Luxurious Experiences in Oakland, California

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Oakland, California is situated within the great city of San Francisco. Home to some beautiful city life, amazing views of the water, divine restaurants, and hotels that exceed all expectations. Your travels have brought you to one of the greatest cities in California and now it is time to make sure your travels are full of luxury experiences. No more settling for less. In this article we will be exploring the wonderful city of Oakland and finding some of the most luxurious experiences the city has to offer. From booking a hotel that offers luxury and comfort all in one, finding restaurants that provide delectable foods and unforgettable ambiance, and planning some luxury events that will upgrade the whole experience. Make sure to pack some nice clothes because the last thing you would want is to be underdressed for the occasion. Travel with class and feel free to check out the links provided under each option to find pricing and availability. Let’s get started on your one stop shop for all things luxury in Oakland, California. 

Luxury Things to Do in Oakland, California

Our travels have brought us to the wonderful city of Oakland. Being a part of the great sunny state of California means this location will have plenty of luxurious events to plan and destinations to see. California is no stranger to tourism and due to this it has been home to some of the most luxurious accommodations the world knows. Sunset viewpoints that create everlasting memories, restaurants that serve high quality food and top-notch presentation both in the food and décor of the restaurant, and date ideas that will spark love and passion in couples that wish to live lavishly for the night. The options for luxury travel events are truly endless and here in this part of the article we will be listing all the top things to do when visiting Oakland, California. 

Sunset Viewpoints

Right outside of Oakland is the perfect viewpoint for one of the most romantic and luxurious sunsets you will ever have the pleasure to see. Best of all, this event is absolutely free of charge. In Berkley at the Lawrence Hall of Science you can sit above the city and hills. The sunset is stunning and there really is no better way to plan a simplistic luxury event in this town. Take the shuttle to the viewpoint and make sure to capture some unbelievable pictures to show your family and friends. To make the night even better make sure to pack some wine and blankets so you can lay on the grass as you sip wine with your significant other and watch the sunset. 

Blue Bottle Coffee

I’m sure you have seen this company all over the place. Blue Bottle has served as one of the nation’s top coffee brands and has been a top destination for caffeine lovers to travel to for many years now. Their Oakland location is gorgeous and there is really no better way of finding luxury coffee with an ambiance that radiates high class. Sip on flavors that elevate the coffee game and start the morning off with some luxury caffeine so that you can have the energy to find more luxurious things to do in the wonderful city of Oakland. 


Need a divine wine spot to wash away any and all stress? Looking for a destination to kick off the night with a couple of drinks to liven up the energy? Worry not because the Commis is the perfect destination that serves some of the best wine and cocktails in the city of Oakland. Whether you have a pretty date and want to be served some world class wines and drinks, or if you are with some friends and want to start the night off right with some luxury drinks. This destination is perfect for those searching for simplicity and divinity. Commis also serves some high-quality dishes that satisfy your taste buds every dream and desire. Located on 3859 Piedmont Ave. 

The Wolf

Located on 3853 Piedmont Ave. is the pristine and lavish restaurant called The Wolf. Looking for chefs that elevate the food game? Need some luxury eating experience while on your trip to Oakland? Or perhaps you are looking for the perfect destination to have a romantic dinner at? Whatever the case maybe make sure to visit this top eating destination while in the city of Oakland. Order the grilled 12oz Angus Ribeye Steak and pair that nicely with a bottle of champagne. 

Luxury Hotels in Oakland

Your travels to Oakland are now full of luxury events to plan and see, so now it is time to find a hotel that offers comfort and next level luxury all in one. No more settling for average hotel amenities, and now we start our journey to search for the best hotels in the area. Some of these hotels have spas that melt away any stress, restaurants in house that elevate the eating game, and room accommodations that you will never find anywhere else.  Make sure to follow the links provided to find pricing information and availability.

Mansion on Sutter 

A five-star hotel like none other located in San Francisco. An exterior that fits the name. A mansion like ambiance and building that has some of the most luxurious features you will ever have the pleasure to see. Art, culinary, and comfort have hit a whole other level here at the Mansion on Sutter, and you’d be doing yourself a huge disservice if you didn’t book a stay here. Each room holds so much unique art, furniture, and features that make every room look like a room in a palace somewhere across the world. Eat at one of their fine dining restaurants within the hotel and get to experience luxury on so many levels within just one hotel. There really is no hotel quite like this one. 

There you have it! Oakland is another beautiful city that resides in one of the most beautiful states in the country. The luxury options, events, and destinations are endless. Finding these luxury experiences has never been easier. You are just a few clicks away from securing one of the best travel experiences you will ever have. Treat yourself to the finer things this city has to offer and make sure to dress for the occasion because the last thing you would want is to be underdressed. 

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