What to do in Journal Square, New Jersey

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Journal Square, New Jersey, has several things to do if you find yourself in town. Whether on vacation, on business, or a local, you’ll find yourself having a great day with family or on your own perusing these sites. From memorials to museums, you’ll find plenty to educate yourself on the history of our great nation. Let’s take a moment to take it all in and see what Journal Square has to offer.

First up, we suggest The Empty Sky memorial, a stunning memorial to the September 11th attacks in 2001. Two massive walls flank a sloped, granite walking path that’s pointed in the direction of the twin towers at Ground Zero. The length of these walls is the same as the height of the original World Trade Center buildings. New Jersey lost 749 victims to these vicious terrorist attacks, and each of their names are etched on these beautiful brushed stainless-steel walls that face each other. These names are readily within reach to touch and remember. This memorial is absolutely breathtaking and a must see if you’re in town.

Next, we recommend the Liberty Science Center. The center is open and proud to present fantastic exhibits such as Boom Time, which sets off controlled explosions throughout the day. How, you might ask? They use liquid nitrogen to explode things such as watermelons, pumpkins, bouncy balls, and much, much more! Microbes Rule is another exhibit showcasing microscopic organisms that share our planet. Come and learn how they can be beneficial to our survival! Another exhibit on display is Making Mammoths, which features a woolly mammoth replica and teaches you all about the science behind trying to resurrect this awe-inspiring animal!

The Ellis Island Immigration Museum is another staple of New Jersey and used to be an inspection station for immigrants coming to America. Now, this museum teaches about immigrants who came to the area and how examinations would take place. Take a walk through the halls and see what it must have been like to be an immigrant wanting to make a new life for yourself and your family so long ago. If you like, you can purchase tickets here for Ellis Island and see the Statue of Liberty up close and personal!

Finally, if you’re willing to go on a half an hour drive, why not come on down to the Essex County Turtle Back Zoo? While certain events and shows have been put on hold until further notice, the zoo itself is open for business and all your favorite animals are there to welcome you. Shops and restaurants are open as well. Be amazed by their Sea Turtle Recovery program, or their Amazing Asia exhibit. The African Adventure and Sea Lion Sound awaits you, as well as the Shores of Africa, Big Cat Country, and Wolf Woods. If you’re an animal lover, do not miss this opportunity to see the beauty of these animals with which we share our little blue planet.

You won’t be bored for long in Journal Square. Explore one of our suggestions or go out and discover your own. Come and choose your adventure today!


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