What to Do at the Zoo in Raleigh, North Carolina

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If you’re up for a drive and want to do something fun while in Raleigh, North Carolina, you’ll want to check out the North Carolina Zoo! Nestled in the hills about an hour and a half drive (75 miles) from Raleigh, the zoo has reopened to the public. Hours of operation are 9am to 4pm and prices for admission are as follows. For adults 13 through 61, the price is $15. For Seniors 62 years and older, the price is $13. For children between the ages of 2 and 12, the price is $11. Children under the age of 2 are free! If you’d like to purchase a membership, individual memberships begin at $59. Companion packs are $79. The Family pack for 2 adults and their dependent children is $84. The Family Plus pack includes the benefits of the Family pack plus 1 guest, and is $104.

You might enjoy Art in the Park, which is an art exhibition held by the North Carolina Zoo with pieces available for your enjoyment all throughout the park. Go on a self-guided tour of these art pieces and learn more about the artists and the pieces themselves.

Perhaps you might want to go on a guided zoo tour. The zoo offers a Ride-and-a-Guide program with several different payment packages. Tour #1 is an hour and a half Winter Wonder Tour and is $165 for non-members, $150 for members. Tour #2 is a two-hour tour and is $190 for non-members, but only $175 for members. Tour #3 is a three-hour tour that also has lunch included, and is $190 for non-members with a lunch fee, or $175 for members, also with a lunch fee of $13 for adults and $6 for children 10 years and younger. All of these tours are for one cart only. Additional carts may be added for larger parties at $50 per cart.

Would you like to symbolically adopt an animal at the zoo for a year? The North Carolina Zoo offers these adoptions for various levels of pricing and have all kinds of species available for adoption. Prices begin at $30 for the Shared Care package, $60 for the Parent Plus, $100 for the Grandparent Care, $500 for Ambassador Care, and Rare Care for $1000. All proceeds from these adoptions go toward caring for the animals and supporting the zoo. Some adoptable animals include the lemur, the zebra, the otter, the rhino, the elephant, the polar bear, the wolf, the giraffe, the lion, and many others! Adopt an animal for yourself or give an adoption package as a gift. This opportunity is perfect for any animal lover!

While the North Carolina Zoo is quite the distance from Raleigh, you won’t want to miss the fun and adventure experiencing the zoo will bring. Hop in the car, take a day trip, and come on down! You won’t regret it for a minute and your day will be all the brighter!

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What to Do at the Zoo in Portland, Oregon

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Have you found yourself in Portland with nothing to do? Why not check out the Oregon Zoo just down the road from downtown? The zoo is open to the public Fridays through Mondays but is closed the other three days of the week. Hours of operation are 9am to 4pm with the last admission at 3pm. Prices for admission are as follows. For an adult 12 years and above, pricing is $17.95. For children between the ages of 3 to 11, pricing is $12.95. Children 2 years and younger are absolutely free! If you’d like to become a member, the Individual package begins at $79. The Dual package is $119. The Family package which includes 2 adults, 4 children, and 1 guest is $169. The Family Deluxe package which includes 2 adults, 6 children, and 2 guests is $219.

Would you like to have a Zoom meeting with a zoo resident? There are several different kinds of animals from which to choose to Zoom, such as the otter, the giraffe, the elephant, the sloth, the seal, the penguin, or the lemur, and so much more! These meetings are 15 minutes long and you must email the zoo to ensure your time slot, however, be aware sometimes these animals have a mind of their own and choose not to participate or need to be switched out with another animal at the last minute. All details are provided by the zoo via email at AnimalRequest@oregonzoo.org.

Would you like to symbolically adopt one of the animals at the Oregon Zoo? From the sea otter to the elephant and the tiger to the red panda and the polar bears, this fantastic program not only allows you to support the zoo and their programs, but also allows you to know there’s a specific animal that is supported by your gift. For $25, you will receive a personalized e-certificate of your adoption and a digital fact sheet and photo of your animal. For $50, you’ll receive a personalized certificate as well as the fact sheet, a 5×7 photo of the animal, and a Share the Care sticker.

For the past few years, the Oregon Zoo has been under construction, but several of their refurbished and brand-new exhibits will be open for public viewing this year! Primate Forest has just been completed and is now open as of January of 2021. Coming this spring is the newly expanded Rhino habitat. Spring 2021 is also the grand opening of the Polar Passage, which includes pools for the polar bears to swim in with spectacular views for guests as the bears frolic in the water! Come and check out the brand new Oregon Zoo!

All food at the zoo can be ordered online and picked up from the AfriCafe between 10am to 4pm to be eaten outside. You may also bring packed lunches to enjoy on the grass with your friends and family.

While you’re in Portland, don’t pass up an adventure at the Oregon Zoo and have yourself a roaring good time!

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