Romantic Spots Near Journal Square, NJ

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Journal Square. A beautiful part of Jersey City known for its diversity,thriving business sector, it’s thriving Filipino businesses, and its wide array of things to do, Journal Square is a part of Jersey City that exudes excitement! Many people and couples visit cities for a lovely romantic getaway. With this being said, Atlanta boasts multiple romantic things to do that will be sure to not have you and your lover wondering about date ideas! Let’s explore what the city of Atlanta has to offer! 

Liberty State Park 

If you are looking for a wonderfully romantic date idea for your romantic getaway in Journal Square, New Jersey, you need to check out Liberty State Park. One wonderful part about this date idea is that it is completely free and makes for a wonderful place to walk and spend time with your significant other. When taking a stroll through Liberty State Park, you will find that this park has amazing views of New York City! Not only does Liberty State Park boast amazing views of the city, but it is also a lot less busy than similar parks that are nearby. Take your lover and stroll through Liberty State Park to experience amazing views and a serene atmosphere that screams romance!

Project Eats 

During the summertime, the Jersey City Project presents Project Eats. For starters, the Jersey City Project is one of Jersey City’s best supported non profit organizations, which is wonderful for you as a consumer, knowing that your hard earned dollar is going to a great organization! With that being said, Project Eats is a fun and romantic place to spend time with your significant other. Project Eats hosts an array of food trucks that serve amazing food, craft beer bars, and more! This is a wonderful way for you and your love to spend time outside getting some fresh air while enjoying delicious foods and beverages.

Hudson River Waterfront Walkway 

Another free and romantic spot when looking for date ideas for your romantic getaway would be the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway. As long as both you and your significant other enjoy a walk, walking the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway is a must! When strolling through this walkway with your better half, one cannot help but feel the romance in the air! Listen as the birds chirp, the water glistens, and you and your lover are holding hands while taking in the lovely atmosphere. While walking the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway, continue on and the walkway will take you to the town of Hoboken which was home to Frank Sinatra. It is at Hoboken where you can stop for a drink and bite to eat as you and your sweetheart look forward to the lovely walk back along the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway.

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