Pet-Friendly Hotels Around Phoenix

Those of us with pets know it can be hard to travel. You have to arrange for a pet sitter, spend extra money paying them, stock up on food and supplies before you leave, and deal with guilt for leaving your furry friend behind.

One solution that works well for easy-going or adventurous is bringing them along with you! So, if you’re planning a trip to Phoenix and want to (or have to) bring your fur baby along for the ride, you’ll need accommodations that are pet-friendly. To give you a jumpstart, we’ve analyzed a few of the very best hotels and B&Bs in Phoenix that accept pets. All are highly rated and we’ve included a variety of options from budget-friendly to luxurious. Read on and choose the one that best serves your needs!

The Clarendon Hotel and Spa

If you’re a dog-owner looking for the cool factor, look no further than The Clarendon Hotel and Spa. The rooms are hip, featuring artwork that adds bright pops of color to the walls. The hotel takes traditional amenities and gives them a cool twist. For example, the pool is surrounded by colorful, stylish tile and cabanas for rent. There’s also an exclusive Skydeck where you can enjoy rooftop views of both the city skyline and the nearby mountains. Other perks that will take your stay to the next level are the Lazy Bee Spa and the on-site New Resident Restaurant. Dogs must be under 50 lbs. and there is a $25 pet fee/night.

Airbnb – Dog-Friendly Retreat

Traveling to Phoenix for a bachelor(ette) party or family reunion? If you need to host a large group of people and pets, book this full house in neighboring Scottsdale on Airbnb. This modern and spacious property has 4 bedrooms and can sleep up to 8 guests. There are two bathrooms, a full kitchen, and Wi-Fi is included. To make your stay extra fun, the backyard has a private, in-ground pool and a patio.

Airbnb – The Jewelbox

If you need a budget-friendly place to crash while passing through the city, this studio will exceed your expectations. For a small space, it packs a lot in – like a basic kitchenette, a desk, a tiny bar with stools, a large flat-screen TV, and a picnic table outside! Not only that, but the place is impeccably decorated in a glam style. Superhost Nora has earned an impressive 4.92 rating for the property due to her attention to detail as a host.

Arizona Biltmore, A Waldorf Astoria Resort

For a more luxurious stay, check yourself into the Arizona Biltmore. Located on 39-acres overlooking gardens and peaks, this high-end resort hotel boasts five pools, two golf courses, a spa, and four on-site restaurants. You can choose from a variety of rooms and suites – some even come with a patio and firepit. Pets are welcomed at the resort and will even receive a pet food menu to browse! There is a $100 non-refundable deposit and your pet’s weight must not exceed 50 lbs.

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What is open in Hudson Yards New York NY during the coronavirus?

Unfortunately, New York City was hit harder than most other places in the country, not just the residents, but businesses too. Because it can be hard to keep track of what is open and what isn’t during this time, we have put together a list of what is opening in Hudson Yards, NY, during the coronavirus. While we cannot list them all, we can give you a little insight into a few that are open, and how things have changed.


Vessel is an attraction for both tourists and residents; Vessel is an extraordinary centerpiece of Hudson Yards, with a building designed as a work of art. Inside, you will find restaurants, bars, and more than a hundred different stores to cover all your needs. There are also several sky decks offering the most incredible views of the city, and gardens. This project has brought so much life to the area, and it is the perfect place to spend a day. Social distancing and mask usage are in place.


The best part about florists being open, aside from the beautiful flowers, and stunning gifts on sale, is that you know you are supporting a small and local business, which goes a long way to supporting the community and enabling small business owners to weather this storm a little better. So, if you would like to support a local business, or need to brighten your home up with a fresh bouquet of flowers, then you have several choices in the area including Rachel Cho, and Floral Design Chelsea Florist.


With life slowly going back to normal, the hustle and bustle of the city is taking hold again, and people are getting back to their busy routines. The ideal pick me up for a busy or stressful day is your favorite coffee. A lot of the smaller cafes are still not open yet, but Starbucks is at least offering delivery or takeaway options with their usual extensive menu, dine-in is currently not an option so you cannot escape the city completely just yet.


For the best part of the year, one of the biggest adjustments people have had to make is cooking from home far more than usual. With so many restaurants being forced to close, ordering in or dining out was no longer than an option. However, things are picking back up, and a good amount of restaurants are now open. You should always call ahead and check that they are able to accommodate you as a number of places are only providing delivery or take out. Check out some of the best restaurants in Hudson Yards that are open now.

  • Estiatorio Milos
  • Mercado Little Spain
  • Milos Wine Bar
  • Electric Lemon
  • Hudson Yards Grill
  • Whitmans
  • Friedman’s
  • MAR
  • Nansense
  • Porteño

If you have any questions or doubts about businesses or rules and guidelines during this time as you navigate the city, then check out the city’s website where you can find official updates, more information, and contact numbers if necessary.

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Best Picnic Spots Near Minneapolis MN

Spending the day alone, with family, or with friends, in the sunshine with a big picnic is one of the best days you can have. There is nothing better than being outside with great company, great food, and a feeling of being among nature, and if you have a charming picnic area then the day won’t be beaten. Therefore, in the article below, we have compiled a list of the best picnic spots near Minneapolis, MN, so you can organize the perfect day out.


Hidden Falls Regional Park has to take the top spot in this area because its beauty provides the perfect backdrop for a picnic. You can choose to sprawl out in the open lawns, or unpack at one of the picnic booths, but both options will leave you surrounded with views of the Mississippi River, endless lines of trees, and luscious greenery. After your picnic, you can follow the hiking trails to get even better views and stop off at the hidden waterfalls along the way. Hidden Falls Regional Park isn’t just a place to stop on a lunch break, it’s a place to go for an adventure-filled day out.


Check out Wabun Picnic Area for great views of the Mississippi River as you tuck into your lunch. This area is spacious so there’s plenty of room to find a spot either on the grass or at one of the sheltered picnic tables. If you are going with kids they can roam free in the playgrounds, or in the wading pool. There are also walking paths for you to explore the whole park, and disc golf to keep you occupied. This park is packed with things to do during your summer picnic.


Boom Island Park gives you some of the best views of downtown Minneapolis in the whole city. There are several restaurants nearby which are popular spots to grab some takeaway food and set up a picnic here. There’s also a boating dock, and the river is open for a paddle or a walkthrough. There is no doubt that you can relax all day long in Boom Island Park and spend some time around the sights and sounds of nature and escape the hustle and bustle of the city.


Minnehaha Regional Park has nearly two hundred acres of walking paths, hiking trails, and open lawns. There are waterfalls, riverfront views, bike rentals, and picnic spots. It is one of the top places in Minneapolis for a picnic and is perfect for any group, and any ages. There is something for everyone to enjoy, and the scenery will take your breath away. What better way to have a picnic than in a place that is so beautiful and relaxing.

Minneapolis is bursting with hidden beauty, parks, waterfalls, trails, and picnic spots. There are so many to explore, so when the sun is shining, get out there for your next picnic and find your favorite.

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Cheap City Parking Near Me

Understandably, for many people, your car is your pride and joy, it is a symbol of your hard work and determination, and the last thing you want it to leave it somewhere unsafe. It doesn’t matter if you will be gone for only a few minutes, just a few seconds is all it takes for your car to be stolen or vandalized leaving you with a hefty bill.

You may think that leaving your car in a parking lot will ensure its safety, however, there are some signs you should look out for before you lock your doors and head off to do your shopping. Check out our list below of the top things to notice when choosing your parking lot, especially if you are using city parking.


Security cameras are one of the best ways of deterring someone from committing a criminal act, which is why the more cameras the parking lot has the safer you can feel. As a backup, if on the off-chance there are cameras but something still happens to your car, at least it will all be on tape which can then help the police in resolving the issue at hand.


Another great deterrent is if security guards are in the parking lot, these cause a big problem for anyone who is looking to smash your window to grab whatever is on your back seat, for example, as the knowledge that a guard is just around the corner means the risk of getting caught is often too high. Who better to keep one of your most prized possessions safe than a professional security guard, and of course, the more the better.


Gates are a good way of keeping things safe, it is why people have them around their houses, and why any good parking lot will have them around the perimeter. They make it harder for people who shouldn’t be there to enter, and the privacy they provide also stops certain people from feeling tempted about what they can see. As a bonus, gates also help prevent car accidents when you are leaving the lot as they help control the flow of traffic.


A well-lit parking lot is not a place that anyone who is up to no good wants to hang out in. The more lights there are, the easier people can see you, and the easier someone can be seen, the more likely it is that this lot will be safer as most perpetrators want to carry out their business under the cover of darkness, rather than a parking lot that is using something akin to floodlights to keep everyone vehicles secure.

Due to the costs involved in making sure the right security features are in place to keep as many customers happy as possible, the cost of city parking is on the rise – but here, we have the cheapest city parking bargains that everyone is looking for! We strive to offer you the cheapest daily rates in the city and take great pride in being able to give everyone the best deals in the area!

Where to Buy Souvenirs Near Brooklyn Heights NY

We all love to pick up some souvenirs from our vacations before we head back home, and we are here to help you do that with ease. Therefore, if you are near Brooklyn Heights, NY, and want to find the best souvenir stores before you leave, then check out our list below so you can get exactly what you need.

Gift Man

For more than thirty years, Gift Man has been thriving in the area and delighting locals and tourists alike with their range of gifts and souvenirs. From the expected such as hats, hoodies, and magnets, to the less expected like sports memorabilia and city replicas. This is a lovely independent store that does everything it can to make everyone feel welcome.

Address: 176 5th Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11217

b/t Degraw St & Sackett St

Park Slope

Regular Visitors

Open every day, Regular Visitors is unique in the sense that it is a souvenir store and a coffee shop rolled into one. Pop in here to escape the city noise and relax with a warm cup of coffee, then have a browse of their gifts and souvenirs before you head out again. This certainly makes a change to the usual format of souvenir shops and is a welcome break.

Address: 149 Smith St

Brooklyn, NY 11201

b/t Wyckoff St & Bergen St

Cobble Hill, Boerum Hill

NYC CityStore

This store is a little gem near City Hall and stocks every classic NY souvenir and gift that you can think of. From socks to hoodies, to key chains and magnets, you can find whatever you are looking for and more. This store is rather unique as it is the only official store in the whole city, but even though this is the case, the prices are just as reasonable as the unofficial stores around the city.

Address: 1 Centre St

North Plz

New York, NY 10007

Civic Center

Leo Bruce Hempell

This place is really rather special. The owner, Leo, sells his prints from his DUMBO street gallery. Where you will find spectacular art and other gifts, along with breathtaking views of Brooklyn Bridge. Not only are the products available wonderful, but the area adds to the charm, and it is one of the best spots in the city for the views. You can pass by and pick up the find art magnets and other relate items. The owner is very kind and patient and works hard every day to show the people of the city his work.

Address: 138 Cadman Plz E

Brooklyn, NY 11201

b/t Prospect St & Red Cross Pl


UNI 28

The store is well stocked with all Chinese decorations, very cute souvenirs, cards, and red envelopes, stationery and more. Whatever souvenir you are looking for they will have it, as well as a heap of other ideas for you to browse.

Address: 28 Bowery

New York, NY 10013

b/t Pell St & Bayard St


Always have a piece of this great city in your home with some of the city’s finest souvenirs!

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