Where to Buy Souvenirs Near Cincinnati OH

If you are near Cincinnati, OH, and are looking for a way to take a piece of this stunning city home with you then we can help. We have put together a guide below of the best places to buy souvenirs near Cincinnati, so you can pick up your souvenirs before you leave and have a reminder of those special moments forever.

I Love Cincinnati Shoppe

This fantastic store is packed to the rafters with gifts, souvenirs, clothing, and sportswear. They have every occasion and event covered, and its huge variety and good prices make this place our number one. If you are looking for some casual shopping, want to pick up a few gifts for friends and family, or need to grab some last-minute souvenirs, you will find everything here. Check this store out at the address below, and see how much they have to choose from.

Address: 441 Vine S

Fl 2, Cincinnati, OH 45202


Rally House Rookwood

Rally House Rookwood can provide you with enough souvenirs and clothes representing the city to last a lifetime. They have an abundance of goods here all of which are of great quality. This store is a must-visit for any sports fan, not only does Rally House Rookwood sell items for the big city’s sports teams but for the local and college teams too. Pick up all your Cincinnati sports apparel in one place.

Address: 2705 Edmondson Rd

Cincinnati, OH 45209

Market Cvg

It is always good to know there is a souvenir shop in the airport to save your back when you are heading home and have completely forgotten to do a little shopping before leaving. Fortunately, at Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport you will find Market Cvg, a great stop to pick up everything you have forgotten and more, and with relatively good prices given the fact that it is in an airport, you won’t be kicking yourself too hard about leaving to the last minute.

Address: 3087 Terminal Dr

Terminal B, Gate 5

Hebron, KY 41048

Rounding Third Memorabilia

This cute little store has a great selection of gifts and souvenirs to help you remember your time in Cincinnati. It is smaller than a lot of places so be sure not to walk right past it. The owner is super friendly and is happy to find anything you are after.

Address: 210 E Main St

Batavia, OH 45103

Rally House Florence Mall

Rally House Florence Mall is another excellent sporting goods store with a huge amount of stock and a great range that is inclusive of the college teams as well as the pro ones. The friendly and knowledgeable staff are on hand to help you find anything you need as the number of items for sale may be a little overwhelming.

Address: 2028 Florence Mall

Ste 1112, Florence, KY 41042

Souvenirs are a great way for us to commemorate a wonderful vacation, so make sure you grab some before you leave so you can always have the memories with you.

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Best Coffee Shops in Cincinnati OH

Calling all residents, or even visitors, of Cincinnati – we know that there are plenty of you who are looking for your favorite coffee shop in the city, so we have made it easier for you to find. We have made a guide for the best coffee shops in Cincinnati, so you can save time and head straight to the best of them.

Urbana Cafe

Since opening in 2013 Urbana has become so popular within the community that they expanded to open a couple more coffee shops, and even a coffee cart. Their coffee has become infamous, and it all started with a dream and a vintage espresso machine. Pick up one of their specialty coffees – or anything that takes your fancy – and indulge in one of their fresh pastries. Urbana Cafe has the coffee shop vibe down to a T, they are well worth the visit, check them out at the address below.

Address: 1206 Broadway St

Cincinnati, OH 45202


Rohs Street Cafe

Due to its prime location by the university, the prices are a little higher than you might expect from a coffee shop, however, they do make it up to you by serving a range of high-quality coffee (using deeper roots coffee), and various teas including fruit flavor infusions. While the outside might not catch your eye, the inside is full of character and there is plenty of space to bring your work or a friend.

Address: 245 W McMillan St

Cincinnati, OH 45219

Website: rohsstreetcafe.com

The 86 Uptown

Music and coffee beat through the veins of the crew that runs The 86 Uptown who have been putting smiles on the customer’s faces for the last nine years. As well as the artisan coffees where the beans are roasted inhouse for full freshness, there is also a range of fairtrade teas, smoothies, and Italian sodas. As if all that isn’t enough, they have a small menu for food as well, all of which is high quality and a great pick me up during the day.

Address: 2900 Jefferson Ave

Cincinnati, OH 45219


Collective Espresso

Tucked out the way off the main street, Collective Espresso is a small but cute coffee shop ready to serve you a drink that will be the highlight of your day. They are experts in the industry and have managed to build a strong following in the local area. Give them a try and see if this little place becomes your new favorite hangout.

Address: 207 Woodward St

Cincinnati, OH 45202

Website: collectiveespresso.com

Coffee Emporium

Making its name at Cincinnati’s oldest coffee house, this cafe has stood the test of time and is as popular as it was all those years ago. The space inside is large enough to accommodate the stream of constant customers who are all coming in search of some of the most perfectly roasted coffee in the city.

Address: 110 E Central Pkwy

Cincinnati, OH 45202

Website: coffee-emporium.com

Having such a popular university means that Cincinnati is no stranger to the demand of coffee shops, and while there are plenty to choose from, our list contains the ones definitely worth your time.

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Best Michelin Star Restaurants Near Cincinnati, Ohio

Like most of America, Ohio and its cities are not yet included in the Michelin star awards, not because there are no restaurants that are worthy, but just simply because the Michelin guide doesn’t yet have the resources to cover the whole of the states, so until the time comes that they are able to expand, we will look at the best-rated restaurants near Cincinnati, Ohio, as according to Yelp, below.

Bridges Nepali Cusine

Nepalese cuisine is not common to find in many places, so Cincinnati is very lucky to be able to say they have fantastic Nepalese cuisine in their city! This restaurant is a great introduction for anyone who hasn’t experienced South Asian cuisine very much, but it is also the ultimate place to go if you enjoy this kind of food; the flavors are so strong and authentic that whether it is your first time or hundredth time you will have a special evening; Bridges Nepali represent Nepalese cuisine perfectly. They include all the dishes you would expect, including curries, samosas, lentils, and of course, the ultimate food of Nepalese dumplings. The food is so well-spiced and seasoned, you could never say that any of the dishes lacked flavor. Bridges Nepali is an excellent place to eat with a wonderfully decorated dining space, where the Nepalese culture comes through beautifully. They don’t currently have a website but you can see more about them and what they have to offer on their Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/BridgesNepaliCuisine/


With so many people saying that they never miss a chance to go to Sotto’s whenever they are in the city, speaks volumes about how well-loved Sotto’s is. Your expectations for Italian food will be superseded once you have dined at Sotto’s; the menu is full of true Italian dishes, and the ingredients used are fresh and high-quality, making for rich and deeply satisfying meals. You might feel a little overwhelmed with the number of options available on the menu, but all the food is phenomenal so you won’t have any disappointments no matter what you choose. Sotto’s is highly rated for many good reasons, and we are sure that once you have dinned here, you will be going as often as possible. Check out their website to see more, and take a sneak peek at all the delicious dishes they have http://www.sottocincinnati.com/

The Eagle

Specializing in southern comfort cuisine, with extra emphasis on fried chicken, The Eagle provides you with everything you could want when you go out to eat. They manage to make friend chicken exciting, with delicious flavors in every bite; there is a huge variety of ways and flavor combinations to have your chicken made, and there is also a really good selection of southern food sides and beer. The Eagle is an authentic restaurant that makes you feel good just by being there and is the optimal example of southern home cooking. Head to their website to see their mouthwatering menu and plan your meal for when you visit – https://www.eaglerestaurant.com/

Cincinnati is wonderful place to be, and even better when it comes to dining out, there are some real hidden gems and plenty of restaurants that will become firm favorites among you and your friends.

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