Our Favorite Festivals Around Washington, DC.

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Washington, DC. The nation’s capital, seemingly packed to the brim with landmark institutions, events, and activity everywhere you look, visitors and locals alike will not fail to find more than enough to do here around the year. Between travelers composing an itinerary for an autumn getaway and curious locals, there’s something for everyone here in Washington, DC. Read on for some of our favorite autumn festivals and events here around the capital. 

H Street Festival

The H Street Festival is one of the biggest street parties of the capital, a celebration of community and the arts of the city for generations! Over a dozen stages, delicious eateries and food vendors, and performers fill the streets for this event, where visitors can taste, shop, and admire the local talent of Washington, DC. Enjoy Burmese tea salad, fresh coconut juices, grilled giant sausages, local breweries, and Ethiopian Doro Wat among the other delicious dining options while watching singers and dancers up and down the street. This is a great way for travelers to get to know the city in an entertaining, mouthwatering, and memorable way. 

National Book Festival

As the home of the Library of Congress, it should come as no surprise that Washington, DC is also home to one of the biggest book festivals in the nation. Bookworms and travelers of all interests will enjoy this spectacle put on with the Library of Congress, where fans, authors and famous speakers meet up in this event celebrating literature and print. This is a great opportunity to tour the Library of Congress and its grandeur while also attending a community event, and in the vision of ultimately being public institutions, both are free! Bring the group to see this historic institution and event of all things book at the National Book Festival.


Turkish Festival

Celebrate the Turkish community of Washington, DC with the city at the annual Turkish Festival! Enjoy Turkish cuisine, music, dance, crafts, and culture in an event welcoming to all. Varieties of kebab, qofte, baklava, boerek, lokum, halava, yogurts, and (strong!) coffee are just some of the dishes visitors can try here at the Turkish festival. Get to know the Turkish culture and enjoy the Turkish-American community of Washington, DC here at the Turkish Festival.

Fiesta DC

Fiesta DC is another cultural event celebrating some of the many identities and groups that make Washington, DC the place it is today, honoring and celebrating Latin American culture from over twenty countries! Street parades, dance troupes, crafts, songs, and of course- delicious foods are all for visitors of all backgrounds to enjoy here at Fiesta DC. This is a full-day event, and rightfully so, with more tasty options than one can eat in a single day and displays of Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Cumbia, Reggaeton, and Mariachi from day well into the night. Bring the group to Fiesta DC to learn about and share in the beauty of Latin American culture, embracing a truly American value in our capital: diversity.

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