Sustainable Travel in Oakland, California

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Taking a well-deserved vacation to the wonderful city of Oakland? Need eco-friendly events and adventures to plan out but having trouble searching the endless void of answers the internet has to offer? Well, look no further for your one-stop answer guide to all green activities and adventures to plan out while in the city of Oakland, California. As the world progresses, we can see these amazing cities take a whole new direction towards offering more eco-friendly things to do while touring. The planet is a living being that so desperately depends on us to keep it that way, so these cities have made it their mission to offer some great alternatives to touring the city that not only are a great time for you, but also an opportunity to lessen our effect on climate change. Energy conservation, reduction of water usage, solar-powered businesses, greenways of riding around the city, parks to wander, museums that educate the public on ways they can give back to the planet, and many more eco-conscious events to do in the great city of Oakland. It is our job to plan with an eco-friendly mind and make sure we are supporting the growth of the city’s environment and the world’s survival. Here in this article, there will be multiple fun and exciting events to plan out that give back to the city of Oakland and the world. Feel free to check out the links provided and plan out some of these green events the next time you find yourself in Oakland, California.  

Green Parks in Oakland

Oakland offers city life like no other. The businesses never stop operating, and the people are always out and about looking for the next thing to keep their minds busy with. While touring the city and endlessly occupying your mind with restaurants to eat at, bars to visit, and coffee shops to keep you going it is very important to step outside of the city life and get back to nature. For the green traveler that seeks city engagement, but also seeks to set aside maybe a day or two to visit some great parks this segment is for you. A day at the park is one of the best ways for us to give back to the city of Oakland and also lessen our carbon footprint. Here there will be two amazing parks listed that are a must-see when in the city of Oakland. Travel green and make sure to enjoy a walk through the park for the sake of your happiness and the sake of the environment’s continued health. 

Redwood Regional Park

Just a couple miles outside Downtown Oakland lies a majestic forest of redwood trees that reach the sky. The city of Oakland was a huge hub for logging back in the day and has since stopped the cutting down of these beautiful trees and let them be a refuge for wildlife and tourists that wish to see them. The park is full of trails that lead you through the towering trees and there are plenty of green activities to participate in while at the park such as camping, hiking, horseback riding, and having a friendly picnic with loved ones. Follow the link below for more information about the Redwood Regional Park. It is always a beautiful thing to see when the cities conserve these green lands, so let’s make sure we do our part and show them we are grateful for their mission to keep the world green.

Morcom Amphitheater of Roses

When visiting the city of Oakland, it is easy to become disconnected from the natural beauty of the planet. The concrete buildings line the streets and the presence of green wildlife is very limited. Visitors can become stressed and overwhelmed if they do not plan an event to allow themselves to reconnect to the natural beauty this planet has to offer. The Morcom Rose Garden is the perfect destination for the eco-conscious-minded traveler who wishes to destress and escape the city for a day. Wander through thousands of abundant roses that light up your eyes, take pictures that will make your friends think you are walking the hallways of heaven, and reconnect to the green world by visiting this park. For more information about the Rose Garden please follow the link below.

Jack London Square

Jack London Square is located on the waters of Oakland, California and has one of the most amazing atmospheres for those wishing to shop, eat, and tour while also giving back to the city of Oakland. Eat at some great restaurants that offer outside seating that overlooks the marina. Make sure to check out the historic USS Potomac that is docked at the port. This vessel was Franklin D. Roosevelt’s presidential yacht and now the yacht offers some amazing tourism events such as sunset cruises, educational tours, and lunchtime events with history education included. If the water and historic water vessels weren’t enough to excite you then we highly recommend checking out the local farmer’s market that is held in Jack London Square. On Broadway and Water streets this farmers market is open every Sunday from 9 am to 2 pm.

For more information about Jack London Square please follow the link below.

Oakland Art Murmur Gallery Walk

Oakland is a city full of culture and art that represent the beauty of the people that inhabit it and the history that has made the city what it is today. When visiting Oakland one of the most important things we can do for the city is to bask in the culture and show our appreciation of the city’s mission to keep art, food, and culture alive in the form of many festivals and activities. Oakland Art Murmur is an event that is held on the first Friday of every month that allows tourists and residents to enjoy live music, buy from local food vendors, support local artists, and enjoy the city’s conservation of artistic values and beauty. For more information about this cultural event please follow the link below.

Sustainable travel is easy and comfortable within the city of Oakland. Enjoy some amazing park adventures and support the local businesses that represent the heart and culture of the great city. There is no better way to give back to the cities we visit than to support the conservation of green lands and the continued appreciation of the art and culture that makes the city so great. If more cities can set the standards for eco-friendliness and sustainability, then the world is sure to become a healthier place that we can continue to enjoy and explore for many years to come. Be sure to travel smart and have an open mind when trying to find alternative ways of traveling within these cities that are more eco-conscious. The choices to limit your carbon footprint are everywhere.  

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