Aquariums and Aquatic Life Around Journal Square

Journal Square. Outside of New York City, this vibrant and dynamic community is the site of a tremendous amount of exploration, in gastronomy, the arts, the sciences, and the sum of its activities. Fortunately, nature and the wonders of life under the seas are no exception. Read on for some of our favorite aquariums, parks, and places to watch aquatic life around Journal Square. 

Liberty Science Center

Since 1993, the Liberty Science Center has entertained the curiosities and imaginations of the Journal Square community, exploring a diverse variety of interests in the sciences. These include the sciences of skyscrapers, communication, outer space, and the ecosystems of the Hudson River, and the mysterious world of predators and prey. Some of these live aquatic species that visitors can see here at the Liberty Science Center include the black drum fish, summer flounder, diamondback terrapin, sea urchins, leaf-cutter ants, black spot piranhas, and ingenious hermit crabs. The Hudson River exhibits and animal exhibits also give a bit of background into the habitats of these local and exotic animals, taking visitors into tours of these vital ecosystems. For an experience exploring numerous interests and learning at every step of the way, come to the Liberty Science Center.

Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park might be one of the Journal Square community’s better-kept secrets, away from the creative (and delicious) activities of the neighborhood. For over a century, generations have enjoyed the varied topography of Lincoln Park in its public spaces, grassy fields, soft hills, and wetlands. The variance in setting also extends to its wildlife, a great location for those wanting to step closer to the Hackensack and see a variety of reptiles, amphibians, and birds endemic to the region. Some of these species include the American bald eagle, red-tailed hawk, wild deer, peregrine falcons, great egrets, seahawks, painted turtles, and snowy owls. 

The options for hiking, nature trails, and other outdoor activities such as picnicking, sunbathing, baseball, basketball, athletics, soccer, tennis, handball, and squash make this a great site for any sporting activity. Whether you are looking for a pickup game, a sport of your choice among your group, or just a community center among the animal and human inhabitants of Hudson County, look no further than Lincoln Park.

Liberty State Park

Liberty State Park and neighboring Ellis Island are some of the most historic sights on this side of the upper bay, with a truly wide range of attractions representing various interests. This popular fishing and crabbing spot is a great place to launch any at-sea excursions, while Ellis Island and the Empty Sky 9.11 Memorial pay respect to two deeply important sites in America’s history. The Richard J. Sullivan Natural Area also offers some 36 acres of self-guided tours through the tidal marshes of the Hudson River Estuary, a rare glimpse into the ancient and verdant world of an older New Jersey. 

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5 Quirky Date Night Destinations near Journal Square

Date night doesn’t have to be the same each time. While we all love cuddling up at the movies or trying new restaurants or embracing a bit of high culture at museums, every once in a while date night needs to be shaken up. Each city has a hidden world of strange, quirky, and delightful things to do. Try any one of these on your next date night and embrace the weird, whimsical part of life.

Jersey City Archery

Looking to try something completely new for your night out? Why not try some archery? There are several lanes available at Jersey City Archery, a pro shop as well as rentals and lessons available. You and your date can choose to shoot arrows casually or sign-up for a lesson and channel your inner Robin Hood. This date night is both fun and tension-relieving, a great combo at the end of a difficult week.

Tomahawks Axe Throwing

Axe-throwing has become increasingly popular over the past few years, especially for couples who are tired of classic date nights (dinner and a movie). Axe-throwing is perfect for active couples, those looking for a little competition, and those who want adventure. Any trip to Tomahawks Axe Throwing will begin with safety and instructions before getting to the good stuff – throwing an axe at a wooden target and reveling in the satisfying thud when it hits the board. Walk-ins are accepted, but it is usually best to book in advance.

Midnight Market

Forget your traditional daytime, the local market and step out into the night air of Jersey City for a special treat. As soon as the moon is high and midnight strikes, the Midnight Market comes to life and is the place to be. There are dozens of vendors in lighted booths selling all your favorite fair foods, as well as local crafts and arts. A DJ plays all night long to keep the celebration going as you wander through the shops/stalls and try your hand at a dance battle or compete to see who can find the strangest food.

RPM Raceway

Some friendly competition never hurt anyone. If you’re a couple that loves a bit of adrenaline and are the playful sort who prefer game night over high culture date nights, then check out the professional go-kart racetrack at RPM Raceway. You can also enjoy dozens of classic arcade games, billiards, and virtual reality games. There is something for both of you here and is a great date night for letting go and being goofy.

Puzzle Out Escape Room

Escape Rooms have become popular date night activities because it is outside the typical wheelhouse of date night ideas. At OMEscape, you’ll love solving the puzzles and challenges required to escape and have a chance to choose from several adventures. Try “The Penitentiary” and try to escape one of the most infamous military prisons in history or become a time traveler desperate to save your travel companions in “Room X”. 

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Our favourite ways to spend summer at Journal Square

Journal Square, a hub of Jersey City across the Hudson River from Manhattan, is a place with its distinctly unique character. From its past with the Jersey Journal, the influx of Filipino and South Asian families, to its numerous galleries, parks and historic architecture, you don’t need to go too far if you’re looking for things to do in Journal Square. Read on for some of our favourite things to do in Journal Square.

Mana Contemporary

Formerly a manufacturing building, this 1920s establishment is now a home to multiple artists and companies, as a centre of creativity and expression. Hosting a great diversity of artists and their work, ranging from Costume Designers, lifelike Pen drawings, sculptures and performance art. Visitors are encouraged to enter, observe and participate in the opportunities the Mana Contemporary frequently offers, whether it is a question panel or a personal conversation with some of the residents. Aside from tireless work on innovation and new ideas in art, the Mana Contemporary also regularly hosts seminars and lectures on a variety of topics. For a place of inclusive learning and creativity, the Mana Contemporary is a good place to spend the summer days. 

India Square

While not formally a single establishment, India Square is remarkable in having one of the highest concentrations of Indian and South Asians in North America, rivalling cities like Brampton and Surrey. A wealth of culinary experiences from Bangladeshi, Tamil, Indo-Trinidadian to Chinese-Indian, aficionados of South Asian cuisine and visitors searching for an Indian-American community will be very pleased with India Square. Also of note are the numerous Paan vendors, spas, jewellers, clothing stores and supermarkets. In Journal Square, there truly is a wealth of options for dining and shopping in South Asia. 

Berry Lane Park Concert Series

A ten-minute ride over to Berry Lane Park is one of the most pleasant ways to experience Jersey City’s strong sense of community- music in the park. Bring a chair and enjoy Jazz, R&B, Classics, Soul and Hip Hop in the Berry Lane Park complex, or take advantage of the settings and participate in a game of pickup with the locals. Around the festivities are multiple areas to walk, play basketball or Tennis. Some of the artists who have performed at Berry Park include Carmen Rodgers, ZO!, Jay Watts and Gordon James.

Jersey City Night Market / Midnight Market 

Another festive nightlife experience is the Jersey City Night Market, where you can shop crafts and clothing vendors, browse Jersey City’s formidable gastronomic diversity and party into the night. Some of the tasty options at the Jersey City Night Market include Korean Hot Dogs, Fried Ice Cream, Guyanese Chicken Curry, Cheese Arepas, Sweet Italian Dolcini, Flautas, Enchiladas and Tornado Fries. For a summer night of delicious food, music and interesting souvenir options, the Jersey City Night market is an exciting option for the hungry local and the adventurous visitor alike. 

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5 Great Place to Picnic Near Journal Square, Jersey City

When the weather cooperates, we all love to get outside and explore the world around us. There is nothing more refreshing and soothing to the soul than a picnic in the sun, surrounded by the beauty of nature. Every city in the United States has incredible locations for picnicking. Below are 5 Great Places to Picnic near Journal Square in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Canco Park

Canco Park is picnic central in Journal Square. On any fine weather day, dozens of picnic blankets and lawn chairs can be seen throughout the park’s large open lawn. And both children and adults will enjoy the butterfly garden. Canco Park has become a favorite spot in the neighborhood and its charm far surpasses its size. The park is an oasis of greenery in the city and a must-visit picnic spot.  

Lincoln Park

The largest park in Hudson County is filled to the brim with prime picnic locations. There are dramatic fountains, charming gazebos, tree-lined paths, and large grassy lawns overlooking the water. If you prefer to enjoy a picnic after a game of tennis or baseball or a run on the track, then Lincoln Park has you covered. It has all of the amenities you could desire in a city park. 

Van Vorst Park

East of Journal Square is this historic public square. Van Vorst is a traditional city park with wide paths surrounded by landscaped lawns filled with trees and flowers. At the center is a beloved gazebo whose steps make for an excellent picnic spot. Or you can stop along one of the many benches, including those next to Van Vorst’s playground (perfect for an afternoon outing with the kiddos).

Hamilton Park

Hamilton Park is similar to Van Vorst Park. It is populated with waking paths, benches, large trees, and grassy expanses. It is surrounded by views of Jersey City homes and receives plenty of sun. There is a playground for young children with a splashpad that’s perfect during summer months. If you’re looking for a feeling of openness in the middle of a busy city, then stop here. A picnic in Hamilton Park feels historic and classic; it feels like a quiet, still moment outside of city life.  

Pershing Field Park

A fantastic recreational park and picnic area. Two of the best features of the park are an indoor pool and an indoor ice rink. Pershing Field Park is the ideal place for a family fun day. After you take an opportunity to swim, skate, or bounce around the playground, head to the banks of the reservoir at the South end of the park. It is a popular spot for fishing and waterside picnics.  

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Fun Summer Things To Do In Jersey City, NJ

Summer is finally here!  The kids are out of school, and backyard barbecues are taking place all over the nation.  After the year we had in 2020, and most people having chosen choosing not to take a vacation, you can almost rest assured that families will be out in full force this year.

With this in mind, we thought we would offer a few great vacation ideas to help you plan, as well as some places that would be great for just a few days away.  We all need time to recharge and some well-deserved play in the sunshine.

Here are some of the best places to check out this summer!

Liberty State Park

1 Audrey Zapp Dr, Jersey City, NJ 07305

Liberty State Park is a park in the U.S. state of New Jersey, located on Upper New York Bay in Jersey City, opposite both Liberty Island and Ellis Island. The park opened in 1976 to coincide with bicentennial celebrations and is operated and maintained by the New Jersey Division of Parks and Forestry. Liberty State Park covers 1,212 acres. The central part of the park is bordered by water on three sides: on the north by the Morris Canal Big Basin and the south and east by Upper New York Bay. The New Jersey Turnpike Newark Bay Extension marks its western perimeter.

Mana Contemporary

888 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07306

Anchored by cultural centers in Jersey City, Chicago, and Miami, Mana Contemporary is a distributed institution dedicated to celebrating the creative process, supporting artists, and serving as a bridge between creative hubs worldwide.  Through a global community committed to mutual support and progressive thought, Mana Contemporary offers world-class exhibitions, residencies, career development, and conversation in person and online.

Practitioners specializing in a variety of disciplines work alongside each other in forward-thinking environments that fosters experimentation, collaboration, and mutual inspiration, building a profound and personal approach to contemporary art.

Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal

25 Audrey Zapp Dr. Jersey City, NJ 07305

The Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal, also known as Communipaw Terminal and Jersey City Terminal, was the Central Railroad of New Jersey’s waterfront passenger terminal in Jersey City, New Jersey. It was also serviced by CNJ-operated Reading Railroad trains, the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, and the Lehigh Valley Railroad during various periods in its 78 years of operation.  The terminal was one of five passenger railroad terminals that lined the Hudson Waterfront during the 19th and 20th centuries, the others being Weehawken, Hoboken, Pavonia, and Exchange Place, with Hoboken being the only station that is still in use. It operated until April 30, 1967.

Ellis Island Immigrant Building

17 Battery Place #232, New York, NY 10004

The Ellis Island Immigrant Hospital was a United States Public Health Service hospital on Ellis Island in New York Harbor, which operated from 1902 to 1951. Constructed in phases, the facility encompassed both a general hospital and a separate pavilion style contagious disease hospital. The hospital had two functions: first, treating immigrants who were ill upon arrival, and second, treating immigrants with conditions that were prohibited by immigration laws. These latter patients were stabilized and often sent back to their home countries.

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Things to Do for the Fourth of July around Journal Square

Everyone’s favorite summer holiday is quickly approaching! Nothing says July 4th like BBQs, pool days, parades, and of course – fireworks! While last year most firework shows and celebrations had to be called off due to the pandemic, this year, some celebrations are able to return. Read on to see what’s happening around Journal Square in Jersey City this Independence Day and gather up some ideas for your Fourth of July weekend.

Liberty State Park

A laid-back day barbequing with family and friends is one of the best ways to spend the Fourth of July, and if you’re looking for a public park to host a BBQ, you may as well stay on-brand with the theme of the holiday and go to Liberty State Park. The park has tons of BBQ grills, picnic tables, and pavilions, not to mention jaw-dropping views of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and the Manhattan skyline. You and the whole family could easily stay occupied all day enjoying the playground, visiting the memorials, boating, fishing, or crabbing on the Hudson River, and walking or biking the trails. If the fireworks end up happening this year (see below), the park is the perfect place to see them.

Freedom and Fireworks Festival

Jersey City usually hosts a huge Fourth of July bash ending with a firework show to end all fireworks shows, over the Statue of Liberty. Last year’s festival got postponed ‘til 2021 but there hasn’t yet been an official announcement if the festival is on for this year. So, you’ll want to bookmark this one and check back soon! Previous years have featured live music, fair food, food trucks, a beer garden, a carnival with rides and games in anticipation of the evening’s fireworks.

Asbury Park

Cooling off at the beach is the perfect way to spend a sweltering Fourth of July, and Journal Square is conveniently located near the Jersey Shore where you can do just that! The adorable beach town of Asbury Park is located around an hour from Jersey City by car (depending on traffic) or a two-hour train ride from Journal Square via PATH and NJ Transit trains. Asbury Park has a huge beach (there is a fee to access it) as well as a fun boardwalk with lots of shops and places to eat. It’s not yet confirmed if the fireworks will be back this year, but the town typically has one of the best displays on the Jersey Shore. Besides, by visiting Asbury Park on the Fourth of July, you’ll be earning major New Jersey points by channeling Bruce Springsteen’s.

East Brunswick Celebrations

Another festive road trip option is the town of East Brunswick, which is just 45 minutes by car and 2 hours by train from Journal Square. While it’s still unconfirmed if they’ll be bringing back their usual Independence Day celebrations this summer, the town typically gets super festive around July 4th! They usually have a festival with live music, food and drinks, fun activities for the kids, and lots of red, white, and blue spirit. And at night they have fireworks for a perfect end to the day.

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Arboretums and Botanical Gardens to Visit in Journal Square

When considering a vacation, or even just a day out with the family, why not consider visiting a local arboretum or botanical garden?  You can enjoy a delightful getaway with a visit to one of these beautiful gateways to all that nature has to offer.

Arboretums and botanical gardens work to promote common respect and educate with a drive towards an appreciation of the world of gardening and the insects that work to pollinate our plants and flowers. 

These nature monuments are just waiting to be discovered and welcome all visitors for a day of tranquility, enjoying their peaceful beauty.  Make sure to check out one of the arboretums or botanical gardens listed below.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

990 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11225

Brooklyn Botanic Garden is an urban botanic garden that connects people to the world of plants, fostering delight and curiosity while inspiring an appreciation and sense of stewardship of the environment.

Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden

1000 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11225

The Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden is one of the oldest and most visited Japanese-inspired gardens outside Japan. It is a blend of the ancient hill-and-pond style and the more recent stroll-garden style, in which various landscape features are gradually revealed along winding paths.  The garden features artificial hills contoured around a pond, a waterfall, and an island, along with carefully placed rocks. Architectural elements include wooden bridges, stone lanterns, a viewing pavilion, a Shinto shrine, and a dramatic vermilion-colored wooden torii.

6BC Botanical Garden

646 6th St, New York, NY 10009

We call it a botanical garden because that’s the traditional name for a garden where visitors come to learn about lots of plants from lots of places. Our garden includes hundreds of plants, native plants, as well as many that were immigrants to New York– and that makes our garden a lot like our community.

Creative Little Garden

530 E 6th St, New York, NY 10009

The Creative Little Garden has been an oasis of tranquility in New York’s East Village since 1978. It’s a “community backyard” maintained by volunteers from the surrounding neighborhood. There are no plots tended by individual gardeners. Instead, members collaborate on the landscaping of the whole park. Everyone, not only members, can relax, read, have lunch, work on your laptop or just enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of our garden.

Alice’s Garden

34th Street and Tenth Avenue, New York, NY 10001

For the fifty years that Alice Parsekian lived in this area, she worked diligently to keep her neighborhood clean. For twenty of those years, she maintained this small plot of land across the street from where she lived on 34th. She planted flowers and tended to them on a regular basis. Today, there is a brick path that leads visitors into this secret oasis named for Alice, who died in 2010 at the age of eighty-six.

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Things to Do for Mother’s Day near Journal Square

Mother’s Day is coming up next month! The moms in our lives work so hard and give so much, so it’s important to take a day to make them feel special. Whether you’re celebrating your own mother, a step-mother, the mother of your children, or a friend who is a mom, here are some ideas of wonderful things to do with her in Jersey City.

Kitchen Step

Since Mother’s Day always falls on a Sunday, it’s traditional for many people to take their mom out for brunch. This is always a winning idea, and near Journal Square there’s no better place for brunch than Kitchen Step, a rustic-chic American bistro in the Historic Downtown section of Jersey City. Executive Chef Ryan DePersio has created a vibrant, modern, and creative menu of seasonal foods from local New Jersey purveyors. Some current delicious brunch options include eggs benedict with truffle hollandaise, Nutella swirl pancakes, and kiwi bellinis.

Liberty State Park

May is the beginning of picnic season! The weather is warming up, trees and flowers are blooming, and outdoor celebrations are a safe option during COVID-19. A great place to take your mom for a picnic locally is Liberty State Park. While you enjoy your food, you’ll be treated to jaw-dropping views of the Manhattan skyline, Statue of Liberty, and Ellis Island. There’s plenty of designated picnic areas, too, and if you have a large group full of your siblings or your mom’s friends, you can rent a pavilion through the park website.

Mother’s Day Spa Party

Moms work really hard and often don’t get enough time for themselves. Which means one of the best gifts you can get your mom is an afternoon of serious pampering. And with tickets to the Mother’s Day Spa Brunch hosted by Angela Branch Skincare, your mom will get just that. Spa treatments include massages and a facial or foot scrub – you can also add on a goodie bag of floral skincare products for your mom to take home. Brunch will also be provided, with a choice from several delicious entrees, followed by fruit and strawberry cheesecake. And don’t forget the mimosas! The event runs from 2 pm to 6 pm at the Legaci Events Center and space is limited due to COVID-19, so book your tickets early.

15 Fox Place

If your mom is more of the traditional type, you might want to treat her to a classy night out at a renowned restaurant. Consider 15 Fox Place, a recently accoladed restaurant right off Journal Square. This former home turned Italian eatery was a semifinalist for the 2020 James Beard Award for Hospitality. You’re in for a whole experience eating here, as it’s reservations only and there is no menu -you’ll eat whatever owner Kathryn Budinich puts in front of you! But don’t worry, the multi-course, fixed-price meals served here will make your Italian grandma jealous.

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Best Car Washes in Journal Square, New Jersey

If you’re looking for a place to wash your car and get the best service for your money, we have a few great suggestions for you in the city of Journal Square, New Jersey. It doesn’t matter if it’s your own car or a rental car, clean or dirty, old or new, whether you’re on vacation or close to home, these car washes and detailers are guaranteed to make your vehicle look like a million bucks. These guys have seen it all. Don’t be afraid to show up with your cookie crumbs, your beach sand, or your toddler’s fast-food mess into the shop. You’ll be amazed at your car’s transformation! Let’s take a closer look at what car washes Journal Square has to offer.

First, we recommend Jersey City Hand Wash & Detail Center. Like their name says, this shop offers a complete hand wash as well as interior and exterior detailing. If you want both, they can do that too! They also offer an express detail that’s not quite as intense and doesn’t take quite as long. You can also add on a hand wax or a seat shampoo as well. Larger vehicles such as trucks and SUV’s will have an added charge to all services, so call or go online to get your quote today. All services are by appointment only.

Second, we suggest Steambach. This shop provides several packages to choose from, including interior or exterior detail, or both together. If you need just a little maintenance between full details, you might consider their mini detail package that’s less intense and takes less time than the whole nine yards. Pricing, however, is according to your vehicle’s size, so you’ll have to get an estimate beforehand. They also offer an interior ozone treatment that gets rid of nasty odors and ceramic coating for the ultimate paint protection.

Finally, NJ Auto Detailing might just be what you’re looking for. This shop is by appointment only. They detail not only cars, trucks, and vans, but motorcycles and RV’s as well. Packages exist for your vehicle, just call or go online to get your estimate and book your appointment. They hand wash all their vehicles and also treat them with Rain-X. Bugs and tar are no match for this shop, and if you cannot come into the shop, they even come to you! If you need headlight restoration or an engine bay clean, ask them about these services as well. You’ll find all you need at NJ Auto Detailing.

If you’re on a time crunch and looking for a quick drive through car wash in Atlanta, you’ll find what you’re looking for at City Car Wash on 6th St., Mr. & Mrs. Bubbles Car Wash on Grand St., or Sudzy Car Wash on Broadway. In a pinch, these drive through car washes will help keep you looking good until you can get that detailing done.

Wherever you decide to go, your car will be well taken care of. In the great city of Journal Square, New Jersey, you’ll find detailers who truly care about their work and, most importantly, your car. With our recommendations, you’ll be in excellent hands.

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Pet-Friendly Hotels Around Journal Square

Those of us with pets know it can be hard to travel. You have to arrange for a pet sitter, spend extra money paying them, stock up on food and supplies before you leave, and deal with guilt for leaving your furry friend behind.

One solution that works well for easy-going or adventurous is bringing them along with you! So, if you’re planning a trip to Journal Square/Jersey City and want to (or have to) bring your fur baby along for the ride, you’ll need accommodations that are pet-friendly. To give you a jumpstart, we’ve analyzed a few of the very best hotels and B&Bs in or near Jersey City that accept pets. All are highly rated and we’ve included a variety of options from budget-friendly to luxurious. Read on and choose the one that best serves your needs!

The Westin Jersey City Newport

Whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure, chances are you’ll be cramming a lot into your days. If you’re a dog owner (cats aren’t permitted) who wants a quiet and relaxing place to stay, book a room at The Westin. You’ll be well taken care of in this upscale hotel that’s highly rated for its hospitality and services. Perks of staying at The Westin include the sophisticated décor and coffee makers in your room, and access to an indoor pool, hot tub, and 24-hour fitness center. You can choose to unwind in the lobby bar and lounge or eat in the on-site restaurant, Fire and Oak. Up to two dogs are permitted per room, just note that they cannot be left unattended in the room per hotel policy.

Airbnb Apartment

If you like doing your own thing, you should rent this entire apartment on Airbnb, where you and your pet will have private access to the whole place! This includes Wi-Fi, a kitchen, laundry, and access to communal spaces in the building like a pool with a sundeck, a fitness room with a yoga studio, and a lounge and billiards room. The Airbnb is stylishly decorated and gets plenty of light. You’ll be living like a local in the heart of downtown, so just know it can be a little noisy from the street!

Sheraton Lincoln Harbor

Traveling with more than just your pet? A fun place for families to stay is the Sheraton Lincoln Harbor. In fact, kids under age 11 stay for free! The hotel has an indoor pool for kids to mess around in and if you want to keep an eye on older kids swimming while getting your sweat on in the fitness center, the treadmills have a view of the pool through a window wall. There is a $150 pet fee per stay, but that covers up to two pets and there is no weight limit.

Hyatt House Jersey City

Are you planning to be in Jersey City for an extended stay? If so, you’ll need a place that feels like a home away from home. At Hyatt House Jersey City, you’ll be able to stay in a residential-inspired suite with a kitchen and dedicated workspace. You’ll also enjoy hotel amenities like laundry, free breakfast, and an on-site restaurant. You may bring up to two pets whose combined weight doesn’t exceed 75 pounds (max weight per animal is 50 pounds). Pet fees vary depending on the length of your stay.

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