Places to Cool Down for the Summer Around Hudson Yards, NY

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Places to Cool Down for the Summer Around Hudson Yards, NY

Hudson Yards. This opulent neighborhood of New York by the Hudson River provides access to a range of modern amenities, including spectacular views, community music events, restaurants, and art galleries among other options. Among the efforts of the planners of this neighborhood include instilling a strong sense of community, via the numerous community-oriented activities open to residents and neighbors. Read on for some of our favorite places to cool off and beat the summertime heat here during your stay around Hudson Yards.

Sail the Hudson

For the more adventurous parties Pier 66’s Boathouse offers a number of sailing activities for beginners and the experienced alike, whether you seek kayaking, outboard canoeing, paddleboarding, sailing, outrigger canoe paddling, or even kayak polo. These are great ways to see unique views of the New Jersey coast and Manhattan, beat the heat, and make memories on the water with the whole family. With the proximity to home and number of skilled guides and instructors, this is a great highlight to add to your travel plans for the summer near Hudson Yards.

The Edge

And finally, one of Instagram’s most famed locations, The Edge. This is a jaw-dropping glass lookout over New York City’s skyline, a backdrop that is truly hard to beat and a cityscape photographer’s dream. Aside from the amazing views over the city, at this height, visitors will find themselves that much closer to the stars, a different, yet unique point to enjoy the stars over New York. This is a memorable and impressive way to mark your time in New York, suitable for both large groups and solo visitors. And considering the formidable height, there’s quite the breeze in certain areas. Come to the Edge, right here at Hudson Yards for a different perspective of New York, high and low.

Pier 83

Just along the Hudson River at the neighboring Pier 83, visitors can delight in a sightseeing cruise. From the Statue of Liberty to the Manhattan bridge, New York and Jersey City waterfront, skyline, and more, this is a great photo opportunity, relaxing to sail with the river breeze and tour, all in one. There are also a range of departure times and amenities, including an onboard cafe for those who want to enjoy a meal with a view, air-conditioned interior, outdoor deck, and WiFi to send pictures to family and friends. Consider a river cruise from Pier 83 during your stay in Hudson Yards this summer.

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