Best Places to Take Pictures around Hudson Yards, NYC

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Hudson Yards. This opulent neighborhood of New York by the Hudson River provides access to a range of modern amenities, including spectacular views, community music events, restaurants, and art galleries among other options. Among the efforts of the planners of this neighborhood include instilling a strong sense of community, via the numerous community-oriented activities open to residents and neighbors. Read on for some of our favorite places to take pictures during your stay here around Hudson Yards.

The High Line

This repurposed train line is now a truly one-of-a-kind park, a walk above the streets of New York where the urban past has married the new element of nature. This is a great attraction for cityscape photographers and the casual visitor alike, providing unique views and conversation-starting backdrops for all sorts of photos.

The Shed

This corner of Hudson Yards is both a buzzing center of the arts as it is a noteworthy marvel in itself. Those fans of the arts will delight in the rotating cast here at The Shed, while architecture and cityscape aficionados will enjoy the workings of the building with it’s moving components. Come claim your photo with this bastion of design and the arts, here in Hudson Yards.

Hudson River Park

For a bit of calm green space and those picnic photos, take your party to the slice of calm that is Hudson River Park. Regularly featuring live music, performers and a great place to drink in the sun and the New York City skyline, this is a great gathering point for groups to take those summertime picnic gathering additions to their feed.

Javits Center

Regularly featuring expos and gatherings of every industry and interest, the Javits Center is a true wild card in the best way, where visitors can snap pictures of the current events in this iconic venue. Just a short walk from Hudson Yards, visitors staying here are encouraged to check the schedules at the Javits Center to see what edition has come to their corner of New York City.

The Edge

And finally, one of Instagram’s most famed locations, The Edge! This is a jaw-dropping glass lookout over New York City’s skyline, a backdrop that is truly hard to beat and a cityscape photographer’s dream. This is a memorable and impressive way to mark your time in New York, and is suited to solo shoots, although other areas of the observation deck accomodate groups and couples.

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