Pittsburgh – Save Money on Your Pittsburgh Getaway

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If you’re looking for things to do in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, that don’t break the bank, you can use this quick list as a guide for some things you can do for free. We’ve also included some lower-cost, but no less quality food options. If you’re looking to pinch your pennies even further, consider parking with On Air Parking, who offer the cheapest airport and city parking across the United States.

Bicycle Heaven

Bicycle Heaven is the world’s largest bicycle museum, with an adjoining shop. This is free year-round, but donations are encouraged. There are vintage, antique, custom-built, and rare bicycles displayed here, along with a collection of bicycle-related artifacts and memorabilia like posters, photographs, and artwork.

Downtown Walking Tours

If you’re game to be on your feet, there are six free self-guided walking tours available for Downtown Pittsburgh, which operate on an “pay what you want” type of fee schedule. At the conclusion of your tour, you can pay as little (or as much) as you want, making this a free way to take a tour around Pittsburgh.

Allegheny Observatory

The Allegheny Observatory is one of the major astronomical research institutions of the world. It’s located in River Park, about four miles north of downtown Pittsburgh, and is eight miles away from the University of Pittsburgh. There are several tours available, all free of charge, along with public lectures. There’s also a yearly open house. The only stipulation is that you must make a reservation for your tour.

The Frick Art Museum

This museum is free entry, with a variety of tours available for a variety of fees if you choose to partake in them. You can also do a self-guided tour through the art museum, gazing at exhibitions like the Duquesne SoundWalk, From Stage to Page: 400 Years of Shakespeare in Print, Reckoning: Grief and Light, and Chinese Porcelains from the Collection. 

Biblical Botanical Garden

Established in 1987, this is the largest garden in North America, sitting on a third of an acre. It’s the only one of its kind to feature an ongoing program of research and publication. The pastoral setting includes a waterfall, a desert, a stream, and a representation of the River Jordan, which travels through the garden from Lake Galilee to the Dead Sea. All of the plants in the garden, of which there are more than 100, are labeled with corresponding biblical verses and are displayed amongst replicas of ancient farming tools. Admission to the botanical garden is free of charge, and all of the garden’s publications are available online if that interests you.

Budget Bites

If you’re looking for great food, but need something friendly on the wallet, here are a few options.

Carmi Soul Food Restaurant

Without sacrificing quality, you can be assured that Carmi Soul Food will hit the spot with its homestyle, Southern soul food, served to you in a relaxed setting featuring both comfy booths and delightful cafe tables. Rated at 4.2 stars on Google, with 1,510 stars, it sits at a simple $ on the pricing scale. Menu items include combo meals like pork ribs, fried wings, meatloaf, and glazed salmon; family dinners feed a family of four and include two entrees, two large sides, and four pieces of cornbread.

Nadine’s Restaurant

Another budget-friendly option, sitting at a $ on the price rating scale, Nadine’s Restaurant has 814 reviews with a star rating of 4.6. This is a family owned and operated bar and grill, serving three meals each day.

Primanti Bros Restaurant and Bar, Market Square

If you’re looking for great food from a chain, this long-running, Pittsburgh born-and-bred chain will hit the spot with their sandwiches and French fries. With 4.3 stars, and 3,965 reviews, it sits at $ on the price rating scale. Menu items include appetizers like breaded mozzarella wedges and spicy, batter-dipped pub pickles, loaded fries like the retro version, Smallman street fries verizon, or terror fries, wings, and their “almost famous” sandwiches. All menu options are available online.

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