Best Car Washes in Hudson Yards, New York

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If you’re looking for a place to wash your car and get the best service for your money, we have a few great suggestions for you in the city of Hudson Yards, New York. It doesn’t matter if it’s your own car or a rental car, clean or dirty, old or new, whether you’re on vacation or close to home, these car washes and detailers are guaranteed to make your vehicle look like a million bucks. These guys have seen it all. Don’t be afraid to show up with your cookie crumbs, your beach sand, or your toddler’s fast-food mess into the shop. You’ll be amazed at your car’s transformation! Let’s take a closer look at what car washes Hudson Yards has to offer.

First, we suggest the Empire Auto Spa. This shop offers a full detail with pricing that corresponds to the size of your vehicle. If your car is standard size, your package may start from $250, however, larger SUV’s and minivans can be around $290 and up. Services include a hand wash and wax, as well as an entire vacuum of the interior and trunk. The vents are cleaned, and all leather surfaces are wiped down. Price is determined upon the condition of the car upon washing. Call or go online to book your appointment today.

Second, we suggest Majestic Detail Spa. This shop takes pride in washing your vehicle by hand. They offer packages of all kinds, from the Basic Wash to the Showroom Package. Packages include services such as shampooing the carpets and offer NanoWax Spray Sealant. You’ll want to come on down to get an evaluation on what you’d like to have done. From there, you can book your appointment. Majestic Detail Spa services cars of all sizes, from sedans to SUV’s, from minivans to full-sized vans, and from trucks to sports cars. Come on down and let them make your car look majestic.

Finally, VIP Auto Detailing NYC might be just what you’re looking for. This shop touts itself as an auto spa with their motto as, “Hand Wash Kings”. They do it all at this shop, from hand washing, to detailing the interior and exterior. They do paint correction, ceramic coating, and also window tinting if you’re so inclined. They’ll degrease your engine and polish your wheels and tires. They can also restore cloudy headlights and give your car the clay bar treatment. VIP Auto Detailing NYC will make your car look like it did when you drove it off the showroom floor. They service cars, minivans, full-sized vans, trucks, and even oversized vehicles. But their prices go up along with the size of your vehicle. Come and feel like a VIP at this car wash and detail shop.

If you’re on a time crunch and looking for a quick drive through car wash in Atlanta, you’ll find what you’re looking for at the Queensboro Car Wash on 21st St., Alpha Car Wash on 11th Ave., or 10th Ave. Car Wash on 10th Ave. In a pinch, these drive through car washes will help keep you looking good until you can get that detailing done.

Wherever you decide to go, your car will be well taken care of. In the great city of Hudson Yards, New York, you’ll find detailers who truly care about their work and, most importantly, your car. With our recommendations, you’ll be in excellent hands.

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