Best Coffee Shops in Pittsburgh PA

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Pittsburgh has really great food, architecture, and coffee; so if you need a boost to wake you up in the morning, or need a caffeine fix to help you up their infamous hills while you are navigating around the city, then read on for the best coffee shops in Pittsburgh and get a cup of freshly roasted coffee in a flash.

Redhawk Coffee

Redhawk takes number one because they are simply just that much better than anywhere else you will find. They make chain coffee shops seem substandard, and really highlight that you don’t need a brand to have a decent coffee. The baristas are highly trained and always pay attention to detail. As well as the usual coffees you would expect, they also have a variety of specialist drinks and off-menu options that will knock your socks off. Even if you don’t fancy a coffee you can choose from their teas and juices, everything is fresh and hard to beat.

Address: 120 Meyran Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15213

De Fer Coffee & Tea

De Fer is a family-run coffee house, where the owners believe that tea and coffee are some of the most simple yet greatest pleasures in life, so it has to be a pleasure that is done correctly every time. They work with the intent of making positive changes to the world and to the customers’ lives through tea and coffee. Their passion knows no bounds and every day they strive to give off positive vibes and enhance people’s day. On top of the tea and coffee, they also have freshly baked goods that smell as wonderful as the drinks. Check them out the next time you are in the area, you won’t regret it!

Address: 2002 Smallman Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Curbside Coffee House

This little gem is a great find and one that deserves the great reputation that it has. They serve only the highest quality coffee and offer a variety of styles and blends. For more than ten years they have excelled in the industry and the hard work that is put in is shown in the results they achieve. It is a firm favorite for many locals, not only for the delicious coffee but for the mouthwatering food also, it is the ideal spot for brunch.

Address: 405 Freeport Road

Pittsburgh, PA 15238


Coffee Etc.

Coffee brings community and community brings friends, and that is exactly what Coffee Etc is looking to achieve; to bring people together over something as simple as a coffee, to have people experience a feeling of belonging just by taking a moment to have a drink and interact with those around them. Not only does Coffee Etc want to bring people together through their food and drinks, but they help the community too via donations. An amount from certain purchases goes towards projects in the local area to help anyone and everyone in need, they work hard every day to share the love they have for coffee and people.

Address: 3754 Willow Avenue

Castle Shannon, PA 15234


There are some top choices for coffee in Pittsburgh, all of which share the same passions for delivering the highest quality of products and service to the people who come in.

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