Our Favorite Things to Do on New Year’s Eve around Oakland, CA

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Oakland. This city continues to spearhead the dynamic pursuits and culture of the East Bay, producing famous additions to sport and music, as well as inspiring various subcultures. This energy is a year-round specialty of Oakland, and whether you may be a visitor, returnee or local, you’ll be pleased to know it is indeed something quite visible in the events around here. Read on for some of our favorite things to do on New Year’s Eve here in Oakland, and get ready to explore!

Chabot Space & Science Center’s Annual Balloon Drop Celebration

Families, groups, and travelers of all ages and interests will enjoy celebrating the New Year in this colorful and memorable spectacle, here at the iconic Chabot Space & Science Center. This staple of the East Bay gives back to it’s community every day with this family-friendly tradition, with multiple balloon drops of colorful, biodegradable balloons over visitors throughout the day! This is to both mark the start of the New Year in other time zones, and also provides a way to fit in the countdown without staying up until midnight, for those visitors who need to maintain a curfew. Aside from the drop itself, admission to Chabot’s exhibits on space exploration and the views over the Bay Area are also solid attractions to enjoy while in the area.

Dinner Cruise

Enjoy a number of Dinner Cruises, with dining and views over the Bay Area from this unique angle, and the sight of fireworks over the metro. This is a great way to see so much of the Bay Area and tour the waters while accounting for food. For photo opportunities, or as a flexible option for groups of varying ages and interest, a dinner cruise on the bay is a great option to consider for your New Year’s Eve plans. 


Comedy clubs, live music and dance, the number of countdown events over the Oakland area is hard to match, with visitors truly spoilt for choices. Enjoy a number of performing arts and party events at a number of venues, and look no further than the concentration of clubs in Oakland’s bustling downtown and throughout the Bay to start compiling your New Year’s Eve plans. 

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