Mother’s Day Around Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN

Mother’s Day Around Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN

The Twin Cities. If you will be here in this corner of the nation whether as a visitor, returnee or local, you’ll be delighted to know they punch above their weight for events and activities here in Minneapolis. Year-round, with the growth of the area, the parties and celebrations here only grow more numerous and more broad in attendance, there’s something here for everyone. Read on for some of our favorite ways to celebrate Mother’s Day here around Minneapolis-St.Paul.

Salsa Dance Lessons at Midtown Global Market

A great family friendly activity for mother-son, father-daughter and families alike, the free Sunday morning salsa dance lessons at the Midtown Global Market instructed by formidable Rene Thompson are a great way to add some excitement, daring and a unique flair to your Mother’s Day! Try out something new and thrilling in this beginner friendly series, and make this Mother’s Day in Minneapolis a memorable one, sure to spark conversation and add smiles and laughs to any travel albums or itineraries.

Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden and Bird Sanctuary

Enjoy the May sunshine and full bloom in the Minneapolis outdoors at stunning Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden and Bird Sanctuary, a great location for family photos and a relaxing family getaway for Mother’s Day. If Mom wants to get out, take pictures and enjoy the colors of nature and spring bloom with the family during Mother’s Day, this is a tranquil and gorgeous location to do so. 

Como Park Conservatory

To be one of Minneapolis’s most versatile and celebrated gardens is not an easy task, and this is one Como Park Conservatory excels at! Here, visitors can enjoy a variety of gardens and exhibits, bountiful footpaths, gardens, intricate greenhouses, and so much more with your visit to the Como Park Conservatory. This Mother’s Day will highlight the bonsai collection in particular, a great experience for families to learn and tour the beautiful colors of Como Park Conservatory. In addition, the zoo and park also make for flexibility with family plans and other items on an itinerary.

Dining around Minneapolis

Of course, this being Mother’s Day, we haven’t forgotten the most iconic institution of the holiday: brunch! Or tea, or dinner…or all three. If you’ll take Mom out on the town and spoil her to her favorite cuisines and dishes, Minneapolis is a city so rich in talented chefs and upscale kitchens that you’ll be spoiled for choices. Fhima Minneapolis offers an eclectic menu of classics such as giant waffles and strawberries, to Lobster Benedict, Moroccan lamb or Shakshuka, while Jax Cafe offers a wide variety of European-American pastry favorites and sweet treats. The Copper Hen is a more family friendly venue, the highlight being their mouthwatering potato dishes.

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