Where to see Christmas Lights in Denver, CO

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Denver. A gorgeous city that is known as the “Mile High City” due to the city’s high elevation. Denver is also known for its three hundred days of sunshine, its large downtown area, its massive array of parks, and walkability. The city of Denver is a city that exudes liveliness! During the Christmas season, enjoying the different displays of Christmas lights is something that everyone enjoys! With this being said, Denver boasts multiple options to feast your eyes on one of the season’s most popular things to do, enjoying the pretty light displays of Christmas! Let’s explore what the city of Denver has to offer!

Downtown Denver

Strolling through downtown Denver is a great way to spend time during the rest of the year, but strolling through downtown Denver during the Christmas season is truly something special. Since 1935, the city of Denver has taken it upon itself to be decorated in Christmas lights from the paved streets and up to make a truly remarkable and stunning site. It is simply impossible to walk downtown without feeling the spirit of Christmas. Streets are covered in lights, trees are decorated, and the star of the show has to be the “Mile High Tree”. This massive tree is a seven-story tall tree that is covered with sixty thousand lights. You can even step inside of the tree! The Mile High Tree also features light shows and music that go on throughout each night. If you feel that you have lost the Christmas spirit, do yourself a favor and take a trip to Downtown Denver!

Cherry Creek North Winter Wanderland

Are you looking to visit a winter wonderland this Christmas season? Cherry Creek North has got you covered! Cherry Creek North’s Winter Wanderland sits under an enormous canopy with more than six hundred trees, decorated with around one million Christmas lights. As you walk through Winter Wanderland, there are eight different trees that play music that is synchronized with each tree’s lights. At these trees, guests can register for a chance to win a $1,000.00 shopping spree. Cherry Creek North’s Winter Wanderland also offers the “domino effect” which is an interactive art display that features 120 dominoes that are colored brightly, each with its very own sound.

Boulder’s Snow Much Fun

If you are looking for a lot to do during this Christmas Season in Denver, Boulder’s Snow Much Fun is the place to go. Boulder’s Snow Much Fun is located downtown at Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall and is decorated with thousands of Christmas lights and ornaments. The plaza features trees decorated in Christmas lights, a canopy of lights, and an “electric fountain”. Boulder’s Snow Much Fun features two hundred seventy-five thousand lights on display at the Let It Snow Playground at the Boulder Public Library. Explore the Candy Cane Forest at the Glen Huntington Bandshell like Buddy the Elf! There are also refreshments available, free train rides, caroling, and self-guided tours. Boulder’s Snow Much Fun captures the Christmas spirit!

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