Aquariums and Aquatic Life Around Journal Square

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Journal Square. Outside of New York City, this vibrant and dynamic community is the site of a tremendous amount of exploration, in gastronomy, the arts, the sciences, and the sum of its activities. Fortunately, nature and the wonders of life under the seas are no exception. Read on for some of our favorite aquariums, parks, and places to watch aquatic life around Journal Square. 

Liberty Science Center

Since 1993, the Liberty Science Center has entertained the curiosities and imaginations of the Journal Square community, exploring a diverse variety of interests in the sciences. These include the sciences of skyscrapers, communication, outer space, and the ecosystems of the Hudson River, and the mysterious world of predators and prey. Some of these live aquatic species that visitors can see here at the Liberty Science Center include the black drum fish, summer flounder, diamondback terrapin, sea urchins, leaf-cutter ants, black spot piranhas, and ingenious hermit crabs. The Hudson River exhibits and animal exhibits also give a bit of background into the habitats of these local and exotic animals, taking visitors into tours of these vital ecosystems. For an experience exploring numerous interests and learning at every step of the way, come to the Liberty Science Center.

Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park might be one of the Journal Square community’s better-kept secrets, away from the creative (and delicious) activities of the neighborhood. For over a century, generations have enjoyed the varied topography of Lincoln Park in its public spaces, grassy fields, soft hills, and wetlands. The variance in setting also extends to its wildlife, a great location for those wanting to step closer to the Hackensack and see a variety of reptiles, amphibians, and birds endemic to the region. Some of these species include the American bald eagle, red-tailed hawk, wild deer, peregrine falcons, great egrets, seahawks, painted turtles, and snowy owls. 

The options for hiking, nature trails, and other outdoor activities such as picnicking, sunbathing, baseball, basketball, athletics, soccer, tennis, handball, and squash make this a great site for any sporting activity. Whether you are looking for a pickup game, a sport of your choice among your group, or just a community center among the animal and human inhabitants of Hudson County, look no further than Lincoln Park.

Liberty State Park

Liberty State Park and neighboring Ellis Island are some of the most historic sights on this side of the upper bay, with a truly wide range of attractions representing various interests. This popular fishing and crabbing spot is a great place to launch any at-sea excursions, while Ellis Island and the Empty Sky 9.11 Memorial pay respect to two deeply important sites in America’s history. The Richard J. Sullivan Natural Area also offers some 36 acres of self-guided tours through the tidal marshes of the Hudson River Estuary, a rare glimpse into the ancient and verdant world of an older New Jersey. 

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