Spa Retreats in Minneapolis, MN

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Minneapolis. A beautiful city known for being the most populous city in Minnesota, its beautiful skyscrapers, exciting nightlife, famous sports teams, and its wide array of things to do, the city of Minneapolis is a city that exudes excitement! A wonderful idea after a long day of exploring any city would be ending your day with a luxury spa retreat. With that being said, the city of Minneapolis offers numerous places to refresh and rejuvenate yourself! Let’s explore the city of Minneapolis and find out the best spa resorts that you should check out! 

Ambiance Spa & Salon 

If you are looking for a full service spa during your spa retreat in Minneapolis, Ambiance Spa & Salon is a great option! The wonderful thing that Ambiance Spa & Salon provides is that it not only provides guests with serenity and relaxation but guests can also book hair appointments and take care of all of their cosmetic needs. Ambiance Spa & Salon specializes in wedding and event services that allows guests to look their best for their big day. These services include haircuts, specialized hair treatments, aromatherapy, body waxing, and nail care. Guests can also have confidence in the Ambiance Spa & Salon services because the Ambiance only hires professionals who are always working to gain more skill in their craft. All of these professionals perform individualized care for a more personal experience and stay compliant with all of the industry’s standards. Ambiance Spa & Salon also offers a boutique gift shop and is the perfect way to end

your appointment before you walk out the door. Whether you are looking to find peace and enjoy a wonderful massage or facial or if you are looking to get your hair done for an important event, Ambiance Salon and Spa is your one-stop shop for all of your body’s needs. 

Aurora Spa 

When looking to rejuvenate your skin in Minneapolis, Aurora Spa is the place for you! Aurora Spa is a spa located in the city of Minneapolis and is highly focused on skin care. Aurora Spa not only provides therapies and treatments that will leave you with supple skin, but also natural skin care products that will allow guests to take the spa home with them! In regards to treatments, there are many, such as, facials that will leave you glowing, facelifts, and face peels. Aurora Spa also offers body care treatments such as cellulite reduction and sauna therapy. The owner of the Aurora Spa is highly educated in the art of skin care ensuring guests that they are getting the best treatments for their skin. Book your appointment with Aurora Spa and leave with supple skin and products to bring the spa home! 

Relax Massage

After having a long day out exploring the city of Minneapolis, the perfect thing to relax your body is getting a massage and the perfect spot for a proper massage is Relax Massage. Relax Massage is a spa that specializes in massages. With many different kinds of massage treatments, Relax Massage spa has something to satisfy everyone’s needs. Book your appointment with Relax Massage to soothe your muscles and your mind! 

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