What is open in Washington DC during the coronavirus?

Like the vast majority of cities in the country, Washington D.C and its businesses were impacted by the coronavirus, and while some businesses have been forced to close during this time, others have been able to stay open. In order to help give you a snippet of what is open in Washington D.C during the coronavirus, check out the list below for more information.


A lot of America’s greatest history and landmarks are just in D.C alone, and for this reason, hop on bus tours are extremely popular. Big Bus Tours are still operating so you can partake in a guided tour around some of the country’s most recognizable sights. The tours are taking place currently between Thursdays to Mondays, with increased cleaning and distancing regulations in place.


This historical landmark not only includes the federal-style mansion, but also a vast beautiful garden alongside it. The guided tours are currently on hold, but you can take a self-tour of just the gardens instead. You must book tickets in advance to get a timeslot and all tickets are free.


For a day out of fun for everyone check out the National Zoo in Washington D.C. As always, here you will be able to see all kinds of animals from pandas, and lions, to lemurs, and leopards. The zoo is open from 8am until 4pm every day, you must book tickets in advance, and anyone over the age of six is now required to wear a face mask.


Currently, the National Air and Space Museum and the Zoo are the only Smithsonian establishments open during this time. The museum is free to enter, but groups no larger than six are allowed and masks are to be worn at all times. This is no doubt one of the best stops in the country for all things space-related, and a great day out for all ages. The Smithsonian are doing everything they can to ensure all visitors are safe, so you can have a fun day out without worry.


Eating out is definitely one of life’s pleasures, and for most people, it may have been many months since the last time they were able to enjoy a meal outside their home. Well, a lot of restaurants in and around D.C are still open during this time, and we have listed some of the top spots below to help you decide. Just remember that some may only be available for takeout or have a limited capacity , therefore, you should always call ahead rather than just turning up unannounced in order to avoid disappointment.

  • Bistro Aracosia
  • The Dabney
  • Kinship
  • Old Ebbitt Grill
  • The Capital Grille
  • 1400 North
  • Rose’s Luxury
  • Estadio
  • Zaytinya
  • Keren Cafe & Restaurant

Daily life can be full of frustrations right now, you may feel like you are spending far too much time at home and it’s affecting your sanity; well, with the knowledge above, you can take steps to visit different businesses in the area, but, of course, be safe!

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Where to Buy Souvenirs Near Washington D.C.

If you are visiting one of the most famous districts in the world namely Washington D.C, then no doubt you want to make sure that you stock up on souvenirs before you head home so you always have a reminder of your trip regardless of why you were there. Therefore, to help you know where the best places are to buy souvenirs in Washington D.C, we have compiled a list of the top stores for you!

Metro Variety Shop

Our number one choice stocks everything you need to commemorate your trip. From the usual souvenirs such as hoodies, mugs, hats, magnets, and stationery, to the far cooler things like mini versions of the Declaration of Independence and other historical replicas. The owner goes above and beyond with customer service and generosity, and he has built quite a reputation in the area for his unbeatable prices and welcoming store.

Address: 1400 I St NW

Washington, DC 20005

b/t N 15th St & N 14th St


NT Souvenir

NT Souvenir are wholesalers for other shops, but the general public can buy items from here also. Due to the nature of the store, the prices are cheaper than in most shops, but because it is used mainly for bulk buying, keep a lookout for any defects on the souvenirs you want, and make sure you change them. Great shop with plenty of options for visitors.

Address: 525 Morse St NE

Washington, DC 20002

b/t N 6th St & N 5th St

White House Gifts

What is a trip to D.C without a visit to the White House? While you may not be able to go inside, White House Gifts is just across the street and offers a great alternative for you. As well as historical replicas, and White House memorabilia, they also have a mimic Oval Office inside where you can have your picture taken and feel like the President for the day!

Address: 701 15th Street NW

Washington, DC 20005

b/t N Pennsylvania Ave & N H St


Souvenir City

As the name suggests, this store stocks every and all souvenir you could ever want. This place is run by a friendly lady who is always on hand to help you find what you need. Reasonable prices, and a much calmer environment than the usual street vendors.

Address: 1001 K St NW

Washington, DC 20001

b/t N 10th St & N 11th St


Union General

Union General will exceed your expectations when it comes to gifts and memorabilia. They have a fantastic range of stock with all types of gifts and souvenirs including historical replicas, beers, home decoration, clothes, and little trinkets. The quality of goods sold is is higher than in most places, and while their prices reflect this quality, they are certainly not unreasonable.

Address: 50 Massachusetts Ave

Mezzanine Level

Union Station

Washington, DC 20002

You will never forget your trip to one of the most infamous places in the world with your new souvenirs and memories.

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Best Coffee Shops in Washington D.C.

American is a nation of coffee lovers, and let’s face who of us doesn’t automatically reach for the coffee pot after waking up or stopping to grab a coffee to go on the way to work. Coffee, especially in the morning, is a routine part of the day for millions of people – it doesn’t matter what your order, as long as it tastes good, everyone is happy. So, for those who are living in or visiting the D.C area and are in search of your perfect cup, then check out the list below for the best coffee shops in Washington D.C.

Calabash Tea and Tonic

Do not be thrown off by the name, we assure you that they just as much coffee as they do tea. Okay, so they might have started as a tea shop more than forty years ago, but since then they have evolved into more than just tea. In fact, they currently have more than a hundred different blends of tea and coffee to choose from, you are truly spoiled for choice, and each blend is as delicious as the last. Pop in for a cup and discover your new favorite coffee, and read about their specialty blends on their website below.

Address: 2701 12th Street NE

Washington, DC 20018



This family-run local coffee shop has been serving the community for the last ten years, and during this time, their reputation has become so good that everyday people drive out of their way in order to visit. They have all the coffee you could want, including plenty of creations you might never have heard of before, and if you are feeling like treating yourself, then you can pick up something from their bakery that is packed with freshly made goods. Visit them in person or on their website using the information below.

Address: 1025 North Fillmore Street

Arlington, VA 22201


Büna Coffeehouse

Even the fussiest of coffee drinkers will be bowled over by the drinks available at Büna, with their smooth blends and wonderful combinations. Their rich Ethiopian coffee beans make for a powerful coffee every time that will kick start your day like no other; and as a bonus, their beans are all ethically sourced! Read more on them or swing by to check them out below.

Address: 4400 Georgia Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20011


Dua Coffee

Dua coffee gives its customers a new experience with each visit; Dua specializes in coffee that is grown on various islands of Indonesia, with each island growing a unique tasting bean that opens your world to a whole new flavor. Whether you choose from one of their signature coffees or something more standard such as an espresso, the end result is always mouthwateringly good. Grab yourself a cup the next time you are in the area.

Address: 923 15th St NW

Washington, DC 20005

There are plenty of fantastic coffee shops in the D.C area, you don’t have to go to a chain to find the best coffee, in fact, the places you’ve never noticed before are usually the ones that leave you wanting more.

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