The Best Travel Accessories to Make Your Next Trip More Comfortable

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Inside an airplane cabin with passengers.

Taking a trip is always an exciting time. Whether you’re going to a neighboring state or visiting another country, you want to make sure your trip is as stress-free as possible. Let’s face it, unless you’ve booked an airline ticket with seating in first class, your trip on an airplane might not be so comfortable. Lucky for you, here at On Air Parking, we’ve come up with a list of some of the must-have travel accessories you’ll need to make your next trip a bit more enjoyable. Read on to discover what’s hot. 

#1 Apple AirTags 

One of the biggest gambles when traveling is checking your baggage at the airport. Will your bag be put on the correct flight? Will someone else accidentally grab your bag at baggage claim? Will your bag simply be lost in some unknown land where lost baggage goes? A great way to combat this potentially disastrous situation is to attach Apple AirTags to your luggage. If you can’t seem to find your bags when you arrive at your destination, simply pull up the Find My app and track its location. You’ll be able to find out exactly where it is and be able to work on getting it back in a timely fashion. You can grab a 4 pack of these lifesavers at Walmart or Amazon

#2 Bose QuietComfort 45 Bluetooth Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones 

Sometimes being cramped on a “cozy” airplane can come with a lot of noise. Depending on the size of the airplane, you could be traveling with 100 other passengers or more. Sometimes some of those passengers are tiny toddlers or babies who might spend the flight upset and screaming or crying. Other times the people in your row may be loud talkers. Either way, you don’t want your in flight movie or music jam session interrupted. The Bose QuietComfort 45 Bluetooth Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones takes care of the problem for you. With up to 22 hours of battery life, you’ll be able to enjoy your entertainment distraction-free for the duration of your flight. 

#3 Infinity Pillow Travel Pillow 

Let’s be honest: no one really wants to use one of the pillows that are already on the airplane. It’s best to bring your own when you travel to save yourself from wondering if the airline pillows are truly clean. Whether your flight is a short domestic flight or a long international haul, you may want to catch a nap. While it’s not ideal to sleep on an airplane, the Infinity Pillow makes it a bit more possible. This flexible pillow allows you to twist and wrap it to fit with any space you’re in. Its small, bendy design means that you can pack it virtually anywhere.

#4 Universal Travel Power Adapter 

Not much is worse than traveling internationally and then discovering you can’t plug in any of your devices. A universal travel power adapter can save the day! The Epicka all-in-one adapter includes plugs that cover over 150 different countries. You won’t have to worry if you’re stuck in the airport in a different country and are in need of a power outlet. There are a variety of options available and these handy items can be found anywhere from Walmart to Amazon or even Best Buy. Check the details before purchasing as some adapters won’t accommodate larger voltage items such as hair dryers or curling irons. 

#5 Manta Sleep Mask 

Getting some sleep on an overnight flight can be tough. Not everyone wants the overhead light turned off and it can be difficult to relax and rest with a light shining in your face. Upgrade your sleep experience while traveling with the Mantra Sleep Mask. Equipped with Bluetooth headphones, you can listen to your music while blocking out the world. The material is perforated for optimal ventilation and comfort. This sleep mask completely blocks out light while not pressing into your eyes. 

#6 Mark & Graham Jewelry Case 

If you like to accessorize, chances are you’ll be traveling with a variety of jewelry. Never lose your favorite bracelet again by grabbing one of these Mark & Graham travel jewelry cases. Cases are small and compact enough to slide into your suitcase or your carry on bag. Cases are fully customizable, allowing you to choose your design and monogram to personalize the case and truly make it your own. 

#7 Amazon Kindle E-Reader 

If you want to pass the time by reading on the airplane, you can only take so many physical books with you. Grab an Amazon Kindle E-Reader and take enough books along to fill a library. Thin and lightweight, this e-reader will allow you to slide it right into your carry on bag and won’t add a ton of extra weight. 

#8 Airplane Footrest 

Sitting on a plane for hours can cause your feet and ankles to swell and your back to ache. The small space between seats doesn’t exactly allow for you to recline as you would at home. When you arrive at your destination, you want to enjoy yourself, not deal with swollen, achy feet. Using this handy Airplane Footrest will solve some of your problems. Simply wrap the strap around the tray on the seat in front of you and adjust to your desired length. Slide your feet into your new foot hammock and take some pressure off of your lower back while keeping your feet elevated, lessening the chance of swelling. This practical accessory is sure to increase your comfort level on any flight.

#9 BlueHills Travel Blanket 

The temperature on an airplane is never perfect for everyone. It’s either too hot or too cold. You’ll definitely want to be prepared for either scenario. If you’re a person who tends to get a chill, consider the BlueHills Travel Blanket. With its cozy and soft material, this blanket is the perfect accessory to help any traveler stay snug and warm. The blanket folds nicely and comes with a plush carrying case, which can double as a pillow if you decide you don’t need a blanket. But won’t that mean something extra to keep track of as you hustle through security to your gate? The short answer is no. The carrying case also includes a convenient luggage clip, which will attach to your rolling suitcase or garment bag. It also comes with a heavy duty backpack clip to attach for easy and worry-free transport. 

#10 Portable Charger 

These days cell phones are an item most can’t live without. What happens when you need to catch up on some work emails, but your laptop battery is low? Or maybe you’re ready to play some games on your phone or entertain your child with a movie on the iPad only to find that the batteries are completely drained. That’s where the Mophie Powerstation XXL comes in. This portable power bank will save the day every time. Featuring lightning fast charging, this power bank can charge up to 3 devices at once. Small and lightweight, it easily fits into virtually any bag and eliminates the need to travel with several different chargers. 

The Takeaway 

Planning for any trip can be a challenge and you want to make sure you have everything you need to set yourself up for success. Maybe you’re traveling for an important business meeting and need to be alert when you arrive. With accessories such as a cozy blanket or comfortable neck pillow, you’re sure to get to your destination rested and refreshed and ready for adventure. All of the products mentioned here can easily be found at any one of the popular shopping spots such as Walmart, Best Buy or the ultra convenient Amazon. With reasonable price points, these top notch accessories won’t break the bank and are worth every penny.

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