What to do in Hudson Yards, New York

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New York City is an amazing city to find yourself in when you’re looking for a new adventure. Are you here on business? Pleasure? Or are you a local? Whatever your port of call, New York has something for everyone to enjoy. Some museums are closed at this time, but we’ve found a few places to recommend while you’re in town. So sit back and have a gander at what New York near Hudson Yards has to offer.

First, we suggest visiting one of the most iconic places in all of the Big Apple, Rockefeller Center. Often referred to as the heart of New York, Rockefeller Center is sure to give you a glorious 360-degree view of the city from its upper decks. It also has an ice-skating rink and is famous for its towering Christmas tree in December. They offer tours of the center to learn more about the history of this building’s architecture, as well as art and so much more. Come and rent some space for your event or reserve your wedding here. Make sure to stop on by the center on your trip through New York.

Second, we suggest the eclectic Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). Exhibitions displayed currently involve Surrealist Objects, 19th Century Innovators, Public Images, Machines, Mannequins, and Monsters, and so much more! MoMA is open to the public but be sure to book your reserved ticket time online. There are a few options for dining at MoMA as well, such as The Modern, Café 2, and the Terrace Café. If you like art that’s somewhat edgy and a little different, MoMA is your choice to visit.

For a somber walk through recent history that will both educate you and touch your heart, the 9/11 Memorial & Museum is where you’ll want to be. This memorial is located directly on the site of Ground Zero where the two buildings of the World Trade Center Plaza once stood. Two pools sit in the footprints of the buildings and the names of all the victims are throughout the memorial. Visit this memorial of 9/11 on the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks.

Finally, the Queens Botanical Garden is a lush and exquisite collection of gardens and greenhouses you can meander through that will tantalize your senses. The garden is 39 acres in the middle of Queens and that makes it unique amid other botanical gardens around the globe. You’ll be delighted to walk among the Christmas roses, the Witch Hazel, the Crocus, the Winter Jasmine, and the Snowdrops. Several art exhibitions are here as well making it so much more than plant life to peruse. You’ll have a day filled with color at the Queens Botanical Garden.

If you’re in Hudson Yards, there are plenty of things to do that are only a short walk away. Or expand your search and check out New York City on your own. Go on an excursion throughout Manhattan today and have fun with the whole family!


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