Our Favorite Places to Sleep Under the Stars Around Journal Square, NJ.

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Journal Square. This proudly storied and unique corner of the Jersey City metro has its fair share of events, character, and past writings that lend it its name. Whether you are a visitor on holiday, a returnee to see friends and family, or an adventurous local, you’ll find that Journal Square has something to challenge and inspire everyone. Read on for some of our favorite places to sleep under the stars and enjoy nature around Journal Square.

Norvin Green State Forest

Visitors that can make the trip a bit further out of the Jersey City area will enjoy the wide expanses of Norvin Green State Forest, a beautiful combination of forests, winding trails, lakes, streams, and views of the diverse scenes over the Tri-State area. Here, aside from camping, hiking, boating, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, animal watching, and stargazing, the highest hills also provide for a great view to end or start your day. From some of the highest hills at around 1,300 feet high, travelers can enjoy views of the New York skyline, New Jersey wilderness, and unobstructed views of the skies.

Ringwood State Park

Another option for those travelers who are looking for a more complete camping experience is the Ringwood State Park, complete with plenty of space for all the outdoors activities including fishing, picnicking, sledding, canoeing, hiking, watersports, and camping. For those travelers who want to enjoy a wide range of outdoors activities over a number of days and are not needing to return to Jersey City on a tight itinerary, Ringwood State Park is a great option.

Hamilton Park

For a quiet vacation from your vacation, Hamilton Park is that little slice of peace right here in Jersey City. You don’t need to go too far for those hometown feels in this quaint and charming park, a great spot for those photography projects for groups, couples, and solo shoots alike. This is a great place to enjoy stargazing and outdoor dining for your private party, yet not too far from Jersey City and the Journal Square area.

Liberty State Park and Liberty Island

One of the Tri-State area’s most iconic faces around the world is that of Lady Liberty herself, and right here in Jersey City, visitors need not go far to see her. Whether from the shoreline with Lady Liberty in the background, or upclose in the view from her crown, both are within close reach here in Jersey City. The numerous ferries to Liberty Island provide for closer visits to Liberty Island and views of New York City from the water, while Liberty State Park itself also provides for views of the New York Skyline and Lady Liberty herself. We recommend a visit closer to sundown hours to see New York and the statue by daytime, and the city skyline by night in all of its lights.

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