Where To Eat And Drink At Las Vegas McCarran International Airport

Most people stay away from airport restaurants.

The reason being that most airports offer expensive meals, some of which are terribly cooked.

However, restaurants and bars at the McCarran Airport will prove this notion wrong. The airport is full of must-try food options. Here’s a list of places to eat and drink:

1. Jose Cuervo Tequileria

This is the best place for party lovers. What else do you need to get high than with the popular tequila poppers and shots? The place is also full of varieties of beers. Since a drink cannot be had with an empty stomach, you should order some spicy sala or chips. In addition to that, their menu has tasty combo plates of tacos and burritos to name a few.

2. Sammy’s Beach Bar & Grill

This place serves a menu of American dishes. Who will say no to such an island twist? Imagine rocking with tacos, huge burgers, grilled onions, Quesadillas, spicy fries and many more. You can complement the meals with a glass of cocktails especially the Wabo Tequila. You’re sure to have a memorable flight after filling your pangs with the restaurant’s tasty meals.

3. Wolfgang Puck Express

If there’s a place which cares for the good health of its customers, then Wolfgang Puck stands out. Everything from meals to prices is simple and affordable. Now don’t confuse the affordable prices with plain and terrible meals. The restaurant knows how to blend quality and customer satisfaction. You can order handcrafted pizza, sandwiches, homemade soup, chicken salads and many more.

UPDATE: Wolfgang Puck Express has closed down.

4. Village Pub

The pub embraces the faux-British traditions. You won’t leave the place as you went. One unique feature is they have selective varieties of ciders and beers. In addition, they also accommodate those who love local or foreign beers. With a large menu of local meals, your stomach and taste buds won’t find themselves complaining. There’s television too making the pub a good place to pass time as you wait to catch your flight.

5. Barney’s Lounge

There’s something for everyone at Barney’s Lounge. For smokers, this is the place to be for a quick smoke just before you board your flight. The lounge however has a limited food selection with popular foods like sandwiches. Not so surprisingly, there are countless betting machines as well as slots for you to play.

6. Chophouse & Brewery

This restaurant offers fried steaks, salmon, filet mignon and baked crabs, making it one of the best places to spend your coins. One thing notable about this place is, despite being a steakhouse, they offer huge salads and spicy side-dishes. For those taking morning trips, there’s a breakfast court with the steak and eggs standing out as the real gem. There’s enough space to watch television as you round up your favorite beer. What a perfect place to relax after a busy weekday!

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