Celebrating LGBT Pride Month in Denver, CO

Celebrating LGBT Pride Month in Denver, CO, began in 1976 starting with the first Pridefest in the city which coincided with the opening of The Centre on Colfax which is now responsible for organizing, running, and producing the pride events throughout Denver in June every year. If you are interested in knowing what are some of the main events in Denver during Pride Month then read on for all the information you need.


The parade itself is usually held during the third weekend in June. The celebrations begin throughout Denver on Friday in local bars, restaurants, parks, and nightclubs. The atmosphere is electric and full of members of the LGBT community and its allies celebrating together the achievements of the movements but also highlighting each of the struggles it still faces and moving forwards, together, towards the same goal: equality for all.

The PrideFest Parade itself usually begins at around 9:30 in the morning on the Sunday, where floats and stalls are set up by a range of companies and other organizations that offer their support to LGBT causes. Denver’s pride has many famous faces in attendance from politicians to celebrities.

After the parade ends the festival begins; surrounding the Civic Center Park roads stay closed as a street fair and a rally begins. Here you can find a huge range of stalls, vendors, and floats that have different food, drinks, and souvenirs or novelty items available for you to purchase such as clothing, jewelry, decorative home items, banners, and stationery.

Artists who are both local to Denver but also national, offer a range of entertainment on multiple stages across the event. You can look forward to enjoying music, drag shows, pageants, key speakers, and more. The festival ends early on the Sunday evening and a few hours later, after a city-wide cleanup, the streets reopen as normal once again.


  • THE PRIDE 5K RUN – all proceeds are raised for LGBT community causes.
  • THE DYKE MARCH – celebrate women, equality and march forward together for a better tomorrow.
  • CENTER RUN PROGRAMS – here you can enjoy keynote speakers highlighting the struggles faced, the history of Pride in Denver, and how we can all play a part.
  • DRAG ACTS – at the center stage you will see some of the best drag acts Denver has to offer.
  • MARKETPLACE FOR AN AUCTION – again, all proceeds are raised for LGBT community causes.
  • LATIN STAGES AND DANCE WORLD – let your hair down, slip on your dancing shoes and have a fun fiesta in style with the LGBT community in all its fabulous glory.

Pride is celebrated across the world and has grown from just a few hundred members in New York City to a 50-year movement which has seen a huge amount of changes in the LGBT community over the years. But more can always be done, which is why each year Denver goes bigger and better to throw the best Pridefest it can and make the city a fantastic place to be during Pride Month.

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Where to Buy Souvenirs Near Denver CO

Along with photos, souvenirs are one of the best ways for you to remember a trip, and always keep a little piece of that place with you. So, if you want to know where is the best place to buy souvenirs in Denver, CO, or the nearby areas, to help take your vacation home with you then you are in the right place. Below, we have put together a guide of the top places to go where you can get some great souvenirs and gifts without getting ripped off.

I Heart Denver Store

This is the top of the list for a few reasons. But mainly because this store is here to showcase the talent of Colorado-based artists, designers, and creative businesses. So, when you shopping here you are not only getting great quality goods, but you are helping to support the local community while doing so, which nowadays is more important than ever. They have a fantastic range of goods from magnets and ornaments, to local sauces and trinkets. They have everything you could want to take home with you, and all of which s reasonably priced.

Address: 500 16th St

Ste 264, Denver, CO 80202

CBD, Northwest


Coloradical is, as the name suggests, a retro, hip and trendy store, with an abundance of cool gifts and souvenirs. They exclusively sell locally designed Colorado t-shirts, hats, gifts and more! Offering super soft, quality tees, and have been operating in Denver since 2010, during this time building a huge following not only among tourists but with locals too. Check out their store and play a little foosball while you browse the aisles.

Address: 3109 E Colfax Ave

Denver, CO 80206

City Park, Northeast

Simply Colorado

Simply Colorado is a decent sized store packed with all your souvenir favorites. They have a great variety to choose from with postcards, pens, key chains, mugs, and a hundred other items. It is the perfect shop to pop in a grab a few cheap souvenirs before you leave the city. Great location and customer service, check them out at the address below.

Address: 407 16th St

Denver, CO 80202

CBD, Northwest

Made In Colorado

This family-owned store is fun, bright, welcoming, and sells everything you could want when you are on the hunt fr souvenirs and gifts. There is a lovely and inviting atmosphere in this place with the owners always going above and beyond to help customers find what they need. As a bonus they also sell some of the most delicious Colorado fudge in the whole city, you will definitely be going back for more.

Address: 4840 W 29th Ave

Ste B, Denver, CO 80212

Highland, Northwest

A Touch of Colorado

A Touch of Colorado is open every day and sells some of the most delightful and unique items int the area. This store wants to celebrate the local community and the state and, therefore, only sells items that are made in Colorado.

Address: 7287 W Alaska Dr

Lakewood, CO 80226

Now you know the best places near Colorado to pick up some memorable gifts and souvenirs, there’s no need to head back home without any!

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Best Coffee Shops in Denver CO

Americans are the biggest consumers of coffee in the whole world, there is nothing the average American loves more than starting their morning with a tasty cup of coffee. It is easy to see why the drink is so popular, and its popularity certainly isn’t going to slow down anytime soon. But, when the demand is high, it means there going to be an abundance of places to choose from, so where should you go? Or more specifically, where should you go in Denver? Check out our guide below for the best coffee shops in Denver and have a great cup every day!

Rivers and Roads Coffee

Our top pick for you is Rivers and Roads coffee, who have created a coffee shop not just for people to dash in and grab a cup to then dash back out, but for people who want to take their time and sit down with a drink and be part of the community. Making people feel welcome is a huge part of this coffee shop; as they say, they believe in placing love above everything else, and the easiest and nicest way to build a community is through delicious food and coffee. Their coffees are brewed perfectly, and their baked goods are always fresh and astoundingly good. This is an excellent place to come because you always feel like you are part of something more than just sitting in a cafe. Read more on their philosophy, or pop by using the information below.

Address: 2539 E Bruce Randolph Avenue

Denver, CO 80205

Website: riversandroadscoffee.com

Welton Room

This trendy coffee house come bar is well worth the visit. They have two main focuses here, that is high-quality cocktails and memorable coffee. In the same way that they have mixologists ensuring every customer has the cocktail of their dreams, they also have baristas who have as much passion for the coffee that they serve. In fact, if you can’t decide on a coffee or a cocktail, then combine the two and have one of their infamous espresso martinis – check out more information below.

Address: 2590 Welton Street

Ste 103, The Lydian

Denver, CO 80205

Website: weltonroom.com

Blue Sparrow Coffee

A big part of visiting a coffee shop is the service you receive, good coffee can leave a bitter taste in your mouth if the staff are not what you would expect. Well, fortunately, Blue Sparrow pride themselves on their customer service and their helpful and friendly manner makes a huge difference. Blue Sparrow is less contemporary than other coffee shops, not only in their decor but also in their menu. Sure, you can order a latte or an espresso and such if you want, but if you fancy something a little different then check out their specialty drinks including nitro cold brew, CBD iced coffee, and even Japanese brew. They have some wondrous delights that also cover tea and beer for anyone wanting to have a day off coffee!

Address: 3070 Blake Street

Unit 180, Denver, CO 80205


Now you are in the know about the top spots in Denver, you can have great coffee every single time!

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The Professional Sports Teams of Denver

When a person talks about Denver, what comes to your mind? Perhaps you think about the mountains, the forests, and the various landscapes, or maybe you think about the famous seafood or dumplings, but if you are a sports fan then we can guarantee that you think about some of the professional sports teams that represent the city. For all the things that Denver is popular for, their sports teams are high on the list. If you are thinking of heading to Denver and want to know the top professional sports team that Denver has to offer, then read on below for our list and history of the ones not to miss!

Denver Nuggets

Denver’s very own professional basketball team comes in the form of the Denver Nuggets. After launching in 1967, under the initial name of the Denver Larks, then to the Denver Rockets after less than a year, the Nuggets have, unfortunately, had limited success during their existence, having not won a single Championship title in either the ABA nor the NBA. They also have the added record of being one of the only original teams that made up part of the ABA, to not reach a single final in the NBA. The Denver Nuggets finally settled on this name in 1974, but they have struggled to gain momentum in professional basketball, even after a large number of team changes, particularly in the later 2000’s and 2010’s. In the early 2000’s the Nuggets were making headlines for all the wrong reasons, after they continuously endured huge loss after huge loss, making records with how many games were being consecutively lost. This terrible period of play was blamed on how unstable the ownership was and how uncertain the future looked for the club, this was finally all put to rest in 2000 when the club was sold to businessman Stan Kroenke, who guaranteed the club would stay in Denver. The current team is full of younger players such as Gary Harris and Nikola Jokic, and while the team is still having limited success, the youth of the team is helping the improvement in play.

You might be surprised to learn that the Pepsi Center, famous for a large number of music concerts being held there each year, is also the home stadium for the Denver Nuggets. The stadium is located at 1000 Chopper Circle, Denver and has a capacity for basketball of just over nineteen thousand.

Colorado Rockies

The city’s baseball team the Colorado Rockies is a relatively new team compared to many of the other professional baseball teams, having only started playing in 1993; they were the first baseball team to play professionally for Denver and have had a fairly “rocky” history. In the beginning, the Colorado Rockies played well and were somewhat at an advantage when playing at home; due to Denver being at a high elevation thus causing thinner air and a dry climate, this meant that the team were able to use these unique conditions to hit plenty of home runs and play strong often ending with consistently high scores. However, this all changed in 2002, when the club started to store their balls in a way that counteracted the effects of the dry Denver air, the air was causing the balls to dry up and become to light, but this change also affected their advantage and their playing power worsened. The team has struggled through each year, not offering the fans the results they always hoped for. Woefully, the Rockies have never been able to win any Championships in the MLB and lost four games to nil during their first appearance in the World Series against the Boston Red Sox in 2007.

In the Downtown area of Denver at 2001 Blake Street, you will find the home stadium for the Rockies, the stadium is called Coors Field and has been their home since 1995.

Denver Broncos

The football team of Denver, namely the Broncos, have had their fair share of success since the team was created in 1960. The Broncos have been based in Denver since the beginning, and although on paper it seems as they have done well, it took a number of years before the club was able to reap the rewards of their hard work. Originally, the Broncos were members of the American Football League, starting from 1960, and during the ten years that the AFL was in existence, the Broncos played poorly and came last in the league six times in those ten years, actually managing to have the worst results on record for any of the original AFL teams. Nevertheless, things started looking up once the NFL was established and in the 1970’s, and the Broncos have managed to play in eight Super Bowls between 1977 and 2015, with their qualifying in 1977 being the first time they had made it to the playoffs since the club began. Out of the eight times they have qualified for the Super Bowl, they have won three times; in 1997, 1998, and 2015, with the first two wins being largely due to their new star quarterback John Elway, who would be a key player for the team during his whole sixteen-year career at the club.

Currently, the Dencer Broncos play their home games at the stadium known as Empower Field at Mile High, although since the stadium opened in 2001, it has undergone no fewer than three name changes. The Mile High in the name is in reference to the fact that the city of Denver sits at such a high elevation and, therefore, the stadium does also. You can visit the stadium yourself which is located at 1701 Mile High Stadium Circle, Denver.

The sports teams of Denver haven’t always had the best of luck but that doesn’t mean they are not worth watching! There are plenty of fans in and out of the city who can give you a hundred reasons why they are some of the best teams to support or watch, so check them out and decide for yourself!

As you can see, there are plenty of great options to choose from, whether you want the height of luxury or just a passing visit, they all have you covered. If you’re flying out of DIA and need Denver airport parking, we got you covered!

7 Best Hotels Near Denver International Airport

Given its status as the largest airport in America, there is an endless list of hotels to use, and sometimes it is hard to know which is the right hotel to stay in, but don’t worry, to make it easier for you, we have found the seven best hotels located in the immediate hotel area so you can find the perfect hotel for your trip!

1) Woolley’s Classic Suites Denver Airport

Due to the location of the airport, it is not always the easiest place to access or stay close by, but at around a twenty-five-minute drive from the airport, you are not going to get much closer with another hotel. But do not worry if you can’t drive, Woolley’s offer all their guests a free shuttle bus to and from the airport so you will never be late for your flight. On top of this, they have an indoor swimming pool, a good fitness center, and all the rooms are of high-quality. Woolley’s hotel is in a beautiful setting, and the friendly staff add to an overall great experience with definite value for money. You can see their gallery of pictures, prices and make a reservation on their website, here: https://www.woolleysclassicsuites.com/

2) Drury Inn and Suites Denver

Drury Inn is in an ideal location for just about everything you need in Denver, it is close to the convention center, close to the Pepsi center, and is about a thirty-minute drive to Denver International Airport. The hotel gives you the perfect opportunity to relax at one of their swimming pools or in the fitness center. As a bonus, they also provide a free breakfast every day, and free onsite parking. All the rooms are spacious and clean, and are welcoming of pets in case you are traveling with one, the hotel has a very modern feel to it and is a pleasure to stay in, however, keep in mind that this hotel does not have the option for a shuttle bus to or from the airport, so you will need to make your own prior arrangements. Check out their website to see all they have to offer, and book a room for your stay: https://www.druryhotels.com/locations/denver-co/drury-inn-and-suites-denver-stapleton

3) Cambria Hotel Denver International

At only a twenty-minute drive, Cambria is one of the closest hotels there is to Denver International Airport, and with a free shuttle bus service to and from the airport, they take a lot of the stress out of traveling. To further make your stay as stress-free as possible, there is an onsite gym, swimming pool and jacuzzi area, and if you have enough time during your stay you can head out and explore the city which is also in close proximity. Cambria hotel has a wonderful mix of having a lot of things to do inside as well as being close to landmarks in the city, it is a clean and spacious place that has everything you will need for your trip. You can see all their facilities and look at their room options in order to make a booking, on their website: https://www.choicehotels.com/colorado/aurora/cambria-hotels/co215/rates?pmf=yelp&mc=blypypaf

4) SpringHill Suites by Marriott Denver Airport Hotel

SpringHill Suites is a no-nonsense hotel that has standard facilities and doesn’t break the bank. It is situated roughly twenty-five-minute driving distance from the airport, and while the hotel does have a shuttle service to and from the airport available for all of their guests, unfortunately, it is not a free service and you do have to book and pay in advance. However, it is still in a convenient location and is an ideal hotel for anyone who has time available to make the most of the mountains and nature that surrounds it. As the name suggests, all the rooms are suites so they offer plenty of space and comfort regardless of the size you choose, and as a bonus, there is a free breakfast every morning. They have some lovely rooms at good prices which you can see and book on their website: https://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/denda-springhill-suites-denver-airport

5) Staybridge Suites Denver Airport Hotel

The suites available a the Staybridge have you covered whatever you need for your trip, the rooms are very sizable, clean and comfortable, they also all feature a full kitchen and dishwasher. The suites are more like mini-apartments than hotel rooms and it only makes your stay even more pleasant. To add to this there is a swimming pool, gym, and shop all inside the hotel for your convenience. The Staybridge has a free shuttle bus service for all guests to and from the hotel, but with the hotel only being a ten-minute drive away, and free hotel parking (by reservation), it is the perfect hotel for anyone using their own car for the airport. For the prices of the various rooms, and the service you receive, the hotel offers more than most when it comes to value for money. But, you can see it all for yourself, and making a booking or ask any questions on their website: https://www.ihg.com/staybridge/hotels/us/en/denver/densb/hoteldetail

6) Courtyard by Marriott Denver Airport

One of the biggest advantages that the Courtyard by Marriott has to offer is that their free shuttle bus service to and from the airport is available 24 hours a day, which is perfect if you have an unusually early or late flight, although it is less than ten miles from the airport so it is a good location if you are driving but don’t want to be driving too far. Despite there not being lots to do in the and around the hotel, there is a fitness center, swimming pool, and a restaurant inside the hotel to help you relax, and cater to your needs. The hotel is extremely modern and has a crisp clean feeling throughout, it is definitely a little dose of luxury for your trip. Head to their website to see all the rooms they have available and to make a reservation: https://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/denap-courtyard-denver-airport/

7) Hampton Inn & Suites Gateway Park

The Hampton Inn provides a free shuttle service to and from Denver International Airport, but they also have free parking at their hotel if you are using your own car. The rooms are extremely clean and spacious, and very quiet given its proximity to the airport. The Hampton Inn gets extra points for its top-quality swimming pool, indoor gym and hot tub area, which gives you a great chance to relax after a long trip. The hotel has more than you will need for your stay, and there are always friendly staff on hand if you need extra help with anything. You can view their gallery of rooms and facilities, and make a booking on their website, here: https://www.hilton.com/en/hotels/denaphx-hampton-suites-denver-airport-gateway-park/

As you can see, there are plenty of great options to choose from, whether you want the height of luxury or just a passing visit, they all have you covered. If you’re flying out of DIA and need Denver airport parking, we got you covered!

Lounges at Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport is a vast space with a seemingly endless amount of corridors and gates, it can sometimes feel like an overwhelming experience if you have to use the airport, and you end up boarding your plane feeling more stressed than ever, but fortunately, there are a number of lounges in the airport where you can take some time for yourself before your flight and escape the crowds of people rushing for their flight, have a drink and maybe even catch up on some work or sleep.

American Airlines Admiral Club

The American Airlines Admiral Club provide some really high-end comfort in their lounges, on top of this, they have a great selection of facilities, and unlike most other lounges they offer workstations which make it super easy if you need to get some work done before your flight, as well as relax. There is only one lounge at Denver International Airport, which is located here;

Concourse A, at the north end of the ‘A’ Gates

The lounge is open from 4:45am (so perfect if you have an early flight) until 12:30pm, every day.

You do need to be a member of the American Airlines Club in order to gain access to the lounge, but you can pay a one-off payment of $59 at the door if there is space available at the time. It may seem like a lot of money, but you really do get a great selection of facilities once inside, which are;

  • Drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)
  • Printing Services via Hotspot
  • Personal Assistance
  • A Variety of Snacks
  • Internet Access
  • Televisions
  • Workstations

All the amenities are free, but there is a surcharge on a number of top-end wines and cocktails, but prices can be found once you are inside. The lounge is very comfortable, and you can easily unwind before your flight, however, there are not any sleeping facilities for you to use.

Delta Sky Club

The Delta Sky Club Lounge at Denver International airport is a fantastic place to hang out before your flight, it has a wonderful view of the runway, making the lounge feel very light and spacious, and the decor is very modern and stylish. There is one lounge located at the airport in the following place;

Concourse A, Central Core, Fourth Floor

The lounge is open every day from 5am until 7:30pm (although times may vary as it depends on the time of the last scheduled Delta flight of the day), but you can only enter the lounge if you are a member of the Delta Sky Club, and depending on the space available, it may be possible to pay for a day pass, however, there are several options for annual passes if you are a frequent flyer, that might be worth looking into. Once you are inside the lounge you will find the following facilities;

  • Drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)
  • Air-Conditioning
  • Flight Information
  • Magazines and Newspapers
  • Internet Access
  • Televisions

You may find that you have to pay a little bit more money for certain specialty drinks, and there are no sleeping facilities, however, you will receive excellent service in the lounge as you would expect, and it is a great lounge to make your trip a lot more pleasant.

United Club

There are two United Club Lounges at Denver International Airport, both of which are very sleek in their design, and create the perfect atmosphere to help you destress before your flight, you will find the lounges in the following locations;

East Side – Concourse B, next to Gate B44West Side – Concourse B, next to Gate B32

The East Side lounge is open every day from 6:30am until 11pm, and the West Side lounge is open every day from 5am until 9pm.

You can access the lounge if you are a United Club member, and depending on your membership status it may be possible for you to take a guest with you free of charge, although if this is applicable it usually has to be a family member, or you can purchase a day pass at the door for $59 regardless of what flight class you have. Inside the lounge the facilities you will find include;

  • Drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic)
  • Magazines and Newspapers
  • Televisions and use of their telephones
  • Internet Access
  • Air-Conditioning
  • Options for Conference Facilities
  • Disabled Access
  • Flight Information
  • Fax Machines
  • A Variety of Snacks

There is also usually a selection of larger food rather than just snack food, however, you should expect to pay extra for some of the higher-end food choices. The United Club Lounges are convenient and extremely spacious, and while they don’t offer any sleeping facilities, the seating areas are very comfortable.

USO Lounge

The USO Lounge is specifically for members of the U.S Military who are currently active, and their families. There is one USO Lounge at Denver International, and as always they have a whole host of facilities and amenities available to use, you will find the lounge in the airport here;

Concourse A, at the north end of the ‘A’ Gates Bridge on the Third Floor (you must pass security to get through to the correct area)

Their opening hours are from 5am until 10pm every day. The lounge access is completely free for the qualifying personal, and the facilities inside are all free also. Inside the lounge you will find;

  • Food and Drinks
  • Televisions
  • Play Area for Children
  • Video Games
  • Internet Access
  • Computers
  • Access to the lounge phones
  • Transport and Emergency Assistance
  • Library Area
  • Various Games
  • Lounge Chairs

While there are no specific sleeping facilities in the lounge, there are reclining chairs in order for you to take a nap, but you cannot stay overnight, as the lounge closes at 10pm. This is a fantastic lounge to use if you are able to, the staff are very attentive and helpful, and the facilities they provide are second to none.

Of course, if you are unable to access any of the lounges there a plenty of other things to do, and places to wait within the airport, but spending time in an airport lounge can be a great experience, and all of the lounges at Denver International Airport are high in quality and service, and definitely help you feel ready for your trip. If you’re flying out of DIA and need Denver airport parking, we got you covered!

Denver International Aiport Conspiracy – 7 Theories

Conspiracy theories can be found in every corner of the world, ranging from the highly controversial such as the earth being flat, or something a little more bizarre like aliens being experimented on at Area 51. Most conspiracy theories receive a lot of attention, but one theory you may not be familiar with is the conspiracy surrounding Denver International Airport; since even before construction began, mysteries and questions have surrounded the site, and in this article, we’re going to explore seven conspiracy theories connected to the largest airport in America.

1 – The Cost

It is not unusual for city projects to go over budget, especially one of this scale, however, Denver International Airport went over budget by $2 billion. Again, that’s two billion dollars, which is an obscene amount to be out by. The original estimate for the airport was for around $2.6 billion, so not only was the total cost nearly double, but it has never been explained where the extra money went; sure, by land area, the airport is the biggest in the U.S, so a lot of cash was needed to complete it, but still, people can’t help but wonder what all this money has been spent on.

2 – The Shape of the Runways

From above, the runways bear a stark resemblance to the shape of a swastika; the format of the runways is highly unusual compared to that of a standard airport, normally, you will find runways that are built parallel to one another, but at Denver International Airport, it is wildly different. A representative of the airport has previously commented to say that the reason for this is so there is enough space for multiple planes to land at the same time on all runways during their frequent bad weather. However, there is no denying that even as a way to aid plane landings, it is an odd choice.

3 – The Tunnels

So many tunnels. Due to the size of the airport, it features many tunnels and rails in order to transport passengers between the concourses, but there have been rumblings that say there are a large number of tunnels even further below the rail tunnels. These tunnels are said to be used by members of the New World Order and government officials, and stretch all the way to various Air Force Bases. Since during the construction of the airport, design changes were frequent, as were the changes to the contractors and their construction teams, people think it’s possible this was done so workers would never be able to get a true sense of the final design underground.

4 – The Killer Blue Mustang

Along the main boulevard by the airport, you will find a thirty-two feet bright blue statue of a horse; with is bright color, intimidating size, and red illuminated piercing eyes, it has been nicknamed ‘Blucifer’ by locals. Not only does it create a rather creepy atmosphere with its presence, but its creator Luis Jiménez was killed before he could complete it when one of the sections fell and crushed him one night in his studio. Family members and people who worked with Jiménez went on to complete the statue, but the mustang has not been well received by members of the public since its assembly.

5 – The Underground Bunkers

Like with the tunnels, it is widely believe there are secret bunkers under parts of the airport. This theory started when a construction worker stated that the delay of the construction on the airport, especially in the early stages, was because bunkers and buildings were being built underground, before the actual airport was worked on. It is true, there were indeed multiple delays during the building of the airport, with the opening date being pushed back several times, combine this with the vast amount of money spent on who knows what, and it does make you wonder if time and funds were being used for things other than airport matters.

6 – The Dedication Stone

As is usual practice, a dedication stone has been put in place in the airport, one that has been put over a time capsule (maybe we could open that early and get some answers), but it is what has been written on the stone that raises suspicions. Firstly, a symbol of the Freemasons has been included, the compass image with the ‘G’ in the center is indeed a masonic symbol, and the Freemasons are well known to be shrouded in mystery with their members and what they do remaining unknown, so why is their symbol on the dedication stone? Secondly, at the bottom of the stone is a group called ‘New World Airport Commission’ who is credited with funding the airport. This organization doesn’t exist. Granted their contributors below do exist, so why include a non-existent New World Airport Commission if you are trying to play down people’s concerns that the New World Order is involved?

7 – The Artwork

All around the airport you will find many pieces of art and various murals, but they are not all for the faint-hearted. There are several questionable pieces that have words like ‘love’ and ‘peace’ in their titles, but on inspection, are actually quite terrifying. They depict death and destruction, Nazi’s soldiers, remnants of war, children being followed by men with guns, animals that have been killed; are they trying to show a world that has been taken over by a higher power? Whatever the true meaning behind the art, one thing for sure that it is hard to understand why city officials thought art work showing such apocalyptic scenes would be appropriate for an airport setting, it is really quite unexplained why this art was selected, or why after so many people started questioning what they genuinely mean, why none of them have been replaced.

Denver International Airport is seriously huge, and you can easily spend a couple of hours exploring the terminals looking for clues and signs, but if you do decide to have a look around, be careful, there have been plenty of rumors of strange happenings, and you never know what you might stumble across. If you’re flying out of DIA and need Denver airport parking, we got you covered!

Best Michelin Star Restaurants Near Denver, Colorado

Michelin Star Restaurants are the hallmark of fine dining. They boast of highly palatable dishes prepared with the freshest ingredients. Here is a rundown of the best Michelin Star Restaurants near Denver CO.


Sahara restaurant serves authentic Moroccan and Lebanese cuisines to customers in Denver. Their exquisite menu consists of appetizers, entrees, and salads. Some of the common dishes include salmon and shrimp, chicken tagine, and other seafood. All meat and entrees are served with saffron rice and sauce. Keep in mind that the menu keeps changing, so you’ll always find something new. For more than two decades, this eatery has been serving Middle Eastern Foods. When it comes to the décor, Sahara restaurant will exceed your expectations. http://moroccanfooddenver.com/Sahara-Restaurant-about.htm


Fruition restaurant is perennially honored as one of the top restaurants in Denver. Every dish is prepared with simplicity and features the freshest ingredients. Once you place your order, Chef Alex will prepare seasonally-inspired dishes with inherent flavors. The menu consists of starters and main courses. At any given time, you’ll find dishes like duck breast, grilled steak, and chicken roulade. And depending on your preference, you can enjoy your favorite American cuisine in a casual dining atmosphere. You can also have a taste of the local wine and handcrafted cocktails. http://www.fruitionrestaurant.com/

Sushi Den

Sushi Den is a restaurant in Denver popular for Japanese-inspired cuisines. Beyond the traditional rolls, you can enjoy other dishes prepared to perfection. The finger-licking sauces are topped with secret ingredients, so you’ll keep coming for more. What makes Sushi Den unique is that it serves foods prepared to perfection. If you’re dining alone or with colleagues, there are plenty of options to choose from. During the happy hour, you can try Sushi rolls, wines, beer, and cocktails. On special occasions, the restaurant offers catering services at pocket-friendly prices. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday, or casual get-together, you can be sure the eatery will meet your expectations. https://www.sushiden.net/our-menu/


Beckon is a great Michelin Star restaurant where you can have an exceptional dining experience. The multi-course tasting menu changing seasonally, so you’ll find something new in every visit. Explore the traditional cooking techniques influenced by America and distinctive European regions. Unlike other restaurants in Denver, every dish comes with wine. The menu consists of five dishes, snacks, and desserts. During the dinner, you can eat Colorado trout, monkfish, quail, rhubarb, and variety of soups. Another distinctive feature about this restaurant is that no single ingredient is repeated in the meals. When it comes to drinks, you can try the local wines and cocktails – it’s a temptation you can’t resist. If you love traditional meals, the competent team will make everything you order. Since the seats are few, you should make your reservations early. https://www.beckon-denver.com/


This is a family-friendly restaurant that offers contemporary American Cuisines, hand-picked artisan wines, beers, and cocktails. Acorn’s inspiration comes from the oak-fired oven and grill. Guests can choose their favorite cuisines from the ever-changing menu. The lunch menu consists of Candied Pecans, Pork Rinds, kale and apple salad, red shrimp, Monkfish, Fried chicken, and more. This restaurant has an open kitchen where you can place an order to professional chefs. Alternatively, you can sit in the mezzanine table overlooking the main dining room. http://www.denveracorn.com/

Without a doubt, the above restaurants will surely satiate the buds of all food lovers.

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7 Reasons To Travel To Denver This Summer

Denver is known as the Mile High City, and indeed, the sky’s the limit when it comes to Denver’s numerous attractions!

From new, exciting food hot spots to outdoor pursuits to literary pilgrimages, there are hundreds of reasons to climb up to the city in the middle of the High Plains.

Here are seven of the best reasons to visit Denver this summer.

1. Rock At Red Rocks Amphitheatre –There will be over 130 concerts in Denver this summer, with the epicenter of the city’s music scene, the Red Rocks Amphitheatre, hosting acts as diverse as Dave Chapelle and Jon Stewart, Tenacious D, Colorado natives OneRepublic, Lionel Richie, Peter Frampton, Billie Eilish, My Morning Jacket, and The String Cheese Incident. If you’d rather stretch out and relax as the sun rises, the amphitheatre also hosts Yoga On The Rocks on Saturday mornings until mid-August.

2. Cherry Creek –Denver is known for its very active outdoor lifestyle, and its numerous parks and bike trails in neighborhoods like Cherry Creek are great places for running and hiking. Cherry Creek Reservoir, south of Denver, is the end-point of an 11.2-mile trail that runs south from Confluence Park in Denver’s LoDo district. The reservoir itself has a sandy swimming beach, camping facilities, and boat docks.

3. Denver’s Union Station is a fully-operational train station that features classic Beaux Arts architecture. It serves as the city’s link to California and Illinois through the Amtrak and is the terminus of the various city trains that serve the Denver-Aurora metropolitan area.

However, people now flock to Union Station for the food and drink. The Terminal Bar, built in the center of the station, offers an extensive collection of local beers. Mercantile Dining & Provisions, on the other hand, features local produce, including braised lamb Bolognese served with gnocchi.

4. The Denver Broncos are three seasons removed from winning Super Bowl 50 and wins have been hard to come by in the past two seasons, but that hasn’t stopped the city’s football fans from packing Broncos Stadium at Mile High. The Broncos rank fifth in the NFL in terms of average home game attendance, with more than 76,000 fans filling the stadium on game day. The stadium also has its own unique noise, called the “Mile High Thunder”, caused by fans stamping their feet on the steel floors.

5. Great American Beer Festival – Beer lovers should not miss the Great American Beer Festival, which often takes place in September. Over 600 breweries from all over the U.S. will have 3,000 beers on tap. If you don’t like crowds, perhaps you might want to join the 20-brewery Denver Beer Trail, featuring local breweries, including Coors and Wynkoop. In 2015 alone, 16 breweries opened in the city, which means Denver’s reputation as the craft beer capital of the world isn’t going away any time soon.

6. Larimer Square – Fans of literature will remember Denver as the setting for many of the Beat Generation’s shenanigans. Larimer Square, where Denver native Neal Cassady made his start as a literary legend, is no longer the run-down, bohemian hotspot it was when Jack Kerouac first met him, but landmarks like My Brother’s Bar, where Cassady, Kerouac, and Allen Ginsberg used to eat and drink, still retain much of their old charm. In fact, the waiters might tell you that Kerouac himself sat on one of the existing bar stools. By the pay phone lies a letter written by Cassady to a friend, asking the latter to pick up his tab while he was doing his time.

7. Downtown Aquarium –Because of its location at the foothills of the Rockies, you wouldn’t think Denver would have a large aquarium of its own. Yet it does! The Downtown Aquarium is the largest aquarium between Chicago and California. It houses more than 500 species of fish and other aquatic life, including horseshoe crabs, sting rays, desert pupfish, and sea otters. In addition to marine life, the Downtown Aquarium also takes care of endangered Sumatran tigers.

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Where To Eat And Drink At Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport is home to passenger planes, travelers and believe it or not, gastronomic delights!

Hungry for food or thirsting for that alcoholic beverage? Here’s where to eat and drink at Denver International Airport:

1. Boulder Beer Tap House

Sample great beer without even having to pass through security at the Boulder Beer Tap House. It’s Colorado’s first microbrewery, and the list of drinks is long and tasty. Take your pick from standard drinks, or go for seasonal picks such as the Bump n’ Rind Watermelon Kolsch or the Shake Chocolate Porter. But what’s a tap station without the munchies Thankfully, sandwiches, chili and sliders are available and serve as great companions for your drink.

2. Smashburger

Smashburger took DIA and the world by storm by setting up burger joints inside airports. Take a beeline and head straight to Smashburger if you’re craving for premium chicken sandwiches, juicy burgers and fresh salads and sides at the Concourse C. There’s also one located in Terminal B if you’re near the area. The chain also offers adult beverages, including fine wine and local beer.

3. Root Down DIA

Root Down is arguably the hippest place in the whole DIA, which makes it a favorite hangout for those who want to experience good food along with a fantastic atmosphere and lively vibe. Freshness is top-notch as the restaurant boasts farm-to-fork dining and a Certified Green award. Take your pick at the varied menu and pair it up with top-shelf cocktails and a massive beer list. Don’t forget to set an alarm as time goes by at the speed of light when you’re enjoying yourself at the Root Down in Concourse C.

4. New Belgium Hub

New Belgium Hub is a sit-down watering hole with plenty of drinks and a welcoming ambiance to match. Order up snack staples such as buffalo wings, sandwiches or eat a full meal with a mix-and-match rice bowl menu, then kick back with your drink of choice and relax at the end of a hard day. It’s a beer lover’s paradise and one of the best craft breweries in all of Colorado. You can peruse the full bar, take a peek at the wine list or go on a satisfying draft journey before heading to your destination.

5. Elway’s

Get a taste of Colorado’s finest foods when you sit down and eat at Elways, located at Concourse B. The chophouse is neat and there’s a variety of food choices, including the usual salads, soup and burgers as well as specialty seafood and hand-cut steaks. Visiting Elway’s is best done if you have plenty of time to spare in order to fully enjoy the delicious meals paired with signature cocktails or fine wine.

6. Tapas Sky Bar

Tapas Sky Bar is set in a warm, vibrant atmosphere where people of all walks of life gather. Eat satisfying food such as specialty sandwiches, appetizers and cheese platters with friends or family, or take on the wine bar and brewery and try the wines, original cocktails or Colorado-brewed beer. Relax, down some brewskies and enjoy the hustle and bustle of people walking by.

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