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Oakland Airport Parking - Secure Parking with Free Shuttle, Free Cancellations

Oakland Airport Parking OAK

Are you searching for cheap parking near the Oakland Airport?

We offer guaranteed off airport parking near the Oakland Airport starting at $4.99/day*!

This is a great price for a great location at a licensed parking facility. Plus, we offer FREE cancellations and FREE shuttle service to help you get to the Oakland Airport quickly.


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***Prices start at $4.99. Holiday and extra inventory charges may apply***

Cheap Near Oakland Airport Parking

Getting to and from the Oakland Airport is stressful enough, with the heavy volume of cars and number of passengers running about their business.

That’s why we do our best to make the lives of our travelers easier, by offering them off airport parking locations near the Oakland Airport as cheap as possible. By cheap, we mean cheap!

You won’t find our Oakland Airport parking rate anywhere else. Starting at $4.99/day*, you can bid goodbye to your parking troubles at the Oakland Airport.

Whether you’re at the Oakland Airport every other week or once a year for that much needed vacation, our off Oakland Airport parking location is your best bet, and at affordable airport parking rates at that!


What's the address of your parking lot?
You should receive an e-mail within 10 minutes of your purchase with the address and name of the parking facility at which you'll be parking. If it's hard to pull up the address on your GPS or maps, we suggest checking out our partner facilities’ website (by Googling their name), or by calling their number provided in your reservation.

What is your cancellation policy?
We appreciate you giving us a chance, and know this isn't how you're used to purchasing parking. That's why we offer free cancellations at any time — no questions asked.

More FAQs

Public Transportation

Among the public transportation options for getting to the Oakland Airport, here are two of the cheapest:

You can ride the BART Train which costs $6 to $10.20 one way. It’s fast and affordable but the train doesn’t operate 24 hours.

Meanwhile, if you prefer to take the bus, there’s the AC Transit Bus which costs $2.10 one way per adult.

These are cheap fares, but they’re not as convenient as driving your car and parking at a safe and secure facility, which you can do with our airport parking deal for the Oakland Airport.

Ride Sharing

If you’re willing to pay for convenience, there’s ride sharing services to get you to the Oakland Airport.

We picked a random spot on the map and compared it with our airport parking deal:
Let’s say you’re coming from Plymouth St., Oakland which is about 4 miles away from the airport, you’ll pay around $12 to $42 one way on an Uber. It’s quick and convenient but you can quickly spend over $500. In fact, it’s only enough to last you a week round trip.

A Lyft offers the same convenience at a cheaper rate, only $12 to $15 one way. But this still isn’t the cheapest.

We offer airport parking near the Oakland Airport starting at $4.99
/day*! At this price, you will be able to park for as twice as many days as you might be able to if you book a Lyft. 

This is an exclusive airport parking deal here at On Air Parking. You won’t find this airport parking rate anywhere else!

On Airport Parking at the Oakland Airport

Are you thinking of parking at the Oakland Airport? Be prepared for the expensive parking rates! Here’s a quick look:

Parking at the economy lot costs $18/day. This is a flat rate so if you only need an hour or two of parking, tough luck. You’ll have to pay the entire $18.

The daily parking lot is the best place for parking in the Oakland Airport for extended and overnight stays. It’s $5/hour for the first 2 hours per 24 hours with a day rate maximum of $24.

If you know for sure you’ll only be gone for a couple of minutes, there’s hourly parking at the Oakland Airport. Parking here costs $1 per 12 minutes so you better be sure your watch is in sync with the meter! If you park here for the entire day, the maximum is $34.

Finally, there’s premier parking which is the closest to the airport terminals. Parking here costs $4 per 30 minutes, with the daily maximum at $38. Premier parking customers get free newspaper and water.

Clearly, these are expensive parking rates and will not do for the parking public. If you have to be at the Oakland Airport often, we’re confident you’ll love our sure parking deal!

Off Airport Parking near the Oakland Airport

Our off airport parking deals solve your Oakland Airport parking problems without leaving a dent in your wallet.

There may be instances when taking public transportation is the most economical way to get to the Oakland Airport. You don’t have to bring your car and waste time looking for airport parking. But during those times that you do have to bring your own car to the Oakland Airport and have to look for airport parking, our cheap airport parking deal is readily available.

When you have heavy luggage with you, when you’re bringing your kids, when you just want to have some private time for yourself while you’re on the drive to the Oakland Airport, our off airport parking deal affords you the convenience and peace of your mind that has been lacking when looking for Oakland Airport parking.

As if our Oakland Airport parking deal wasn’t sweet enough, there is a FREE airport shuttle service available to get you to and from the Oakland Airport. This service is already included in the low off airport parking fee we charge. We won’t ask you $24, $19.95, $13.95, not even $9.95 that other airport parking providers do — our Oakland Airport parking deal starts at $4.99/day*!

***Prices start at $4.99. Holiday and extra inventory charges may apply***

Corporate/Business Travel Off Airport Parking Lots for the Oakland Airport

Business travelers who frequently fly to and from the Oakland Airport may have already gotten used to the stress of finding a parking spot at the airport. We believe parking at the airport shouldn’t have to be this inefficient and costly.

Starting at $4.99/day* near the Oakland Airport, business travelers can purchase our off airport parking deal that has been specifically chosen for their convenience. Our off airport parking location is within 5 minutes of the Oakland Airport, with shuttles that leave every 5-10 minutes.

Personal Travel Off Airport Parking Lots for the Oakland Airport

Our parking solution for the Oakland Airport benefits everyone, including those going on a personal trip!

Starting at $4.99/day* for off Oakland Airport parking, those going on a vacation don’t have to worry about driving to the Oakland Airport earlier than necessary just to get a good parking spot, whether on or off the airport. They can buy an off airport parking space near the Oakland Airport ahead of time with us and they can go as they please on the day of their departure.

It really is as easy as that! Purchase our off Oakland Airport parking deal now before we run out of airport parking spaces!

Need help with your airport parking reservation for the Oakland Airport?

Purchase a parking reservation for the Oakland Airport now to lock in your preferred check-in and check-out dates!

If you wish to cancel your parking reservation in Oakland, just call our traveler care team at 415-545-8017 from 9am to 7pm ET. We offer FREE cancellations on all our airport parking deals.

Let’s talk! We’d love to hear how we can make parking near the Oakland Airport easier for you, and how we can get you to the Oakland Airport simpler and cheaper.