Our Favorite Things to Do on New Year’s Eve around Journal Square, NJ.

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Journal Square. This proudly storied and unique corner of the Jersey City metro has its fair share of events, character and past writings that lend it its name. Whether you are a visitor on holiday, a returnee to see friends and family or an adventurous local, you’ll find that Journal Square has something to challenge and inspire everyone. Read on for some of our favorite things to do on New Year’s Eve around Journal Square.

Gatsby’s Penthouse New Year’s Eve Party

A short ten minute drive to the neighboring W Hotel Hoboken and visitors can experience a truly premier New Year’s Eve thrill- the Gatsby’s Penthouse New Year’s Eve Party! This upscale, lavish venue provides stunning views over the Hudson and the New York City skyline, where the party goes well into the New Year. Here, visitors can enjoy multiple top-shelf bars, DJs playing all the hits, snacks, party favors, a number of breathtaking views and balconies, dance floors and the exciting midnight countdown to ring in the New Year! Whether as a group outing or for a solo adventure, just be sure to dress in your best Roaring 20’s attire.

Statue Cruises

Regularly throughout the year, the New Jersey area provides up-close cruises and looks at New York City and Lady Liberty. These are a great way to tour the area by water at a unique perspective while learning a lot about the surrounding history and landmarks. Visitors can also keep their eyes out for the package deals to explore not just the waters and the Statue of Liberty grounds, but also tickets giving access to the crown of the Statue of Liberty and the Pedestal. The views over the water from the crown and the cruise give unique and immersive insight into the sight that greeted waves of immigrants before in this moving tour. Aside from the views, the fireworks from this unique vantage point makes for a great addition to date night, a group itinerary, family outing, or any solo New Year’s Eve expeditions. Photo Opportunities galore with the memorable sights out on the water at the Statue Cruises of year’s end.  

A Great Gatsby New Year’s Eve

Another grand, roaring twenties themed party is at The Hutton Bar and Grill, for those who haven’t had enough of the opulent action of the New Year. The specific emphasis of this event is the delicious food of The Hutton, so heads-up to any foodies reading! Besides the delicious foods, there is also a live DJ, party favors, a heated and well lit outdoor patio party space providing gorgeous views and the exciting midnight countdown and champagne toast. Come party into the New Year in style here at The Hutton with A Great Gatsby New Year’s Eve.

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