Sustainable Travel in Saint Paul, Minneapolis

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Where culture meets beauty. The city of Saint Paul Minneapolis understands how to have a balance of modernism and simplicity by keeping the city green with plants and busy with buildings and people. With water all around the city coming from the Mississippi River, thirteen lakes, wetlands, and waterfalls it is no wonder Minneapolis has the best park systems in the nation. A city of true splendor. The city is very influenced by the beauty that surrounds it and it is our job when visiting to keep it thriving. There are plenty of green choices to choose from when in Saint Paul Minneapolis. Over 180 green lush parks and recreational paths to take to the endless natural beauty that surrounds the city. Not only does the city offer amazing opportunities for nature events, but it also has many businesses within the city that make a difference in the world by using eco-friendly methods of operating. Sustainable travel is not difficult at all in Saint Paul because the community understands very well their role in keeping their land green and alive. Let us do our part and keep Saint Paul alive and well by planning our trip with some amazing green events and eco-conscious choices. Here in this article, we will be listing a few of the many options there are to sustainably travel in Saint Paul Minneapolis. Feel free to follow the links below and plan your events. 

Green Parks and No Worries

It is only appropriate that our first task on the agenda is to visit all the amazing parks we can while in the city of Saint Paul. As listed above the city is surrounded by natural water sources, so the parks in this city are some of the most beautiful and greenest in the nation. For a picnic date, walk, jog, bike ride, or simple relaxation event going to any of these parks will be sure to fulfill your eco-friendly needs. To go to Saint Paul and not visit any of these parks is a true disservice to yourself and the city. Give back to Saint Paul by simply giving your time and appreciation by visiting these parks. With our appreciation, we are supporting the conservation of green lands and showing the city that it is very important that they do everything in their power to maintain their natural beauty. 

Here are some of the amazing parks you must visit while touring around Saint Paul. Feel free to follow the links provided below each park to find out more information.

Rice Park

Located in the center of downtown Saint Paul and surrounded by the beauty of the city and culture is the amazing Rice Park. In the park, you will find tons of Charlie Brown sculptures that are placed throughout the park and encourage all visitors to indulge in their childhood dreams. Enjoy the green trees and still be connected to the beauty of the modern city that surrounds it. This destination is perfect for sustainable travel and the sculptures around the park allow us some great picture opportunities. Feel free to check out the link below to plan your visit to Rice Park.

Como Park Zoo and Conservatory

Como Park Zoo and Conservatory is much more than a park and zoo. The zoo is run by staff that takes their role in the conservation of the planet and animals they house very seriously. With recycling options all around the park, options for visitors to donate to further the park’s ability to maintain their conservation impact, and education for visitors on how they can do their part in keeping wildlife all around the world thriving, this park is truly a beautiful and inspiring destination. The zoo is full of plant and animal life that inspires us to keep our planet green and alive. For more information about the park please follow the link below.

Como Lakeside Pavilion

Want a chance to see nature from the water? Rent kayaks or paddle boards and enjoy the green views from the water of Como Lakeside Pavilion. While traversing the waters make sure to stop by the amazing restaurant Dock and Paddle where you can refuel your energy and get back to adventuring around the great park. For more information about the park and restaurant please follow the links below.

Eco-friendly planning and sustainable travel tricks don’t always have to be so difficult and thought out. Take a simple route of sustainable travel and visit any of these parks to give back to the planet and city.

Sustainable, Locally Sourced, and Green Restaurants in Saint Paul

Our next task on the agenda of sustainable travel tips for Saint Paul is to find restaurants and eateries that not only serve great food but also operate at a higher level for the sake of their community and planet. Here is a list of great food options that allow you to be healthy and support local businesses that keep the community and environment healthy. 

Red Stag Supperclub

A restaurant that conserves energy by using LED lights, protects the environment by recycling and composting, and locally-sourced their food. If you are seeking quality food that ranges from salads, soups, grilled meats, and amazing desserts then this is the destination for you. Not only do you get to enjoy wholesome food, but you also get to enjoy the fact that you are supporting a business that supports sustainable tactics of operating. For more information, please follow the link below.

Brasa Premium Rotisserie 

Locally-sourced, organic, and ultimately delicious. There is no better place in Saint Paul to grab some amazing sandwiches and enjoy the flavors of the city. Support the business that supports its local farmers. For more information, please follow the link below.

The city of Saint Paul is full of options for sustainable travel. From endless options for park adventures that reconnect you to the natural beauty of the planet to sustainable eateries that make amazing food and support the growth of their environment and community. Traveling green has never been easier. Make sure to ask around fellow tourists when visiting these destinations and ask if they know of any other sustainable travel events to plan out when in Saint Paul. Travel green and travel with the world’s health in mind. 

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