Our favourite ways to spend summer at Journal Square

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Journal Square, a hub of Jersey City across the Hudson River from Manhattan, is a place with its distinctly unique character. From its past with the Jersey Journal, the influx of Filipino and South Asian families, to its numerous galleries, parks and historic architecture, you don’t need to go too far if you’re looking for things to do in Journal Square. Read on for some of our favourite things to do in Journal Square.

Mana Contemporary

Formerly a manufacturing building, this 1920s establishment is now a home to multiple artists and companies, as a centre of creativity and expression. Hosting a great diversity of artists and their work, ranging from Costume Designers, lifelike Pen drawings, sculptures and performance art. Visitors are encouraged to enter, observe and participate in the opportunities the Mana Contemporary frequently offers, whether it is a question panel or a personal conversation with some of the residents. Aside from tireless work on innovation and new ideas in art, the Mana Contemporary also regularly hosts seminars and lectures on a variety of topics. For a place of inclusive learning and creativity, the Mana Contemporary is a good place to spend the summer days. 

India Square

While not formally a single establishment, India Square is remarkable in having one of the highest concentrations of Indian and South Asians in North America, rivalling cities like Brampton and Surrey. A wealth of culinary experiences from Bangladeshi, Tamil, Indo-Trinidadian to Chinese-Indian, aficionados of South Asian cuisine and visitors searching for an Indian-American community will be very pleased with India Square. Also of note are the numerous Paan vendors, spas, jewellers, clothing stores and supermarkets. In Journal Square, there truly is a wealth of options for dining and shopping in South Asia. 

Berry Lane Park Concert Series

A ten-minute ride over to Berry Lane Park is one of the most pleasant ways to experience Jersey City’s strong sense of community- music in the park. Bring a chair and enjoy Jazz, R&B, Classics, Soul and Hip Hop in the Berry Lane Park complex, or take advantage of the settings and participate in a game of pickup with the locals. Around the festivities are multiple areas to walk, play basketball or Tennis. Some of the artists who have performed at Berry Park include Carmen Rodgers, ZO!, Jay Watts and Gordon James.

Jersey City Night Market / Midnight Market 

Another festive nightlife experience is the Jersey City Night Market, where you can shop crafts and clothing vendors, browse Jersey City’s formidable gastronomic diversity and party into the night. Some of the tasty options at the Jersey City Night Market include Korean Hot Dogs, Fried Ice Cream, Guyanese Chicken Curry, Cheese Arepas, Sweet Italian Dolcini, Flautas, Enchiladas and Tornado Fries. For a summer night of delicious food, music and interesting souvenir options, the Jersey City Night market is an exciting option for the hungry local and the adventurous visitor alike. 

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