Best Places to Take Pictures around Oakland, CA

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Oakland. This city continues to spearhead the dynamic pursuits and culture of the East Bay, producing famous additions to sport and music, as well as inspiring various subcultures. This energy is a year-round specialty of Oakland, and whether you may be a visitor, returnee or local, you’ll be pleased to know it is indeed something quite visible in the events around here. Read on for some of our favorite places to take pictures and capture memories here in Oakland, and get ready to explore!

University of California Botanical Garden

This is one of the more beautiful secrets of the East Bay, the Botanical Garden of the University of California, Berkeley campus! Here in this spacious and pretty campus is a garden that more than matches its surroundings, one of the most diverse plant collections in the nation providing walkways amid tall grasses, exotic trees and flowerbeds. This is a great natural backdrop for groups, couples and solo projects alike.

Joaquin Miller Park

This large open park features a variety of settings sure to inspire, great for both nature and wildlife photographers and those looking for verdant and wondrous backdrops. Here at Joaquin Miller Park, visitors will find enchanting forests, open fields, lush meadows and a diversity in natural beauty native to California, including famous redwood groves! Aside from the photo opportunities galore, this is also a good hiking trip in itself.

 Trestle Glen

One of California’s more celebrated settings is that of the early twentieth century garden suburb, mixing charming Western American architecture with bountiful greenery and wide footpaths. This is a great choice for those wanting a charming urban backdrop, for all sorts of cute casual projects.

Oakland Zoo

Snap a pic with some of the Bay Area’s most eccentric personalities, the residents of the Oakland Zoo! Here, visitors can catch selfies and cameos with chimpanzees, lions, siamangs, African elephants, camels, Bengal tigers, and sun bears! These are sure to spark conversation as addition to any albums, social media feeds or collages of your trip to Oakland and the East Bay! For those nature photographers, these animals also serve as great subjects on their own, and the footpaths and gardens around the zoo also provide for even more backdrops.

Oakland Food Hall

Sample the gastronomic wealth and diversity of the Bay Area throughout Oakland’s many eateries, one of which being the Oakland Food Hall! This is a great stop for all foodies and food instagrammers, as well as a solid stop for travelers who need to fuel up but can’t decide on what exactly to eat, with Chinese, Vegan, Jamaican, Peruvian, Malaysian, Indian, and more!

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