Cincinnati FAQ (CVG)

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What forms of payment are accepted for parking at CVG?

  • Currently, both cash and credit cards are accepted, but over the coming months, CVG will be credit card payment only. Visitors will no longer receive tickets and will need to use their credit card for entrance and exit.

Does CVG offer Valet parking?

  • Yes, Valet parking is available at a rate of $30 per day.

Is there a special parking rewards program?

  • Yes, CVG Parking Advantage allows for an efficient parking experience. Customers can earn discounts and free parking.

Does CVG offer electric vehicle charging?

  • Yes, there are charging stations located throughout the parking areas and are complimentary for customers paying for parking.

Is Economy parking available?

  • Yes, parking is available at a rate of $9 per day.

Does CVG have shuttle service?

  • Yes, the shuttle picks up and drops off at Ground Transport West.

Are the parking areas secure?

  • Yes, parking is patrolled regularly by airport police and all areas are well-lit.

How many options for parking does CVG offer?

  • There are four different parking options available.

Who do I contact if I have a problem with my car?

  • You can call 859-767-3106 if you have an issue with your car.

Can I reserve my parking space?

  • Yes, you can reserve parking here.

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