Top 5 places people are #wanderlust (ing) after.

Need a little travel inspiration? Get a jumpstart on planning your next trip with these 5 wanderlusty places.

New Zealand

The dramatic natural landscapes of New Zealand have long made it a dream destination. This island country has it all in terms of nature, such as mountains, fjords, beaches, and hot springs. It’s also a top destination for the adventurous set, with plenty of opportunities for canyoning, caving, bungee jumping, ziplining, and more!

New Zealand is especially attractive now due to its incredibly successful response to COVID making it a very safe destination. And borders are set to open up in 2021.


Chances are Slovenia may not be on your travel bucket list yet, but it’s rapidly becoming one of the more sought-after destinations for 2021. This could in part be to its draw for environmentally conscious tourists. Slovenia was recently named the most sustainable country by National Geographic and its capital city is known as “Europe’s Green Capital”.

Slovenia is also drawing foodies. The country has begun hosting a culinary event called “The Gourmet Cup” and the capital, Ljubljana, has one of the best food scenes in Europe.


Japan is often high atop lists of places people are wanderlusting after due to its unique culture, delicious food, dynamic cities, and cutting-edge technology.

While no trip to Japan would be complete without a visit to its bustling cities like Kyoto, Osaka, and Tokyo, Japan also offers mountainous regions for hikes and many islands to explore. Of special note is the island Hokkaido, which has flower farms, national parks, and skiing.

Should you take a trip to Japan this coming year, you’ll definitely want to try to take in some Olympic games. The summer 2020 Tokyo games were postponed to the summer of 2021.


When many people picture Africa, they’re picturing Kenya. Wide-open spaces, giraffes, safaris -it’s all in Kenya! Top wanderlust-worthy experiences for tourists include going out on safari and unwinding in an Indian Ocean-side resort town.

While there have been security concerns in the recent past with terrorism incidents in the country, it really depends on where in the country you go. Lots of areas, especially the beautiful rural areas and nature parks, are very safe.

People are catching on to all Kenya has to offer: tourism numbers have been increasing recently. If you’re looking to follow this travel trend, there’s more good news: Kenya is staying on top of COVID with strict testing and temperature-taking protocols.

The Canadian Rockies

Instagram has been saturated recently with iconic images of Banff National Park, so it’s clear the Canadian Rockies are on people’s minds. Not only does this region boast drop-dead gorgeous vistas and alpine lakes, spending time out in all that nature is a great way to travel safely during the Pandemic.

There’s also a lot of culture to explore in Canada, with indigenous tourism becoming a rapidly growing sector. The province of Alberta recently created an agency just for promoting First Nations tourism (Indigenous Tourism Alberta).


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How #traveltuesday has changed over 2020

Everyone’s heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but jet setters know to look forward to Travel Tuesday: that day when travelers can grab coveted deals on airfare. Even with the drastic changes to the travel landscape happening this year, Travel Tuesday is still on! Here’s your guide to how it’s changed this year and what to look for when planning your winter travel

The Deals

This year, Travel Tuesday will be on December 1st. According to One Travel, there will be deals available on nearly 20% of domestic and international flights! A wide range of airlines participate in offering holiday deals, so you’re bound to find something.

The “something” you do find this year could even be a once-in-a-lifetime airfare price. Due to the pandemic, many airlines are desperate to attract customers and are slashing deals accordingly. For more specifics about available deals, check back here closer to December 1.

According to The Points Guy, Brian Kelly, one aspect of holiday travel that remains the same this year is that you’re most likely to find the best deal if you book your travel for the day of the holiday. So, if you don’t mind being surrounded by crowds of other people trying to do the same thing, that’s your best bet for a cheap flight.

Where to Go

You may be thinking, “It’s great that I can still find affordable airfare on Travel Tuesday this year, but with so many borders closed to Americans, where can I even go?” It’s fair to wonder that, and like every other aspect of life this year, the destinations you get to choose from are going to be a bit different than what you’re used to.

Domestic travel is still, for the most part, an option. Many states are currently requiring either a 14-day self-isolation period upon arrival or a negative COVID test before departure. You’ll need to check local rules before choosing where you want to go.

International options are currently fairly limited for Americans, but there are still some destinations accepting American visitors! As of November 9th, more than 50 countries are allowing Americans through their borders, but restrictions do apply.

For more help choosing a destination, check out this guide to pandemic travel from Skyscanner.

Making the Best of It

While much remains uncertain surrounding travel this year and into next year, you should still feel comfortable making the best of it by booking a flight for a winter getaway.

To score a better deal, it’s better to do it sooner and know you may need to change it later if travel guidelines change than to wait for the COVID situation to resolve (it won’t any time soon) while airfare prices go up. Many airlines have recently made their change and cancellation policies much more flexible, which makes this approach completely feasible. Just make sure you read their policies thoroughly before booking.

Another reason to consider booking your travel sooner is that you’ll have more flight options. Many airlines have cut back their schedules due to increased demands, so if you wait too long, all the best flights will be full.


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How is #heathrow handling the new lockdown?

You’ve probably heard that due to rising COVID-19 cases, the United Kingdom has announced they will be going into another lockdown beginning tomorrow, November 5th, and (currently) lasting until December 2nd. As the UK’s busiest airport, Heathrow has to navigate this new situation. If you need to know how the lockdown may affect your planned travel through Heathrow, read on to find out.

The Rules for this Lockdown

For people who live in England, this lockdown prohibits all non-essential travel overseas and travel within the UK, except for work or educational purposes. Should you need to travel for one of these legal, “essential” reasons, you must also not have any symptoms or have a household member with any symptoms. If you ignore self-isolation rules, you’ll be subject to a hefty fine.

People who do not live in England will be subject to the same lockdown rules as citizens once they arrive in the United Kingdom. There are different rules for what you’ll need to do to get into the UK, depending on where you’re coming from. If you’re planning to travel to England during the lockdown, make sure to check and see if you will need to self-isolate for 14 days upon arrival.

How Heathrow is Handling the Lockdown

Currently, departure lounges in Heathrow are very crowded as many people try to leave the country before the lockdown goes into place. Airlines have also canceled many flights out of the country during the lockdown period, as they anticipate there will not be enough travelers to fill their flights. Most are saying that refunds will not be offered for flights that are still operating, but you may be entitled to change to a later date for free.

This may sound like a recipe for a chaotic situation, but if you’re worried you can take a deep breath because Heathrow has the situation under control. There are plenty of stanchions to organize crowds into lines, and waiting areas have seats blocked off to allow for social distancing. Airport staff has been through this situation before and is even better equipped to deal with it now.

There isn’t much information out yet regarding whether or not you will have to prove your travel is essential, or what the procedure for that at Heathrow will be, so keep checking for updates from the airport before your trip.

Heathrow’s Safety Regulations

If you do need to travel to or through Heathrow soon, you can rest assured that the airport is taking all possible precautions to ensure a safe journey for you. Like most places, face coverings are required for everyone over the age of 11 and there are signs and floor stickers to help you social distance from fellow passengers.

Heathrow has also implemented a strict cleaning protocol, as well as providing over 600 hand sanitizer dispensers for your use. The airport is testing technology to work on more solutions soon, such as temperature screening and testing.

Have a Safe Trip

There’s no denying that these are uncertain times, and that can make for stressful travel days. However, we’re here for you to make sure you always feel prepared before your trips. Hopefully, this information has you feeling better about any upcoming trips you have to Heathrow during the new lockdown!


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7 Things To Do In Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati might not be known as a major tourist destination, but its location in southern Ohio, close to the border with Kentucky, makes it an interesting salad bowl of cultures. Cincinnati goes by a number of nicknames, including “The Queen City” and “Paris of America”, and it’s practically impossible to experience all that the city has to offer in just one or two days. If you happen to visit Cincinnati soon, here are some must-do activities you could participate in.

1. The city is more known for the Cincinnati Reds baseball team, but soccer is fast catching up in terms of popularity. If you’re a soccer fan, watching an FC Cincinnati game at Nippert Stadium has to be at the top of your list. The team only joined Major League Soccer in 2018, but it is the successor of a lower-division team with the same name that has been playing since 2016 and even made an surprise run in the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup in 2017. The team is one of the top draws in the country, setting numerous records for attendance.

2. Love it or hate it, but you have to try some Cincinnati chili at least once during your stay. It resembles spaghetti sauce more than it does your usual chili, but it packs some serious heat. The place to go to for Cincinnati chili is Empress, located on Werk Road. Wherever you go, you’ll find chili served on coneys (hot dogs), and you could have it your way – in this case, a three-way is chili and cheese served on spaghetti, a four-way has beans, and a five-way has beans and onions. Still feeling that fire after a full meal? Freshen your breath with a peppermint patty.

3. Feeling thirsty after downing Cincinnati chili on coneys? Hop on a brewery tour bus to get that distinctive Queen City buzz! There are over 30 craft breweries in Cincinnati, each with its own unique character. MadTree, for example, is a hit with the locals (and their dogs), and has a central patio where guests’ furry friends can run around. Moerlein Lager House has a very long history going back to the pre-Prohibition era; their location along Joe Nuxhall Way offers fantastic views of Ohio River.

4. Now that we’re talking about beer, you can make your way to a speakeasy behind a video rental store. The Video Archive looks and feels like a blast from the past, with shelves upon shelves of VHS tapes (we haven’t checked if they still work, though). Ask the clerk which tape to pull to open a secret door. Once you get inside the hidden bar, the real fun begins with an actual bourbon-infused $5 milkshake inspired by Pulp Fiction. Visit the Video Archive on a Saturday evening so you can get to watch some classic movies too.

5. All that beer and bourbon must have left you with a lingering hangover by now. Drag yourself over to Findlay Market, where you can have your fill of fresh, intriguing food made by local artisans. Eckerlin Meats, a local butcher, serves a mean goetta, a meat-and-oat mush that is as much a Cincinnati culinary institution as Cincinnati chili. Grab a Honey Bear latte at Deeper Roots Coffee just a couple of blocks away, and before you know it, your hangover will be long over.

6. Your Cincinnati experience won’t be complete until you go on a riverboat trip. Cincinnati was a major transportation hub, a stopover for boats traversing the waterways between the Deep South and the Midwest, and while air travel has surpassed river boats as the preferred mode of cross-country transportation, riding a classic steamboat is an entirely different experience. Choose between a sightseeing cruise during the day or dining cruises at night with fantastic views of the downtown waterfront.

7. Cincinnati isn’t lacking fun rides. In fact, a 25-minute ride to the outskirts of the city will take you to King’s Island and its fun and thrilling attractions. Get into the Beast,the longest wooden rollercoaster on the planet, or see if you can survive the twists and turns of the Banshee. If you just want to cool down, visit Soak City and its wave pools and slides.

7 Things To Do in San Francisco, CA

San Francisco is the largest city in Northern California. It is also the second-densest city in the U.S., next only to New York City. Frisco, as the locals call the city, has come a long way from its Gold Rush days, when miners descended upon the area in search of gold. Now, the steep, rolling hills of the City By The Bay have become home for one of the most eclectic and diverse mixtures of cultures, languages, advocacies, and cuisines in the world. Here are seven things you absolutely have to do when you visit San Francisco.

1. While the city is known for its origins as a mining town, it actually has great view of the Pacific. The seaside community of Fisherman’s Wharf, located in northern central San Francisco, is still the home of the city’s fishing fleet. Thus, you can expect excellent seafood, including the famed Dungeness crab which is native to the area. The area’s appeal also lies in its numerous shopping centers, such as Pier 39. Watch out for the sea lions at the pier.

2. The Golden Gate Bridge will always be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about San Francisco. While it is no longer the longest suspension bridge in the world, no other bridge can claim to be the icon of an entire city, maybe an entire state. The bridge is equipped with a bikeable walkway that is 1.7 miles long. On a clear day, you could take in magnificent views of the city and the bay, while colder weather brings a thick fog that envelopes the bases of the bridge. Either way, no other bridge could come close to the majesty of the Golden Gate Bridge.

3. The Golden Gate Bridge can be seen from a variety of sites, including the Golden Gate Park and the Presidio. The latter is a former military base that overlooks the bridge and the entrance to the San Francisco Bay. While there is not much to see in the Presidio itself except for the six-inch gun and the concrete fortifications, Star Trek Fans will recognize the Presidio as the location of Starfleet Academy and Starfleet Headquarters.

4. Alamo Square is a residential neighborhood in central San Francisco. The area stands on a hill that offers grand views of downtown San Francisco, including the Transamerica Pyramid. However, the area is associated more with the Seven Sisters, a row of seven Victorian houses located beside the district park. Victorian houses, also known as “Painted Ladies” are scattered across San Francisco, but the Seven Sisters of Alamo Square are distinct because of their near-identical architecture and the backdrop of downtown San Francisco behind them.

5. There are a variety of ways to get around San Francisco, including the BART Subway or the Muni Metro, but there is nothing quite like the San Francisco Cable Car system. Only three routes remain of the original 23: the Powell-Hyde and Powell-Mason lines and the California Street Line.Riding the cable car, the last remaining manually-operated streetcar system in the world, is an experience in itself. Each July, Union Square is the site of a cable car bell-ringing contest between the crews that operate the different cars.

6. The F Market heritage streetcar has its terminus at 17th and Castro. The surrounding area, known as The Castro District, is one of the largest LGBT cultural centers in the world. Pioneering gay activist Harvey Milk opened the Castro Camera store at 575 Castro Street and the store became a rallying point for all sorts of people who were trying to gain acceptance. While the camera store is no more, the district still maintains a distinctive LGBT flavor, with rainbow flags flying from poles and crosswalks painted in rainbow colors.

7. There are four different Chinatowns in San Francisco. However, when you ask for directions to theChinatown”, locals will immediately point you in the direction of Grant Avenue and Stockton Street. The area reminds one of Hong Kong and its fish markets, restaurants, and stores, and one could watch ethnic Chinese doing T’ai Chi and playing Chinese chess in Portsmouth Square. It is, without any doubt, the largest and most important Chinese enclave outside of Asia, attracting more visitors to San Francisco than the Golden Gate Bridge.

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7 Questions To Ponder Before You Book A Tour To USA

There is no wonder why many travelers want to tour around the entire country of the United States. A UK-based travel magazine, Condé Nast Traveller, conducted a survey among its readers and America was voted in seventh place as one of the Best Countries in the World to Visit.

Before you book your flight to your first-ever USA trip, it is best to know more about the country’s common but rarely discussed topics like custom and practices. We’ve jotted down seven questions and answers you should take note before you proceed with your USA tour.

1.  How much should I tip?

Gratuity is a common etiquette in America. First time travelers should know that tip-giving is always expected in the service sector, and it usually varies depending on what services received. For example, the customary tip for waitstaff at a table service restaurant, or a cab driver, will be around 10% to 20% of the bill, before tax. Bartenders may be tipped per drink or after running a tab around almost the same rate.

You may opt to give higher tips if you’re delighted with a pleasing service and lower it should the service fall badly. In some rare occasions where there is an extremely poor service provided, gratuity may be abandoned.

2. Why is my bill more expensive that the price shown?

If dining and shopping around the America are included in your itinerary, take note that prices reflected on the menu and price tags are not the only values you’ll be paying for. We’re warning you of the taxes. Tax rates may vary depending on the product and food type. They are usually not included to what’s on the menu and price tag, so it is best to know beforehand how much tax you’re expecting to pay to avoid overspending.

3. Is it real that food portions in America are bigger than the average?

YES. Heavy-eaters can rejoice by this fact. A 2015-published article by National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute explains that food portions have almost tripled across many restaurants in America over the course of 20 years. However, note that food servings and portions still vary depending on what state you’re in.

If you’re more of a modest eater and cannot munch all the food you are served, you may always opt to have the rest of your unconsumed food packed and ready for take-away.

4. Is striking a conversation with a total stranger a good idea?

Americans are generally friendly compared to citizens in other countries, and they won’t hesitate to have some small talk even if it is with a person whom they don’t personally know. So, it won’t be a bad idea to strike a conversation with them. In fact, some may initiate a chatter. Getting to know a few local people might give you keys to low-key but great places around the area!

You might also meet people who might seem to express lack of interest in having some conversation, so if you’re feeling this kind of a hint, might as well drop it but do not be discouraged to meet new people.

5. Should I rent a car or go around using public transportation?

The answer to this question will boil down depending on the city or state you’ll be in. Some areas can be best enjoyed by driving a rented car to go around from place to place. There are some cities that are best to travel around using the public transportation such as trains, buses, and cabs.

A combination of both may also be done as well for the sake of practicality. You may take your rented car around the state to go over some places, bring it back to the return location, and ride a train or a bus to travel to another state.

6. Help! I am driving, and a cop pulls me over. Should I get out of the car?

First-off, if you opt to go around places by renting a car, you should never drive under the influence of alcohol. Of course, you should also be aware and follow all the traffic rules in America. Tourists may unknowingly violate some traffic rules, but that’s no excuse to get away with a violation.

Oblige immediately if you ever experience this and you see a police vehicle tailing you and signaling you to pull over. DO NOT leave the vehicle. The best thing to do is to pull the driver’s window down, place your hands on the wheel, and kindly wait for the cop to come over to you. Make sure to converse in a calm manner and let the police officer know that you’re a tourist. Should you’ve been proven to have violated some traffic law, kindly ask for the nearest place to pay the fine.

7. Are there tourist traps in America, too?

Unfortunately, America also has several tourist traps just like many tourist-luring countries around the globe. Thus, it is best to talk with someone local in the area, so you may ask some tips on what places would be worth it to see.

Tourist traps are usually surrounded with food stands that sell measly food at a hefty cost. Famous attractions may also be full of cons that will try and rip you off by selling fake tickets. Be wary of these and other similar deals that may ruin your trip!

Now that you’ve learned more about the US of A, you may now live your dream of touring around the country like a local. Be sure to enjoy every part of the journey and share them all to us!

7 Ways To Plan A Trip Without Breaking A Sweat

Proper planning and advance preparations are one of the keys to ensure successful and memorable travels. The lengthier the trip will take, the more time one needs to plan and to prepare ahead of time. To some people, planning a trip can be an awful and taxing experience especially if more people is involved or if it’s their first time to do it.

Planning shouldn’t be intimidating and stressful. In fact, this should be a thrilling moment to personalize one’s journey. So today, we present to you seven ways to plan your trip without the need to break a sweat.

1. Plan weeks (or even months!) before.

Planning in advance allows you to have more room for changes. You are guaranteed more room for personalization and alterations with your desired destinations. One major difference of planning ahead of time is that you will not be under time pressure as long as you don’t procrastinate planning.

You have more choices since you’re more relaxed if you plan weeks, or even months, in advance. You also have a chance to snag the best and cheapest deals for your travel! You may plan with some broad ideas first and get more specific as you near your travel date.

2. Do a thorough research and ask around for ideas from experienced travelers.

Incorporate some series of detailed researches about the place you want to visit. You may also ask around people you know who’ve been to the place aside from the internet. Tourist destinations shouldn’t be the only subject of your research. As you delve into the specifics of your general plan, you will know what things you should want to know more about in advance.

Do not skip the research about the specific requirements of the country you’ll fly to. For example, countries have a different requirement regarding passport expiration. The Schengen states, for instance, require tourist passports to be valid at least three months beyond your period of intended stay.

3. Show your plan to someone and solicit for opinions and suggestions.

Do not be afraid of letting some people know about your plan. It would be better if you ask the ones you know who have recently traveled around the place you’re going. Their opinions and suggestions might introduce you to some new ideas and perspectives. You might also learn some new information that only some people know! As always, you are always free not to incorporate all or some of the suggestions you are given.

Moreover, having someone else know your plan will give you some peace of mind. During emergency situations, like unexpected extended stays, you can be sure that there will be someone who will lookout for your safety.

4. Make a to-do checklist.

Creating a to-do checklist will be helpful once you’re well-informed about the things you need to prepare for your travel. You can sort them out according to their urgency and group them based on their estimate due date.

For example, you may create several categories for things you need done in X number of months or weeks ahead and breakdown the things into the specifics such as booking or making reservations for your flight tickets, accommodations, passport application or renewal, or buying thing you will need.

5. Book reservations in a timely manner.

The idea of planning in advance is to ensure that your travel will go as smooth as possible when you go from Point A to Point B. Thus, booking your reservations and buying your tickets in the same manner will save you a lot of hassle. This idea is on point especially if you’re planning to go to a place at a time when it is expecting many tourists to gather, like during festivals and other events.

6. Double-check your plan, to-do’s and checklists.

Do not forget to look at your plan, to-do’s and other checklists from time to time. This will allow you to spot undone tasks and rearrange, according to your liking, some things on them. It will also help you keep track of your accomplishments.

Make sure to have crossed almost all the things off your list days before your departure. At this point, it may also be a good idea to confirm all the bookings and reservations made earlier.

7. Stick to the plan but don’t be afraid to wing it (when the need arises!).

Some things might not go according to your plan but know that it’s okay and it happens all the time. Do not be disappointed especially for the things you have no control over. If this happens, remember that your plan is just your guide, and you can always wing it. Always wear a positive mindset and enjoy every moment as they happen.

Your next vacation is now set to be perfect now that you know the planning essentials. Treat your plan as a guide and be always open to changes along your journey, especially if you think it’s a good one. Make the most out of it and enjoy your travel!

7 Travel Hacks To Carry Out Your Airport Trip Faster

Airports are our gateway to destinations where we dream of having some incredible and memorable time-offs.

Without them, we won’t be able to fly out to wonderful places all around the globe. But with all the nerve-wracking hustles and bustles going on inside airports, we are frequently confronted by thoughts suggesting that airports might be the reincarnation of the underworld.

Good news is that we can control certain things to make our journey through airports less insufferable, or enjoyable even. Today, we are sharing seven travel hacks to carry out your airports trip faster than before.

Hack #1: Wear the bare minimum.

Dress as simply and as comfortable as you can when going through airports. You can still incorporate some personal touches and fashion statements forasmuch as you avoid clothing items that have metal zippers and metal buttons. By doing so, you may be able to shorten the time you will spend on security lines.

You can mix and match different outfits depending on your taste. Some clothing types to consider are basketball shorts, t-shirts, normal trousers without any belt, jackets, jumpers, hoodies, and even shawls.

Hack #2: Maximize your Ziploc bags.

According to TSA, you may put liquids, aerosols, gels, creams, and pastes in your carry-on bag provided that they’re in 3.4 ounces (100 ml) containers. The containers should all fit in a quart-sized resealable bag such as a Ziploc bag. Any containers that exceed the 3.4 ounces limit should be packed in your checked baggage.

If you can spare a couple more of Ziploc bags, you can use them to pack and organize other small items in your carry-on bag to make your turn at the checkpoint faster. To give you an idea, you can put items such as your keys, wallet, coin purses, or loose change.

Hack #3: Familiarize yourself with the airport’s layout.

Before you book your tickets, perform a quick research about the layout of the airports you’ll be flying in to. Familiarize yourself to the terminal locations, especially if the airport is a big one, and try to know what air carrier fly out from those terminals. This hack lets you know where you need to go and lets you move in a purpose. Once you book your tickets, you’ll know the shortest way to the correct terminal without the need stall on your way just to ask questions.

Hack #4: Sign-up for a TSA PreCheck.

If you frequently fly domestically, save yourself a lot of time and stress by signing up with TSA’s PreCheck program. Once you get approved, you are now entitled for the expedited security screening at several U. S. airports, not to mention that you no longer need to remove your belt, lightweight jackets, or shoes!

If you’re more of a frequent out-of-the-country traveler, then you may opt to sign-up with Global Entry. It comes with TSA PreCheck and it eliminates the stress you might get out of customs line after your return to America from your international trip!

Hack #5: Join the lounge.

If your flight is still hours away, there is no better way than to burn those waiting hours in the lounge. Joining the lounge can be comfy and it offer many perks such as good food, drinks, and free Wi-Fi. The lounge also has more decent seats and restrooms. Additionally, it makes a good place to receive real time updates on your flight.

If you’re a frequent flyer, consider paying an annual fee for all year-round access. If not, check if the lounge at your airport offers a day-pass. If the lounge doesn’t offer a day-pass, consider hanging around near the facility so you get to use at least their good Wi-Fi connection.

Hack #6: Save the airline’s phone number and follow their social media accounts.

While this hack might be obvious, some people still forget to do it. Pre-loading your airline’s phone number might save you a ton amount of time when your flight gets cancelled. In case of flight cancelations, expect a stampede rushing for the help desk. It will still be a good idea to wait in line and ring the airline’s phone number at the same time. Calling while waiting in line ensures you get helped as soon as possible. You may also connect with them through social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) if you fail to connect with a live person though their phone.

Hack #7: Be polite and considerate.

Courteousness and consideration should be normal behaviors unless when a person is really pissed off because of certain stress-inducing events. As much as possible, avoid being rude to the people you interact with in airports since being polite pay more often than not. Negative reactions might only worsen and lengthen your stay at the airport. When asking for questions and special requests, try to be as kind as possible and give them a smile.

We can say that airports are the Alpha and the Omega of each of our travels and having a busted start and end point after our travel wouldn’t be so much fun. At least, now that you’re familiar with these seven travel hacks, you will have more control of how your trips through the airports can go. Enjoy!

7 Reasons To Have A Vacation In Baltimore

Baltimore might be a long way from its old, glorious heyday.

While most people see the city as just another stop on the train line from Washington, D.C. to Philadelphia, its numerous neighborhoods are home to a dizzying variety of cultures, thanks to its former status as the second leading port of entry for immigrants.

The city has since shifted over to a service-based economy, and is constantly reinventing itself. In fact, Baltimore is an underrated vacation destination.

Here are seven reasons you should visit Charm City.

1. Baltimore is the second largest seaport in the Mid-Atlantic region, and the local cuisine features a lot of seafood. The local markets, including Cross Street Market and Belvedere Square Market, are great places to slurp some oysters and down some crab cakes. Feeling a little adventurous? Order some raccoon or muskrat at Faidley’s at Lexington Market.

2. The beer scene in “Balamer” is more than just Natty Bo (although you have to admit it’s pretty good beer).  Fells Point is the day drinking center of the city, with dozens of pubs. Choose from among 100 beers on tap at Max’s Taphouse, which has been in operation for more than 30 years. Max’s was ranked 22nd in RateBeer’s “Top Beer Destinations in the World” list and is still recognized as a top beer bar in the country. Quite a long way from the times when the old Max’s on Broadway hosted the likes of the Smashing Pumpkins and Hunter S. Thompson, although you could still partake in some karaoke on Friday nights.

3. A visit to the National Aquarium should be on your list of must-dos when you’re in the city. The aquarium is home to over 600 species of fish, marine mammals, reptiles, and birds, including blacktip reef sharks; Calypso, a 500-pound green sea turtle; golden lion tamarins; and Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. While the National Aquarium is almost always packed, the best times to visit are before 11 AM and after 3 PM. Visit after 5 PM on Fridays and pay just half the price of admission.

4. Baltimore’s image as a hard-nosed, gritty town will forever be associated the TV series The Wire. Although the series has aired its last episode more than a decade ago, fans of the series flock to Baltimore to trace the steps of Detective Jimmy McNulty.  While there are no formal guided tours inspired by the series, you could visit several Baltimore landmarks that featured heavily in the series, such as Bethel Church, The Block, and Greenmount Cemetery.

5. Baltimore is a regional arts center, and institutions like the Baltimore Museum of Art keep the flames of culture alive in the Mid-Atlantic. Feast your eyes on artworks by Pablo Picasso, Paul Gaugin, Vincent Van Gogh, and Paul Cezanne, including the 1897 masterpiece Mont Sainte-Victoire Seen from the Bibémus Quarry. You don’t have to pay any entrance fees either; since 2006, admission to the museum has been free year-round.

6. If you’re a bibliophile, visit the George Peabody Library located on the Peabody Institute campus. The library holds more than 300,000 books, most of which were published in the 19th century or earlier. That is, of course, you could keep yourself from looking up at the library atrium’s majestic ceiling, which hangs more than 60 feet in the air, or the ornately designed floors, columns, and book shelves. 

7. As a city located on a harbor of Chesapeake Bay, Baltimore has a long and rich seafaring tradition. The Historic Ships in Baltimore, located in the Inner Harbor, contains a collection of museum ships, including a World War II submarine, the sloop-of-war USS Constitution, a U.S. Coast Guard cutter, and a long-serving lightship. The Seven Foot Knoll Light, a decommissioned lighthouse, is also part of the exhibit. Sign up for a tour of the museum ships or book an “Overnight Adventure”, complete with meals and an overnight stay in a bunk.

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7 Ways To Generate Money While Enjoying A Vacation

Travelling is such fun we wish we can have non-stop vacations! If only we can do it without going broke. Usually, we save up some generous amount of money in our travel fund to be able to afford a decent vacation. Once we go back home, it may feel like we’re back at the first level and we need to work hard again so we can travel once more.

You may see a couple of your social media friends who may seem to travel all year-round and you wonder, “How can they sustain that kind of enchanting lifestyle?” Ask no more because today, we are dropping seven ways to generate money while you travel around the world.

1. Travel for free and learn about farming (WWOOFing).

If you’re into volunteering, it would be nice to use it while you travel. World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farming or WWOOF connects volunteers with organic farm owners, farmers, and gardeners who are looking for some volunteer farm work in exchange for food, accommodation, and new farming knowledge.

The organization has a vast network of organic farmers all around the globe. This allows volunteers to travel and receive free home and food while they help grow the organic agriculture.

2. Teach English online.

With the continuous rise of various online and mobile job opportunities, travelling while working is made even more possible. Out of all the vast role choices out there, teaching the English language will be the best role you can get that you can enjoy, spend little time with, and earn some decent money from.

Many people around the world are desperate to learn how to use the English language. You may either teach online or in person, but both will guarantee some proper income to get you going while you travel.

3. Share your experiences to the world through blogging/vlogging.

Sharing your travel experiences through blogs and video blogs may be your extension hobby on top of travelling. Additionally, you can earn some bucks through many ways such as advertisements. Starting out might be a little too hard since there are millions of existing blogs and vlogs out there. To overcome this, be sure to post high-quality content and be consistent in doing it.

4. Write a book.

If you have a passion for writing, you can consider writing your own book and publishing them through Amazon. You can write about almost all genres but some of the most-sought after genres are young adult, new adult, romance, thriller, and horror. You may not see cash flowing to your account really quick after finishing a book but the income will eventually build up.

5. Trade cryptocurrencies.

Crypto market is a free market that can offer huge profit opportunities to anybody. However, since most cryptocurrencies are operated with little to no regulations, increasing its investment risk level. If you are an aggressive investor, you may try trading cryptocurrencies as you travel.

Most people say that cryptocurrencies will play a huge role in the future and it might just be the case. For example, way back 2009, a crypto called Bitcoin is worth basically nothing. As time passes by and more people keep utilizing Bitcoin, its value surged and is now valued around $5,000.

6. Consider putting up an online store or an Amazon store.

If you’re the merchant or entrepreneur-type of person, you can consider entering the world of ecommerce to earn some income to fund your travels. You may build a personalized website to present your store and products or you may utilize Fulfilment by Amazon program. The former may need you to have a physical warehouse and accounts with shipping carriers, but you can man it virtually. If you don’t want to be bothered with building websites, you may sign up for a seller account in Amazon and enroll for its Fulfilment by Amazon program where you’ll only worry about what products to sell and where to source them from.

7. Trade or invest in stock market.

If you think no one gets rich through stock trading, go ask Warren Buffett. Kidding aside, learning how to do stock trading may feel overwhelming with so much information in the internet. You do not need to hop immediately and learn the Benjamin Graham principles, but you can start learning from beginner-friendly sites such as Investopedia.

Once you’re confident that you learned something through research, engage yourself and invest a little amount. This will test you if stock trading is the right way for you to invest money and earn from it in the future. You can always do it on your free time when travelling.

You can now enjoy unlimited travels now that you’re aware of more ways to generate money while travelling. We advise you to try all these out and pick out the best ones that are in line with your passion and interest! Happy earning and travelling!