Best Places to Take Pictures around Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN

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The Twin Cities. If you will be here in this corner of the nation whether as a visitor, returnee or local, you’ll be delighted to know they punch above their weight for events and activities here in Minneapolis. Year-round, with the growth of the area, the parties and celebrations here only grow more numerous and more broad in attendance, there’s something here for everyone. Read on for some of our favorite places to take pictures here around Minneapolis-St.Paul.

 Cherry and The Spoon

This eye-catching installation is as unique as it is jarring, sure to spice up any albums or social media feeds! This is a giant bent spoon with a bright red cherry on top, and is both a suitable subject on its own or as a fun addition to any pictures, group or solo. The stem pointing towards the sky is not any coincidence, either, providing a fun photo-opportunity a la Leaning Tower of Pisa! 

Foshay Observation Deck

For a good view over the twin cities, look no further than the observation deck at the Foshay Tower, historically one of the tallest buildings in all of the Midwest! This is a great addition to any travel itineraries to admire the cityscape of the twin cities, do cityscape photography and is both a solid attraction on its own as it is a stunning backdrop! 

Minnehaha Falls

One of Minneapolis’s most breathtaking sights is Minnehaha Falls, a waterfall that draws crowds every year with its beauty and otherworldly atmosphere. Whether winter, spring, summer or autumn, this is a worthwhile attraction year-round to escape the bustle of the city, and be spirited away in this local favorite. While the falls are quite beautiful during the day, a trip to the falls in the winter makes for an exceptional backdrop, or photo in itself. 

Como Park Conservatory

To be one of Minneapolis’s most versatile and celebrated gardens is not an easy task, and this is one Como Park Conservatory excels at! Here, visitors can enjoy a variety of backgrounds for all sorts of photography projects, formal or casual, group or couple or solo, nature photography or portraits. Bountiful footpaths, gardens, intricate greenhouses and so much more are among your selection of backdrops with your visit to the Como Park Conservatory. 

Amber Box

Another attraction offering views high up over Minneapolis, but also a worthy subject in itself, is the Amber Box! This is an attraction much like the Foshay Observation Deck, but with a twist, including a striking amber tint to the glass around this box. This is also a part of the larger Guthrie Theatre, one of Minneapolis’ biggest venues for arts and culture, something to consider for those visitors interested in the arts.

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