Flower Gardens in Minneapolis, MN

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Minneapolis. A beautiful city known for being the most populous city in Minnesota, its beautiful skyscrapers, exciting nightlife, famous sports teams, and its wide array of things to do, the city of Minneapolis is a city that exudes excitement! A wonderful idea while you are exploring the city during the seasons of spring and summer is escaping the urban environment and surrounding yourself with the beautiful colors and smells of the season by visiting the city’s flower gardens. With that being said, the city of Minneapolis offers numerous garden centers that will help you make a seamless transition into the warmer seasons of the year. Let’s explore the city of Minneapolis and find out the best flower gardens that you should check out. 

Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden 

If you are looking for a flower garden that will take your breath away when spending time in the city of Minneapolis, the Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden is a winner. The Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden is located in the heart of Minneapolis and sits on fifteen acres of beautiful land. The Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden will have you feeling refreshed as soon as you walk through its gates, with an abundance of wildflowers that will grab your attention as soon as you set foot in the garden, plants that are native to the area, and prairie flowers. When strolling through the Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden, be on the lookout for the majestic birds that reside there and if you are feeling up for the challenge, see if you can spot all of the different species of birds that are said to reside there. If you spot all the different species, you should end with a number of around 130 different species of birds! The garden also offers a gift shop so you can pick out a souvenir that will serve to remind you of the memories made here. Be sure to stop by the Wirth Lake and Chalet and grab a snack and drink to refresh yourself after long walks through the vast Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden. 


Minnesota Landscape Arboretum 

If you are looking for one of the top tier botanical gardens in the United States, the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum is the place for you! The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum is Minnesota’s pride and joy and also was rated the number one botanical garden in the year of 2019 by USA Today Readers Choice. The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum is a complete oasis of nature, boasting 1200 acres of gardens, woodlands, prairies, and multiple trails. The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum boasts two world class gardens, the Chinese Garden of Harmonious Beauty, and the Harrison Sculpture Garden. The Chinese Garden of Harmonious Beauty features ponds, gorgeous Chinese themed gardens, and massive rocks that are from the Qinling Mountains in China. The Harrison Sculpture Garden features twenty three different sculptures from artists from around the world and boasts rolling hills and groves of trees. When in Minneapolis, you would be doing yourself a disservice by not visiting this beautiful, world renowned garden, so be sure to devote some time and experience one of the most beautiful and vast gardens in the United States and world.


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