Mother’s Day Around Cincinnati, OH

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Mother’s Day Around Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati, Ohio. Nicknamed the “Paris of America” for its notable nineteenth-century architecture, Cincinnati sits proudly on the Ohio River as a city of 300,000. It is home to works such as the Cincinnati Union Terminal, the famed Over-the-Rhine neighborhood, and Romanesque Cincinnati City Hall. Aside from its beautiful buildings, it is also the birthplace of William Howard Taft, Steven Spielberg, and Doris Day. Read on for some of our favorite ways to celebrate Mother’s Day here around Cincinnati.

Appalachian Festival

Take the family outdoors this Mother’s Day and enjoy the sights, sounds, spectacle (and flavors) of Cincinnati tradition and heritage at the annual Appalachian festival! This is a great way to entertain the whole family, shop one-of-a-kind crafts, gifts for Mom this Mother’s Day, and enjoy the holiday in memorable fashion. Here at the Appalachian Festival amid live music, interactive crafts, performances and delicious local Native American, frontier, and Kentucky fair the Appalachian Festival the whole family will enjoy the holiday, take home unique souvenirs and delight in photo opportunities galore.

Krohn Conservatory

Enjoy the May sunshine and weather and take Mom out on a walk at the Krohn Conservatory, featuring beautiful architecture and stunning flora from a Bonsai collection to tropical cycads, desert agaves, and the thousands of resident orchids. This is a great visit for families to take holiday pictures and stroll through the colors and beauty of May flowers.

Westside Market

Shop and enjoy some of the best in small businesses, independent artists, handmade crafts and wares, cottage industry and local arts at the Westside Market! This is a great way to enjoy the hometown and quaint charm of Cincinnati outdoors and shop for a truly unique gift to make this Mother’s Day special, as well as see the number of food trucks, local eateries, musicians and creativity buzzing in this city.

Mother’s Day Tea Party at Carnegie Center

Enjoy live music and dance amid intricate and delicious finger foods, an array of teas, pastries and sandwiches at the Mother’s Day Tea Party at the Carnegie Center! This is a great way to spoil Mom this Mother’s Day, doing tea in one of Cincinnati’s most esteemed venues in the joys of a tea party.


For those who instead favor the longstanding Mother’s Day institution of brunch, Cincinnati is a great city to explore your options, with numerous upscale restaurants, hotels, kitchens in a variety of cuisines, palates, and price ranges. Coppin’s Restaurant at Hotel Covington has a great buffet for families and those celebrating Mother’s Day with the grandparents as well as the grandchildren, while Kona Grill offers a special Mother’s Day menu and selection of wines. The View at Shire’s Garden is a great selection for cocktails and intricate handcrafted beverages, while delicious waffles and pastries galore will have Mom elated at Taste of Belgium.

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