potatoes is effortlessly trendy, with a menu featuring classic American dishes in a simple and comforting way. There are major flavors in every mouthful, and chef and owner, Richard DeShantz, does well to keep a simple approach that makes for a satisfying outcome. The food leaves you with a warm and cozy feeling and their classic of steak and potatoes guarantees this feeling. There are separate menus depending on lunch or dinner, and a host of delicious cocktails are on hand to accompany your meal; all menus can be found on their website, where you can also make a reservation, it’s not essential but it is a popular place so it is recommended.


If it would be considered brave to have a restaurant that serves a fusion of Asian and Mexican cuisine, then Tako is brave because this is exactly what they offer; think of a Korean taco, for example. You probably can’t, because these are not cuisines that usually mix, but Tako do it mighty well, they make it work; it is bold, it is different, but boy, it truly works. Their signature dishes include Asian tacos, street corn, and tres leches, and are a constant hit with anyone who tries them. The inside has a friendly and laid back environment, and again, it is unusual, but it is a fun place to be. On their website, you can read more about their story, view a gallery of dishes, and check out the bravest menu around.

Gaucho Parrilla Argentina

Situated on Pittsburgh’s famous strip, you will find the exotic smells and succulent tastes of Argentina; Gaucho makes food that is such a pleasure to eat, cooking their meat in a classic woodfire style, making for a juicy steak and bringing out all the flavors you could ever want. Anything you choose will be a good choice, from the empanadas or chorizo, or even just the bread, it is all outstanding. They provide plenty of handmade sauces to accompany your dishes, which is a beautiful addition as it delivers even more to the rich and flavorsome cuisine. You won’t find a better Argentinian restaurant in the area, but after you have been to Gaucho’s you won’t even be looking for another one. Check out their menu and see more information here –

There is a massive variety of national and international dining experiences on hand in Pittsburgh, and with the quality being so high in each place, it might just be easier to choose at random, you can’t pick a bad one.

Where To Eat And Drink At Pittsburgh International Airport

When it comes to quality and customer services, the Pittsburgh International Airport tops the list. The airport is full of social amenities and services such as restaurants and bars. The reason is due to the large space available making it easier to house bars, lounges as well as eateries.

Below is a list of the five places to go to the next time you visit the airport.

1. City of Bridges Café

This is not like any other normal place to eat. It’s designed using well-crafted steel with unique and iconic décor. The café also offers a spectacular view of the airport as you satisfy your pangs inside the open-glass front. After traveling for long hours, you should ask for a strong mixed drink to calm down your nerves. You can as well take the normal Yuengling, which is locally brewed. Don’t drink on an empty stomach so grab either chips, pizza or their burgers.

UPDATE: City of Bridges Cafe has closed operations.

2. Olive Press Lounge

Be careful not to drink too much and forget where you are. Relax after a long day with a full glass of sparkling wine. Watch your favorite local teams or meet and socialize with friends inside the Lounge.

3. T.G.I. Friday’s

The restaurant and bar started back in 1965 at Manhattan. Due to its continuous success, it extended to the Pittsburgh Airport where it has been in operation since 1992. The bar offers the quickest services complemented with the finest drinks. The bar proudly offers local foods with handcrafted cocktails. It’s worth stopping over to have a chat with your longtime friend before catching or after a flight.

The menu list includes favorites like steak and chops. You can also ask for popular drinks in the bar such as the ultimate margarita while munching on their famous burgers.

4. Bar Symon

The bar incorporates French breweries with local cuisine. It achieves that through ingredients offered by local providers such as the Mediterra Bakehouse. Besides serving drinks, the restaurant offers local foods such as cheese and roasted mac.

5. Burgh Sportz Bar

The bar is located at concourse D. A fun watering hole, you can’t miss it since its themed and decorated with countless Steel City collectibles which pay tribute to the Pirates and Steelers. Have a few beers, chomp on their delicious sandwiches and celebrate the city’s professional sports teams.

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7 Things To Do Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh is one of the most livable cities in the United States. The low crime rates and low cost of living make it suitable for young families and retirees. Also known as the City of Bridges or the City of Champions, Pittsburgh has plenty of exciting activities, both for solo travelers and families traveling with their kids.

You and your family will surely have a fun time, with sporting events held throughout the year. You may also come and see the animals at the city’s zoo and aquarium. There are just so many things to do in this remarkable city. We put together some of the best activities to do! Check them out below:

1. PNC Park

Located in North Side district of Pittsburgh, PNC Park is a beautiful baseball park. This is the home of the Pittsburgh Pirates! Catch a sporting event or enjoy the local hot dogs, craft beers, and pierogis, which is a kind of savory dumpling, here at the park.

Most visitors are attracted to the stadium because of the scenic views it offers, especially on a fireworks night. From the beautiful street scene, tons of bars, and entertainment to sidewalk cafes, and beer trucks, PNC Park is a must-visit destination for fun-seekers!

2. Carnegie Science Center

The Carnegie Science Center is another excellent place to visit while in Pittsburgh. It’s a favorite destination of families with children who want to experience some of the wonders of physics and science. This science center and museum is home to many weather exhibits, such as: a planetarium, a naval submarine, and an exploration station where visitors can learn different science information. Within the museum, you can enjoy a kiosk game show and learn about energy, interact with robots, play sports physics, and experience the zero-gravity climbing wall.

3. The Strip District

Located near the Golden Triangle, the Strip District, which was formerly occupied by railroad installations and warehouses, is now one of the main tourist attractions in the city. It offers a wide range of things to do throughout the day like dining, shopping, and discovering markets that provide many different products.

4. The Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium

The Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium have 5 unique habitats and a beautiful aquarium that houses a wide variety of animals. The PPG Aquarium houses different marine animals, from sharks to seahorses, including penguins that wonder and play during the cold season. So, if you are a nature lover and want to see polar bears among other animals, this zoo is a must-visit place.

5. Cathedral of Learning

No, you’re not in Harry Potter! Situated in the University of Pittsburgh, this beautiful and historical skyscraper is a significant tourist destination. It is 535-feet tall and listed as the second tallest university building in the world. You can visit this one-of-a-kind building to explore its impressive interior.

6. Andy Warhol Museum

Located near PNC Park, the Andy Warhol Museum is actually the biggest single-artist museum in North America. Currently located in a rebuilt warehouse, the museum holds an extensive collection of art. It also has reproductions, installations, and educational exhibits dedicated to one of Pittsburgh’s most iconic artist, Andy Warhol.

Find impressive works of art like the Elvis Presley Painting and the Brillo Boxes sculpture among other exhibits and artifacts. You will also get to learn more about Warhol’s colorful life.

7. Amazing Cuisines

You will also find some fantastic and world-class hotels to relax into after your fun-filled adventure in Pittsburgh. There are also excellent cuisines and drinks that you can indulge yourself with while in this beautiful place.

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