Our Favorite Festivals Around Journal Square, NJ

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Journal Square. This proudly storied and unique corner of the Jersey City metro has its fair share of events, character, and past writings that lend it its name. Whether you are a visitor on holiday, a returnee to see friends and family, or an adventurous local, you’ll find that Journal Square has something to challenge and inspire everyone. Read on for some of our favorite autumn-time events and festivals around Journal Square.


Bubblefest is a charming, family-friendly occasion of the city where small businesses, artisans, craftsmen, and vendors team up with the Grove Street Farmer’s Market to create something truly central to the community. Bubbles in all sizes, interactive handcrafts, and independent artists and studios come out to entertain friends, family, and neighbors alike. This is a great way to tour both the artistic and creative talents of the Journal Square area as well as get to know the local community. For a laid-back, welcoming event appropriate for all ages, bring the party to Bubblefest and chill out with the town.


Jersey City’s waterfront addition, fresh produce, small business, and the strong value of community are again on cheerful and charming display at the Smorgasburg. This is a delicious weekend food and open-air market featuring mouthwatering options of all varieties and cuisines, from crab poutine to vegan sandwiches, birria tacos, brigadeiros, and coxinha, chai mixes, churros, and artisan doughnuts. For a delicious experience by the water dining on Journal Square’s best, come to Smorgasburg, and bring your appetite!


Artist and Maker Market

Into early autumn is the Artist and Maker Market, another collection of small businesses and communities that is reflective of Journal Square’s ‘do-it-yourself’ spirit. Families and craftsmen and small businesses from breweries to bakeries, florists, record stores, barbers, and candlemakers are just some of the faces at the open-air bazaar that comes to Jersey City throughout the early autumn. In early October, local artists and studios also collaborate with the market to offer public tours of their facilities and activities, something else to look for among the many weekend activities here around Journal Square. For a variety of everything the city has to offer and to meet its small businesses, come to the Artist and Maker Market. 


Statue Cruises

Regularly throughout the year, the New Jersey area provides up-close cruises and looks at New York City and Lady Liberty. These are a great way to tour the area by water from a unique perspective while learning a lot about the surrounding history and landmarks. Visitors can also keep their eyes out for the package deals to explore not just the waters and the Statue of Liberty grounds, but also tickets giving access to the crown of the Statue of Liberty and the Pedestal. The views over the water from the crown and the cruise give unique and immersive insight into the sight that greeted waves of immigrants before in this moving tour. 


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