Traveler’s Tips for Denver

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If you’re looking for adventure in the Mile High City, On Air Parking has got you covered with recommendations. These are our Traveler’s Tips for Denver.

Things to See

Denver has so many things to offer, including great sightseeing options. Whether you have a botanically-inclined personality or a passion for art, we’ve got you covered. Check out these two things to see.

Denver Botanic Gardens

Starting off strong with the Denver Botanic Gardens, which are located at 1007 York Street, this location has twenty-four acres that have a stunning display of diverse plants. There are different gardens you can visit—Gardens of the West, Internationally Inspired Gardens, Ornamental Gardens, Shady Gardens, and the Water Gardens. All are a true delight to experience, and are a great option for couples, families, and lone travelers alike. Admissions are free for members, but if you’re not a member, adult admission tickets are $15.75. Seniors, active-duty military members, and veterans with ID get a discount to $12 tickets, and children 3-15 are $11.50—students also get this rate if they can present ID. Children two and under are free. Tickets are also free three days a month on a rolling basis, so be sure to check that out.

Kirkland Museum of Fine & Decorative Art

Kirkland Museum of Fine and Decorative Art is sometimes considered Denver’s most interesting museum, so it’s sure to please a variety of visitors. Admissions are free for Kirkland Museum members. General admission, ages 13+, are $12; seniors, teachers, students, and military personnel with ID get entry for $10; and there’s an Explorer Pass for $1, which covers up to five tickets, as long as you present a valid EBT card. Collections at this museum include International Decorative Art, Colorado and Regional Art, Vance Kirkland and the Original studio, and they also have collection highlights available on their website.

Things to Do

One of the great things about Denver is the variety of hiking and walking trails. Here are a few options for our hikers-at-heart.

Lair o’ the Bear Park

The highlight of this park is just how family-friendly it is. There are an abundance of picnic tables, and it’s got great fishing due to the proximity to Bear Creek. If you’re a challenge hiker, then you can take part in the 12.6 mile, round-trip journey on the Bear Creek Trail, which passes through three adjoining Denver Mountain Parks at the west.

Arapaho Pass Trail

There’s also the Arapaho Pass, which has several trail heads and trails. The Fourth of July Trailhead to the Diamond Lake Trail is 1.2 miles, while the Arapaho Glacier Trail is 2.1 miles; finally, there’s the Arapaho Pass, which is 3.3 miles. Please note all of these lengths are one-way, not round-trip. There are a wide variety of sights on this trail, and are a great place to start for beginners and experienced hikers alike.

Spring Brook Loop (North)

The best thing about this trail is that it’s great for horses, bikers, dogs, and walkers alike. The difficulty is rated as easy/medium, and the length is 2.20 miles. It starts prior to the forest, and winds over hills. There are gorgeous, expansive views of the plains to the Flatirons, and you’ll reach the Spring Brook Loop (South).

Things to Eat

If we didn’t mention some top-tier restaurants, would these tips feel complete? We think not, so hold onto your hats while we make a couple suggestions.

Alma Fonda Fina

This is a newer restaurant, offering minimalist, creative Mexican food in a gorgeous, terracotta-flecked environment. There’s great drinks, great food, and great socializing. You can find their menu online.

Sap Sua

This is a delicious, amazing Vietnamese restaurant, offering a nontraditional menu that works off better-known dishes, elevating them in a unique twist. You can also find their menu online as well.

Armed with these traveler’s tips, you can galavant about Denver, Colorado with all the confidence in the world. On Air Parking has got you covered with the cheapest parking in Denver, starting at as low as $3.75/day.