Best Michelin Restaurants near Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is a city that resembles a Hollywood production, it is easy to get caught up in the buzz of the atmosphere and you start to realize why some people find it hard to leave; however, regardless of what entertainment you get involved in, you’ll still want to eat, so if you are celebrating a big win, or commiserating a loss, check out our guide of the top Michelin restaurants in Vegas, for you do just that.

Joël Robuchon Restaurant, MGM Grand

Have the ultimate dining pleasure at the only 3 star (the highest Michelin award) rated restaurant in Las Vegas; the French gourmet menu is a culinary delight, and an explosion of flavors, that excels itself in so many ways, even down to the bread and cheese, with the menu having been created by Frenchman Joël Robuchon himself, who has been acknowledged as one of the greatest chefs of the last century. This restaurant has a very sophisticated feel, not only in the food options but also with the decor, it has a strict dress code and is one of the most exclusive restaurants, only having 12 dining tables. Booking well in advance is an absolute must, and you can do this and find out more on the website.

Guy Savoy Restaurant, Caeser’s Palace

Partons come from far and wide to dine at this unique restaurant, where the setting is full of romance and the menu packed with imagination. Following the French theme, Guy Savoy has created some of the richest tasting new-age French food you will ever encounter, where the setting and quality could easily have you believe you are in Paris. Head chef and owner, Savoy, has produced a well-deserving two Michelin star restaurant, and while he splits his time between this place, and his restaurant in Paris, even in his absence the quality is upheld. The menu is inspiring, from the toasted mushroom brioche to the peanut crust quail breast, every dish is a work of art. Check out – – to make your reservation.

Aureole, Mandalay Bay

Aureole is a one Michelin star restaurant, and after reading of the restaurants with higher accolades, it may not seem as impressive anymore, but keep in mind that it is still in an exclusive club with only a couple of thousand restaurants in the world, holding this title. The menu at Aureole is described as progressive American cuisine, which includes an extremely popular dessert sampler menu, and particular attention is paid to a mouthwatering seafood selection; the seafood options change throughout the year depending on the season, in order to keep the flavors as fresh and intense as possible. The modern interior is a sight to behold, where you can not help but stare at the 42-foot-high wine tower in the center, which holds ten thousand bottles of wine; you certainly cannot visit Aureole and not find the perfect wine to accompany your meal. It is a truly extravagant evening, and one you won’t forget in a hurry, head to their website to see more and book your table.

You may feel more restricted in your choice of Michelin restaurants in Las Vegas, as French cuisine is common in all the greatest choices, even the ones not on the list, however, if you ignore everything you have ever heard about French food, then you will be in for a fantastic surprise; hold off your judgements until after you have had the opportunity to experience what phenomenal food it is.

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Where To Eat And Drink At Las Vegas McCarran International Airport

Most people stay away from airport restaurants.

The reason being that most airports offer expensive meals, some of which are terribly cooked.

However, restaurants and bars at the McCarran Airport will prove this notion wrong. The airport is full of must-try food options. Here’s a list of places to eat and drink:

1. Jose Cuervo Tequileria

This is the best place for party lovers. What else do you need to get high than with the popular tequila poppers and shots? The place is also full of varieties of beers. Since a drink cannot be had with an empty stomach, you should order some spicy sala or chips. In addition to that, their menu has tasty combo plates of tacos and burritos to name a few.

2. Sammy’s Beach Bar & Grill

This place serves a menu of American dishes. Who will say no to such an island twist? Imagine rocking with tacos, huge burgers, grilled onions, Quesadillas, spicy fries and many more. You can complement the meals with a glass of cocktails especially the Wabo Tequila. You’re sure to have a memorable flight after filling your pangs with the restaurant’s tasty meals.

3. Wolfgang Puck Express

If there’s a place which cares for the good health of its customers, then Wolfgang Puck stands out. Everything from meals to prices is simple and affordable. Now don’t confuse the affordable prices with plain and terrible meals. The restaurant knows how to blend quality and customer satisfaction. You can order handcrafted pizza, sandwiches, homemade soup, chicken salads and many more.

UPDATE: Wolfgang Puck Express has closed down.

4. Village Pub

The pub embraces the faux-British traditions. You won’t leave the place as you went. One unique feature is they have selective varieties of ciders and beers. In addition, they also accommodate those who love local or foreign beers. With a large menu of local meals, your stomach and taste buds won’t find themselves complaining. There’s television too making the pub a good place to pass time as you wait to catch your flight.

5. Barney’s Lounge

There’s something for everyone at Barney’s Lounge. For smokers, this is the place to be for a quick smoke just before you board your flight. The lounge however has a limited food selection with popular foods like sandwiches. Not so surprisingly, there are countless betting machines as well as slots for you to play.

6. Chophouse & Brewery

This restaurant offers fried steaks, salmon, filet mignon and baked crabs, making it one of the best places to spend your coins. One thing notable about this place is, despite being a steakhouse, they offer huge salads and spicy side-dishes. For those taking morning trips, there’s a breakfast court with the steak and eggs standing out as the real gem. There’s enough space to watch television as you round up your favorite beer. What a perfect place to relax after a busy weekday!

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7 Things To Do in Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is notoriously known for being the “Entertainment Capital of the World.” While this city has also earned the nickname “Sin City” for its luxurious hotels and strips of casinos and gambling hubs, Las Vegas actually has a lot more to offer tourists.

Not convinced yet? Here’s a quick list of seven things to do in Las Vegas!

1. Eat All The Chocolate You Want

If you have a penchant for sweet chocolates, head over to Ethel M, a local chocolatier shop, and treat yourself to delectable free chocolate samples. Next, pay the M&M’s World a visit to see some of its candy-and-chocolate inspired creations, or just watch a 3D movie featuring Yellow and Red.

Las Vegas is also home to the Hershey’s Chocolate World which features a chocolate Statue of Liberty. Eat all the chocolate you want, and don’t forget to bring back some for your friends and family!

2. Test Your Pinball Skills

Instead of slot machines, why not waste your quarters playing retro arcade pinball? The Pinball Hall of Fame is a place where you can admire, enjoy, and experience everything about pinball. The facility houses more than 150 fully functional pinball machines that range from old-school to modern electronic wonders. An afternoon might not be enough to try them all out!

3. Go For A Nature Hike

Las Vegas is quite famous for picturesque hiking trails that feature some natural wildlife and scenery. The Red Rock National Conservation Area is a perfect spot for you to stretch your limbs and look at something that’s non-electric or neon for a change. You may also experience the best of what the trail has to offer during winter with the lovely gullies and routes showing intricate rock details. In the summer, go for Mt. Charleston, and you’ll be treated to expansive valley sights and bristlecone pine forests.

4. Gape At The World’s Biggest Gold Nugget

Check out the largest gold nugget at the lobby of the Gold Tower. The specimen, found during the 80’s in Australia, was sold to The Golden Nugget for an astounding sum of one million dollars. The 61-pound gold nugget was named “Hand of Faith” and is available for everyone to see.

5. Watch The Dancing Fountains

Some of the best fountain shows can be found at the super-sized Italian villa-inspired resort, the Bellagio. The 1,200 fountain geysers are spread out across more than 8 acres of lake area, displayed right in front of the resort. Watch the dancing fountains play in sync with the music every 15 minutes starting from evening up until midnight.

6. Explore Outdoor Art

In 2013, the Life is Beautiful Festival began to feature the paintings made by international muralists and street artists plastered on the city walls. Each year, new art pieces are added, and old ones are replaced or refreshed. Stroll around and marvel at the huge gallery for free!

7. Experience The Stratosphere

Visit Nevada’s tallest building and dare to take on rides like the Insanity, X-Scream, or the Big Shot. You can also try a free-fall experience from a height of 829 feet via the SkyJump. The Stratosphere also has standard entertainment facilities like the state-of-the-art recreational deck and a pool for swimming in.

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