Where To Eat And Drink at Columbus Airport

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Dining at Columbus Airport Restaurants

The second busiest airport in Ohio state, Columbus Airport is home to airlines like American Airlines, Air Canada Express, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, and Southwest Airlines. It also has many amenities and fabulous restaurants.

If you need a place where you can eat food or drink cocktails at the Columbus airport either am or pm, and not at any hotels, there are a few options for restaurants. Here are some of the places you can eat and drink at Columbus Airport:

1. American Craft Tavern at Columbus Airport

One thing you’ll love about this Columbus airport restaurant at the Delta terminal is its food menu. It is your classic bar & grill. Their chicken salad tastes amazing as does their Greek Salad. Something else that may impress you is their pepperoni flatbread. If you want a beer or two as you wait to board your plane, this is the spot. Does Columbus Airport have a bar? Yes! They have a bar with cheap drinks where you can get almost all beer brands, cocktails, and wines. It’s worth mentioning the waiters are friendly and helpful. There is no dress code.

2. Bob Evans Express – Good Food

Most people who know the Bob Evans restaurant chain will tell you that they have a reputation for consistency, great rates, and some of the best breakfast restaurant food options. This one located near Terminal B of the Columbus Airport is no different. Some of the “classics” and cheap eats you can expect to find here include the Rise and Shine, Hotcakes and Sausage, and Biscuits and Gravy among others. If you are in a hurry, they have a lot of grab-and-go options for banana bread, cinnamon rolls, or breakfast sandwiches.

3. Donatos Pizza in Columbus

It doesn’t take too long for you to know why this place is a local favorite for many people. Their pizza is amazing and takes only 10 minutes to be ready. If you don’t have the time to wait for a freshly made pizza, they have a few ready-made ones for you to grab on your way to the plane. They also have a “special” for $10 which includes a 7-inch pepperoni or cheese pizza, a drink, and a small salad. Their salad is fresh and their subs both smell and taste really good. The perfect food for children!

4. Chili’s Restaurant at the Airport

You’ll definitely enjoy the margaritas and great cocktails at Chili’s. If you’re at the airport very early in the morning, this is one of the breakfast restaurants you may want to go to. You can count on them opening at 5:00 am and serving breakfast up to 10:00 am. The breakfast food is quite impressive and priced very fairly. For the classic breakfast, you can choose between 2 bacon, sausage, or two eggs and potatoes. If you want to have lunch, they have a great menu with fried curds, avocado, egg rolls, and boneless wings among the favorites.

5. 94th Aero Squadron Restaurant

This memorabilia-laden restaurant overlooking one of the airport’s runways features a chophouse-style menu and some great Sunday buffets. The foods and desserts are priced quite reasonably and the staff members provide good service. The airport restaurant has been around for quite some time, has great reviews, and has a great atmosphere and a great view of the planes flying in and out of the airport.

6. Buckeye Hall of Fame

Their Maker’s Manhattan is spot on and has lots of cherries. The Buckeye breakfast food classic consists of eggs, potatoes, toast, and a choice of meat. They also have chicken apple sausage and chicken wings which are just superb. The waiters are friendly and welcoming which is great, especially after a long flight.

UPDATE: Buckeye Hall of Fame has closed its doors.

These Columbus airport CMH restaurants and shops are sure to fill you up for miles on your next trip!

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