Our Favorite Places to Sleep Under the Stars Around Alexandria-Arlington, VA

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This side of the Potomac is the steady and growing other half to the Capital, a vibrant and growing region making bounds in every area, with more than its own scores of restaurants, parks, attractions and activities to match the other parts of the DMV. Whether you are a tourist drafting a holiday itinerary, a returning local visiting friends and family or a curious local, you’ll find something for everyone in the Northern Virgina area. Read on for some of our favorite places to sleep under the stars and enjoy the great outdoors here around the Alexandria-Arlington area. 

Bull Run Regional Park

For visitors to the Alexandria-Arlington area who come with a strong interest in outdoors recreation will love the Bull Run Regional Park, providing a number of trails, snack bars, RV and Boating areas, soccer fields, playgrounds, disc golf, swimming areas, hiking and picnicking. Come and do it all in a family friendly and large group inclusive location, right here at Bull Run Regional Park!

The View of DC

The name says it all. This observation deck provides views of all the major landmarks, sights and happenings of the Capital Region, a jaw-dropping background to any travel photos, a vantage point for any cityscape or time-lapse projects, and just a solid attraction in itself. Aside from the views over the DMV area and the capital, the height also makes for a great place to stop and watch the sunset and stars across the Washington D.C. night sky.

Pohick Bay Regional Park

This is another mammoth attraction on the river, featuring a thousand acres of canoeing, paddleboarding, kayaking, boating, hiking, picnicking, a number of camping sites with cabins, dedicated family areas and group camping sites, and even a water park! This is a great option for families traveling to the capital region who want to enjoy the Virginia wilderness in an accessible and inclusive atmosphere, with a number of fun activities and an easily navigable layout. 

Lake Fairfax Park

With nearly five hundred acres of fishing, hiking, biking, fire rings, grills, picnicking, and biking Lake Fairfax Park is a great option for visitors to the capital region who want to lose themselves in nature for a while. Aside from the number of scenes and camping areas, there is also a number of modern amenities to make visitors’ stay at the Lake Fairfax Park more comfortable, for those who want a stay with a few more luxuries, such as bathhouses, hot showers, restrooms, potable water spigots, and designated picnicking areas. 

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