Our Favorite Places to Sleep Under the Stars Around Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN

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The Twin Cities. If you will be here in this corner of the nation whether as a visitor, returnee, or local, you’ll be delighted to know they punch above their weight for events and activities here in Minneapolis. Year-round, with the growth of the area, the parties and celebrations here only grow more numerous and more broad in attendance, there’s something here for everyone. Read on for some of our favorite places to sleep under the stars and enjoy the great outdoors here around Minneapolis-St.Paul.

Minnehaha Falls

One of Minneapolis’s most breathtaking sights is Minnehaha Falls, a waterfall that draws crowds every year with its beauty and otherworldly atmosphere. Whether winter, spring, summer or fall, this is a worthwhile attraction year-round to escape the bustle of the city and be spirited away in this local favorite. While the falls are quite beautiful during the day, a trip to the falls in the winter makes for an exceptional backdrop, or photo in itself. 

Afton State Park

Hiking, horseback riding, skiing, swimming, biking, wildlife photography, and birdwatching are just some of the things visitors can do here at Afton State Park. Here, from traditional camping to with a Recreational Vehicle/Camper or even in one of the local camper cabins (or a yurt!) there are a number of lodging options to enjoy the Minnesota wilderness. Oak savannas, a wooded trail, and a river valley are your setting for outdoors recreation and stargazing under the wide Minnesota night sky. For larger groups, there is also the group campsites, of note for those family reunions and much larger parties.

Wild River State Park

Visitors who wish to enjoy thick forests in beautiful season variation and lose themselves in the Minnesota nature need not look farther than Wild River State Park, complete with winding trails, plenty of picturesque spots and a variety of scenery. As for lodging, a number of well equipped guesthouses are also an option for those packing light or for those who wish to enjoy the outdoors with the amenities of home. 

Lake Maria State Park

One of Minnesota’s last remnants of ancient, thick woods, Lake Maria State Park is our last and most proud entry on the list, easily accessible from Minneapolis and a truly stunning destination. Some fourteen miles of trails open to horseback riding,  and are equipped with indoor picnicking areas, restrooms, outdoors ice rinks, cross country skiing areas, fire rings, fishing piers, and boat ramps. Visitors can enjoy a wide selection of outdoors activities year-round here at this beautiful location. 

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