Flight Delay in Cincinnati, OH

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Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. A bastion of activity for Amazon Air, Atlas Air, ABX Air, Kalitta Air, and DHL Aviation, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport is increasingly becoming one of the major crossroads for air travel in the Midwestern region and beyond. Whether due to inclement weather, maintenance, loading luggage or fuel, you may have arrived here at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport with a bit of a surprise layover. Fortunately, with the ample dining, shopping, entertainment options, and amenities here at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, any flight delay goes in a breeze. Read on for some of our favorite highlights of food, drink, shopping, and relaxation here around Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. 


Featuring over twenty restaurants, eateries, and kitchens ranging from speedy, casual on-the-go style eating to sit-down and full-service dining, travelers of every craving and every itinerary will find something here at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. For those travelers who don’t have as much time here at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, quick and seamless options such as Starbucks (Concourse A, B), Subway (Concourse A), Farmer’s Fridge (Concourse A, B), and McDonald’s (Concourse B) can satisfy those landing with a hankering for hearty sandwiches, fresh produce, or a coffee fix. For those travelers who have landed and want to have a proper, full-course meal complete with waiter service, there are options such as  the calming and cool atmosphere of Local Pub (Concourse A), sustaining burgers at Max & Erma (Concourse B), or the selection of wines, ales, cocktails, and spirits at Vino Volo (Concourse A), Christian Moerlein Taproom (Concourse A), Urban Market and Stella Artois Bar (Concourse A), and Hop & Cask (Concourse B). 


Places to read, study, work

For those travelers arriving here at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport who want to get some work done, study, or read and relax a while during their layover/flight delay, there are a range of environments and workspaces here to choose from. Aside from the complimentary airport wi-fi and charging stations throughout each concourse, there are also individual workstations to rent, and paid-access lounges. The Club CVG (Concourse A) offers a removed area from the rest of the airport including spacious seating, conference tables, a printer and computer workstation, and alcoholic drinks. For those who prefer a more service-heavy stay, the escape lounges (Concourse B) is a great location offering roomy and classy ambience, meals and snacks, ultra-fast wifi, complimentary tablet computers, printing, scanning, and copy services, as well as a selection of wines and coffees. For those who want to work in a truly private, one-person suite, the Jabbrrbox in either concourse is a tight but immersive option. 


Shopping and Entertainment

If you are in need of travel supplies, clothing, new tech, cosmetics, or simply in want of a local souvenir before heading off to your next destination, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport has you covered again. Among this diverse selection is Brooks Brothers (Concourse B), Brighton (Concourse B),  Spanx (Concourse B), InMotion Entertainment (Concourse A, B), Over-the-Rhine Market (Concourse A), and the Today News & Gifts (Concourse A). 


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