4 Fun Things to do with Kids near Penn Station in NYC

If you’re looking for your next great family adventure, or someplace different to take the kids, we have you covered. Spending a day out with the kids is a great way to recapture your own childlike curiosity and love of play, so we’ve included plenty of options that will make the adults as happy as the kids. Below are some of the best, most unique, and most beloved things to do with your kids near Penn Station in New York City.

OMEscape Room

Escape Rooms have become popular family night activities because it is outside the typical wheelhouse of ideas. At OMEscape, you’ll love solving the puzzles and challenges required to escape and have a chance to choose from several adventures. Try “The Penitentiary” and try to escape one of the most infamous military prisons in history or become a time traveler desperate to save your travel companions in “Room X”.

Tannen’s Magic

Everyone needs a little magic in their lives and at Tannen’s Magic Shop, you and the kids can find and buy every type of magic trick out there. The magicians in the shop will demonstrate the tricks for you and the kids, showing you around card tricks, close-up magic, illusions, and more. They also have books available to purchase so you and the kids can take the magic home with you and learn to become magicians yourselves. If you’re looking for something even more hands-on for the kids, sign up for Tannen’s Magic Camp, a weeklong camp of magic classes and performances. 

Dave & Buster’s

The perfect place to go play as a family and get in a little friendly competition is Dave & Buster’s. Dave & Buster’s is a famous New York City playground, with nearly every arcade game you can imagine as well as billiards and bowling. They have even added virtual reality games in recent years. Entering Dave & Buster’s, you might feel like you don’t know where to begin, but I suggest visiting on Wednesday when the games are half-priced. 

McCaffrey Playground

McCaffrey Playground is one of the neighborhood’s most beloved parks. Families, couples, and friends can often be seen picnicking and relaxing on the benches of the park. But it is also a great place to take the kids, because of the playground. The playground has everything you could want – slides, swings, plenty of equipment to climb, a handball court, and lots of shade.

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5 Fun Things to Do with Kids in Cincinnati

If you’re looking for your next great family adventure, or someplace different to take the kids, we have you covered. Spending a day out with the kids is a great way to recapture your own childlike curiosity and love of play, so we’ve included plenty of options that will make the adults as happy as the kids. Below are some of the best, most unique, and most beloved things to do with your kids in Cincinnati.

Loveland Castle

A castle on the banks of the Little Miami River that also functions as a museum for all things Medieval. The castle is also known as Chateau Laroche. You can explore the castle itself, with armored knights around each corner and imagine yourself a knight when looking through the swords and weaponry on display, all while learning about knighthood honor and chivalry. There are also beautiful gardens to explore, games and puzzles, and even ghost stories. For a trip with the kids that is outside the ordinary, a visit to Loveland Castle is a must.

Highfield Discovery Garden

Nature educational experiences crafted specifically for children. The 12-acre garden is comprised of several, smaller themed gardens. Each garden is designed to encourage children to explore and wonder about the natural world around them. Some gardens are practical, like the Frog & Toads Garden or Vegetable Garden, while others are magical, like the Wizard’s Garden. Educational programs are included with the price of admission.

Smale Riverfront Park

Looking for an afternoon in the sun? Maybe packing a picnic basket? Nestled along the Ohio River, this park has endless views to take advantage of. No matter where you land for your picnic, you’ll experience views of the city, the river, and the historic bridge linking Ohio and Kentucky. Or perhaps, you’ll find yourself on a bench or table near the carousel. Your kids will love exploring this park, taking a ride on the carousel, and playing in the sun on the open fields.

The Children’s Museum

Located in the large Cincinnati Museum Center, the Children’s Museum is a place that should definitely be added to the list of family outings. They offer interactive exhibits and special programs designed to help children grow and learn while having a wonderful time. The museum features an exhibit called “Kids Town” (where the kids get to run the show or, rather, the town), “Inside the Grin” (a gigantic mouth to play in that teaches kids about oral health), an adventure-filled wilderness known as “The Woods”, and more. 

Cincinnati Fire Museum

A perfect spot for any kid that dreams of being a firefighter. It is a little-known fact that Cincinnati is the birthplace of professional firefighting, and there is no better place to learn about the history of firefighting than in this museum. You can choose to take a self-guided or guided tour through their many exhibits. Their artifacts date all the way back to the early 1800s. They also offer Junior Firefighter Birthday Packages if you’re looking for a unique way to celebrate a birthday. 

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Aquariums around Oakland, CA

Oakland. This presence of music, manufacturing, education, and the arts on the East Bay extends its reach to the wonders of aquatic life, due to the number of institutions and professionals dedicated to serving the undersea and land-dwelling inhabitants of the Oakland area. Whether as a tourist, a returnee coming to visit friends and family, or a local Oaklander looking for something to do, all will enjoy the wealth of aquatic life and aquarium experiences. 

Oakland Zoo

While not specifically an aquarium, the scope of the Oakland Zoo’s inclusion of aquatic animals sets it apart as the premier attraction on this side of the bay for aquatic life and the surrounding education and entertainment. The joint efforts of the Oakland Zoo and the Conservation Society of California of a century have brought more than 850 animals to the Oakland area, including the North American river otter, Aldabra tortoise, American alligator, lesser flamingo, and Egyptian goose, just to name a few. Exhibits at the Oakland Zoo showcase these animals and more in a trek that takes visitors through the diverse ecosystems of the world, including the African Savannah, the forests of Northern California, and the Rainforests of the lower latitudes. 

A number of more interactive experiences are available by appointment, reflecting the Oakland Zoo’s commitment to involving the public with the world of conservation. Individuals and groups of all ages and interests can participate in annual and limited-time experiences, such as an African-style safari, a tour of the Outback, special tours with keepers and zoo guides, sundown and nighttime stays to see the after-hours activities of the staff and residents of the Oakland Zoo. Detailed Q&A sessions for visitors interested in specific species and coordinated community clean-up efforts also occur regularly. Aside from these experiences, the wealth of land animals to visit, rides, and dining options also complement the aquatic presence, making the Oakland Zoo a good option for any group of travelers looking for a full day’s worth of activities exploring and learning about nature. 


Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Hidden inside of the Six Flags location here at Vallejo is a formidable and visitor-friendly community of aquatic animals, a cast featuring the sandbar shark, blacktip reef shark, zebra shark, nurse shark, southern stingray, walrus, California sea lion, Pacific harbor seal, Asian small-clawed otter, and African penguins, among others. Visitors can view these animals in immersive habitats in a series of intricate tanks and tunnels, all on the vibrant grounds of Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. The bottlenose dolphins are of great note here, with their own Drench! show at Toyota Stadium where crowds can witness the athleticism and cheerful spirit of these animals. Aside from this, there are also Q&A sessions with keepers, and the location provides plenty of dining, shopping, and thrills. Six Flags Discovery is a great way to knock out as many birds with one stone as possible, with something for the animal lover, foodie, and adrenaline junkie alike. 

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Pet-Friendly Hotels Around Atlanta

Those of us with pets know it can be hard to travel. You have to arrange for a pet sitter, spend extra money paying them, stock up on food and supplies before you leave, and deal with guilt for leaving your furry friend behind.

One solution that works well for easy-going or adventurous is bringing them along with you! So, if you’re planning a trip to Atlanta and want to (or have to) bring your fur baby along for the ride, you’ll need accommodations that are pet-friendly. To give you a jumpstart, we’ve analyzed a few of the very best hotels and B&Bs in Atlanta that accept pets. All are highly rated and we’ve included a variety of options from budget-friendly to luxurious. Read on and choose the one that best serves your needs!

The Westin Buckhead Atlanta

If you’re looking for the cool factor, look no further than The Westin. This sleek hotel has modern features like rainfall showers and flat-screen TVs. As an extra bonus, many rooms have stunning views of downtown Atlanta! Amenities like the indoor pool, the sauna, and pillowtop mattresses ensure you’re in for a comfortable stay. Dine-in at the on-site wine bar or the renowned Palm Restaurant. After all that, you’ll be feeling quite pampered. The good news is, your pooch will, too! Dogs can stay for a fee and their stay includes a bed, treats, and toys!

The Whitley

For the ultimate luxury experience, check yourself into The Whitley. This high-rise hotel boasts luxury features like plush rooms with iPod docks and marble bathrooms, 24/7 room service, and club rooms with lounge access. Other amenities around the hotel that will have you living in luxury are a piano lounge, a concierge, and a refined restaurant. Stay fit during your stay at the indoor saltwater pool, on-site gym, or spa.  Both dogs and cats are allowed (you pay a cleaning fee for up to two pets) ad there’s a designated area on hotel grounds for them to do their business.

The Social Goat Bed & Breakfast

When you’re traveling, it can be nice to stay somewhere that’s a bit of an adventure so that the stay itself feels just as exciting as your excursions. That’s where The Social Goat Bed & Breakfast comes in. This charming B&B lets you experience farm life, right in the middle of a big city. Conveniently located in a Victorian neighborhood downtown, this animal-lover’s oasis features a miniature barn with Nigerian dwarf goats, chickens, and turkeys for you to visit! While pets aren’t allowed in the main house, they can stay for a fee if you book a room in one of the cottages on the grounds.

Downtown Loft (Airbnb)

This Airbnb is especially great for folks traveling with dogs who need to get outside and burn some energy in a yard! The Dog Friendly Downtown Loft w/ Yard is well-located near activities and dining and just 15 minutes from the airport for you and has a fenced-in yard for Fido. It also has easy access to jogging trails that are perfect for an active dog! Amenities include a well-equipped kitchenette, free Wi-Fi, loads of natural light, and a queen-sized bed. And for added convenience, you can walk to the MARTA station if you want to utilize Atlanta’s public transportation system.

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Fun Things to Do in Atlanta, Georgia

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If you’re in Atlanta, Georgia and want to do something fun, unique, or see the sights, we have some recommendations that have something for everyone. Whether you like to visit museums, aquariums, tourist attractions, parks, among other things, fun can be had by yourself or with the whole family.

First, we recommend the Georgia Aquarium. If you want to be wowed, make sure you stop by the aquarium in Atlanta. This aquarium is full of all kinds of sea creatures, including stingrays, jellyfish, beluga whales, dolphins, and yes, even sharks! The aquarium’s shark exhibit is brand new, with species such as the sand tiger shark, the great hammerhead shark, the tiger shark, and the silvertip shark. Be sure you do not miss one minute of this jaw-dropping exhibit!

Next, let the Atlanta History Center captivate you. Atlanta is a city with a long and tumultuous history. From the Civil War to the Civil Rights movement, Atlanta has been in the spotlight of history for a very long time. The history center offers you award-winning interactive exhibitions, garden paths to peruse, and several historic houses to explore. For the history buff, this is most definitely the place to visit, as it has had a boom of growth to be more hands-on and modern within the past 20 years. If you haven’t been to the Atlanta History Center recently, you need to go again for the first time.

There’s always an adventure waiting at Zoo Atlanta. Come and visit the furry friends of the Zoo Atlanta! While events and attractions are not open at this time, there is still plenty to do as exhibits, restaurants, and shops are open and available to enjoy. Ticketing is timed, so be sure you reserve your tickets online and show up at the designated time you choose. Animals of all kinds are here, from the African Savannah, to the Arctic Tundra, all your favorites can be found. If you want to have a roaring good time, the zoo is the perfect choice!

Finally, a trip to Atlanta wouldn’t be complete without visiting the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site. Dr. King and his wife Coretta are interred together in a tomb on a dais in the middle of a calm and peaceful pool. Nearby, you’ll learn all about his life and passion at the visitor’s center. Within a few short blocks of walking distance, you’ll be able to visit Dr. King’s birth house as well as the church he pastored as he became the Civil Rights icon we know today.

Whatever your mood, the beautiful city of Atlanta, Georgia has something for you to take in and enjoy. Time would fail us to go on about the World of Coca-Cola, the Fox Theater, Piedmont Park, Stone Mountain Park, the Center for Civil and Human Rights, or the Fernbank Museum of Natural History. Take advantage of that Southern hospitality, grab some sweet tea and a slice of peach pie, and have yourself an unforgettable adventure today!

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