Best Places to Take Pictures around Cincinnati, OH

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Cincinnati, Ohio. Nicknamed the “Paris of America” for its notable nineteenth-century architecture, Cincinnati sits proudly on the Ohio River as a city of 300,000. It is home to works such as the Cincinnati Union Terminal, the famed Over-the-Rhine neighborhood and Romanesque Cincinnati City Hall. Aside from its beautiful buildings, it is also the birthplace of William Howard Taft, Steven Spielberg, and Doris Day. Read on for some of our favorite places to take pictures here around Cincinnati.

City Hall

A surprising start to this list for those unfamiliar with Cincinnati, but indeed, the city’s strong heritage in diverse and notable architecture is exemplified appropriately in the City Hall. Here, visitors can tour the building, and also enjoy a number of elegant settings, from grand marble staircases, to large stained glass windows and high, intricate ceilings. This is a great photoshoot for the local and traveler alike, whether to add a bit of Cincinnati charm to your feed or a setting for group photos and postcards.

Cincinnati Union Terminal

The Cincinnati Union Terminal is another imposing entry to our list, a grand and large presence amid generations of Cincinnatians. This continues to function as an Amtrak station today, but also should be noted for the great cultural role it has inherited, a wide, vast exterior complete with a fountain and spacious green area. Aside from the beautiful exterior, the interior notably features a rotunda in gorgeous color, circled by expressive murals, the concourse complete with large windows providing plenty of natural lighting. This building is a great trip through the history of Cincinnati as it is a bold vanguard of the Art Deco movement here in the city. Whatever your photoshoot project may be, consider the Cincinnati Union Terminal for your trip to Cincinnati.

American Sign Museum

This is a one-of-kind neon escape, self-declared the largest public museum dedicated to signs in the nation! With over 20,000 square feet of signs from every era and in every design, the American Sign Museum is as much of a sight to behold as it is an amazing canvas for any project. This location is an anachronistic flurry of the best kind, and visitors of all ages will enjoy exploring its exhibits. Bring the whole party to the American Sign Museum during your trip to Cincinnati if you’ll be taking pictures!

Krohn Conservatory

For photography projects needing a bit more nature, the verdant enclosed areas and vast grounds of the Krohn Conservatory are a great option! Popular with groups, weddings, parties, couples and solo travelers alike, the Krohn Conservatory includes multiple houses showcasing different biomes, as well as a number of outdoor walkways. From lush tropical forests to gentle flower beds, desert plants, ancient ferns, to sculptures and seasonal shows, visitors have so many options to choose from for their photos here at the Krohn Conservatory. 

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