Our Favorite Festivals and Events Around Hudson Yards, NYC

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Hudson Yards. This opulent neighborhood of New York by the Hudson River provides access to a range of modern amenities, including spectacular views, community music events, restaurants, and art galleries among other options. Among the efforts of the planners of this neighborhood include instilling a strong sense of community, via the numerous community-oriented activities open to residents and neighbors. Read on for some of our favorite festivals, events, and activities around Hudson Yards during the autumn.

The Painting Lounge

With the range of art exhibitions in the area and in the Shed, it is no surprise that Hudson Yards also offers regular painting classes throughout the autumn and early winter, but it is the consideration put into each class that makes this a truly noteworthy experience. Complete beginners and professional painters can participate in painting their own work, and admission includes a drink. This is great for singles to meet people, couples as a date or groups as a fun activity.


Drawing Classes with the New York Academy of Art

Another interactive experience with art is the drawing classes taught by the New York Academy of Art at The Stage on Level 4, another activity that lends itself to groups of any size and interest. Again, these classes require no prior experience, so there’s no need to fret over being a skilled artist before joining a class. The evening time slot makes this a great option for an after-work wind-down or get-together with friends. 


Backyard and Movie Nights

Really keeping in with the community feeling here around Hudson Yards are the Backyard series and the movie nights, where live sports and movies are played on the big screen! Enjoy the game or a film with neighbors, friends, and family alike- a great way to bond and socialize with faces old and new. Besides the showings, there are also fun lawn games, pop-up events that add a degree of variety, and the nearby amenities of the Hudson Yards when it comes to rushing home to grab something or ordering food and drink. Food trucks are also a regular occurrence at these events, meaning residents don’t have to go far to enjoy New York City’s food during these community-oriented nights. 


Yarn @ The Yards

This punny event is another one of the many art activities in close distance to residents of Hudson Yards, in the Nook on level 3. Felicia Eve of String Thing studio teaches ninety-minute classes in knitting and crochet all autumn long. Supplies are included with admission, and this makes for another social event with fellow tenants of Hudson Yards, or as another rendezvous for friends and family. These are during the Wednesday evenings, a good midweek relaxation for the working visitor or those who want a more laid-back activity in an otherwise intense itinerary. So kick back, grab some yarn and enjoy making your own soft souvenir at Yarn @ The Yards.


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