Mother’s Day Around Journal Square, NJ

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Mother’s Day Around Journal Square, NJ

Journal Square. This proudly storied and unique corner of the Jersey City metro has its fair share of events, character. and past writings that lend it its name. Whether you are a visitor on holiday, a returnee to see friends and family, or an adventurous local, you’ll find that Journal Square has something to challenge and inspire everyone. Read on for some of our favorite ways to celebrate Mother’s Day around Journal Square.


Battello is one of Jersey City’s most esteemed venues for not just Mother’s Day, but weddings and parties across the Journal Square community. This Mother’s Day, Battello offers a formidable Mother’s Day brunch, where whole roasted lamb leg, ribeye, Scottish salmon, artisanal rigatoni, imaginative vegetable sides and the dazzling array of house-made mini desserts take the stage alongside the live jazz performance.

Mommy and Me Workshops Rewax, Unwine

A punny addition to our list, the Mother’s Day workshop series at ReWax and UnWine are a great way for Mom and the whole family to enjoy the interactive and fun classes. This Mother’s Day weekend, visitors can enjoy making candles together, setting up their own tea party goods, getting a deep massage, a delicious charcuterie brunch, and more all in one location. This makes for a great photo opportunity and a fun and memorable inclusion to any itinerary here in Jersey City.


This Mother’s Day, feast and tour Jersey City’s gastronomic diversity with your stomach (and with your eyes!) here at Smorgasburg, one of Jersey City’s most celebrated new traditions. This is an open-air food market where visitors can enjoy fresh burgers, lobster, tacos, ribs, and more, a heaven for foodies and all visitors. This is a great way to tour small business and creativity here around Jersey City and Journal Square, and also makes for a festive addition to any travel plans out in the May sunshine.

Dining around Jersey City

Of course, we haven’t forgotten the main event of Mother’s Day: brunch! Or indeed, tea, dinner, or all three. And with the selection of talented chefs, kitchens, eateries, and restaurants here around Jersey City, moms of every palate and taste will find themselves truly spoiled for options. Fire and Oak is one of Jersey City’s most celebrated establishments, sporting an enviable selection of rib and steak selections for all meat-lovers, while Latham House is a local favorite offering delicious Eggs Benedicts and French toast classics. The Hamilton Inn’s renowned sandwiches continue to grow a loyal following, while The Kitchen Step is a family-friendly hidden gem with croissants to write home about.

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