Spring Break in Hudson Yards

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New York. Some would say that this city is the soul of America. With buildings that reach the sky and significant amounts of tourism this city is one full of endless activities and adventures. Your travels for spring break have brought you to the wonderful city of New York and in this article, we will be exploring all the best things to do and see while on your spring break. From great parks that are must-see picnic destinations to late night drinks that offer the best night life experiences. The city of New York is no stranger to tourism, so the list is truly endless for things to do and see while enjoying the city. Pack some great walking shoes because this city is best seen from the streets while walking. Also pack a camera to capture all the unforgettable moments that will happen over the course of your trip. Feel free to follow the links provided in this article to further your spring break vacation planning. Safe travels and enjoy the best spring break vacation ever with these events listed.

The Perfect Spring Break Agenda

To start our list off strong, we are looking for the best coffee in the city. Not just your average coffee joint, but one that starts the day off with a bang. One that offers outdoor seating so that you can enjoy the beautiful weather as you sip on some delicious caffeine. 

Outro NYC

The best coffee joint that also serves some great food options as well. Looking for the perfect coffee and breakfast establishment to kickstart your day? Well, look no further because Outro has everything you could ever need and more. With outdoor seating that keeps you connected to the weather and city life. Go to Outro for a cappuccino, salmon benedict, and some out of this world waffles. This destination is perfect for your spring break adventures. For more information, please follow the link below.


Central Park

Our next item on the spring break agenda is to find a park to lay and relax. What better way to spend the spring break other than exploring the outdoors and enjoying a nice relaxing day at the park. The most well-known park in New York is Central Park. Of course, you have heard of this park and have most likely seen it in many movies and tv shows. Take a day to explore the park and pack some lunch to have one of the most beautiful picnics you will ever experience. For more information, please visit the link below.


Electric Room

This one is for adults. Looking for some nightlife? Perhaps you are seeking some great drinks and superb social life? The Electric Room is the perfect spring break destination for the adults looking for some fun in the city of New York. Located on the lower level of Dream Downtown. With great ambiance and even better drinks. For more information, please follow the link below.

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