Spring Break in Journal Square, New York

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The weather is perfect for traveling, and just so happens your travels and spring break wishlist has brought you to the great and wonderful city of Journal Square, New York. With the sun providing endless opportunities for great outdoor events and destinations to be seen, it’s the perfect chance to grab some picnic food and enjoy a nice relaxing day at the park. Journal Square is abundant with some amazing spring break events, destinations, restaurants, and bars to be explored for those seeking the perfect spring break vacation. Here in this article, we will be exploring the city and finding some of the best activities to partake in while on spring break. Pack some comfortable walking shoes for those park strolls, some sunglasses for the endless sun, and a camera to capture all the unforgettable events you will be experiencing. For more information, please follow the links provided under each event.  

Spring Vacation in Journal Square

The weather is still a bit chilly, but just warm enough during the day to enjoy some great outdoor destinations. Our first item on the agenda of spring break activities in Journal Square is to visit some amazing parks. Pack some picnic lunch, a blanket, and some bring along some great company to enjoy a nice spring day at the park. New York is a concrete jungle, but they also have a great variety of lush green parks that allow for a great escape from the chaos of the city. You cannot truly say you enjoyed your spring break vacation if you did not take at least one day to do something outdoors. Here is a list of some of the best parks in and around Journal Square, New York. Follow the links provided under each park to find out more information. 

Lincoln Park

Location: Westside Avenue in Jersey City

Over 250-acres of park to explore, play tennis, golf, and lounge around on. 

What’s a spring vacation without some great food to eat? That’s right it is a miserable experience without the food experiences. For our next item on the agenda of spring break activities, we will be exploring the wonderful city of Journal Square for some restaurants that supply our visit with satisfaction and savory goodness. Here is a list of must eat destinations while on your spring vacation in Journal Square. For more information, please follow the links provided under each establishment. 


Location: 795 Newark, Jersey City

Serving only vegetarian style cuisine. If you aren’t too thrilled by that statement don’t worry because the food is amazing and prepared in such an elegant way that you could literally care less if it was vegetarian or not. 


Monteleone’s Bakery

Location: 741 Newark Avenue

A key location in Jersey City. With sixty years since their opening they have served the city with great, fresh, and loved packed baked goods for decades. Do yourself a favor and have a little sweet treat for your spring mornings in Journal Square.

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