Aquariums around Oakland, CA

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Oakland. This presence of music, manufacturing, education, and the arts on the East Bay extends its reach to the wonders of aquatic life, due to the number of institutions and professionals dedicated to serving the undersea and land-dwelling inhabitants of the Oakland area. Whether as a tourist, a returnee coming to visit friends and family, or a local Oaklander looking for something to do, all will enjoy the wealth of aquatic life and aquarium experiences. 

Oakland Zoo

While not specifically an aquarium, the scope of the Oakland Zoo’s inclusion of aquatic animals sets it apart as the premier attraction on this side of the bay for aquatic life and the surrounding education and entertainment. The joint efforts of the Oakland Zoo and the Conservation Society of California of a century have brought more than 850 animals to the Oakland area, including the North American river otter, Aldabra tortoise, American alligator, lesser flamingo, and Egyptian goose, just to name a few. Exhibits at the Oakland Zoo showcase these animals and more in a trek that takes visitors through the diverse ecosystems of the world, including the African Savannah, the forests of Northern California, and the Rainforests of the lower latitudes. 

A number of more interactive experiences are available by appointment, reflecting the Oakland Zoo’s commitment to involving the public with the world of conservation. Individuals and groups of all ages and interests can participate in annual and limited-time experiences, such as an African-style safari, a tour of the Outback, special tours with keepers and zoo guides, sundown and nighttime stays to see the after-hours activities of the staff and residents of the Oakland Zoo. Detailed Q&A sessions for visitors interested in specific species and coordinated community clean-up efforts also occur regularly. Aside from these experiences, the wealth of land animals to visit, rides, and dining options also complement the aquatic presence, making the Oakland Zoo a good option for any group of travelers looking for a full day’s worth of activities exploring and learning about nature.

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Hidden inside of the Six Flags location here at Vallejo is a formidable and visitor-friendly community of aquatic animals, a cast featuring the sandbar shark, blacktip reef shark, zebra shark, nurse shark, southern stingray, walrus, California sea lion, Pacific harbor seal, Asian small-clawed otter, and African penguins, among others. Visitors can view these animals in immersive habitats in a series of intricate tanks and tunnels, all on the vibrant grounds of Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. The bottlenose dolphins are of great note here, with their own Drench! show at Toyota Stadium where crowds can witness the athleticism and cheerful spirit of these animals. Aside from this, there are also Q&A sessions with keepers, and the location provides plenty of dining, shopping, and thrills. Six Flags Discovery is a great way to knock out as many birds with one stone as possible, with something for the animal lover, foodie, and adrenaline junkie alike.

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