Best Places to Take Photos Around Alexandria-Arlington, VA

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This side of the Potomac is the steady and growing other half to the Capital, a vibrant region making bounds in every area, with more than its own scores of restaurants, parks, attractions and activities to match the other parts of the DMV. Whether you are a tourist drafting a holiday itinerary, a returning local visiting friends and family or a curious local, you’ll find something for everyone in the Northern Virginia area. Read on for some of our favorite places to take pictures here around the Alexandria-Arlington area. 

Spite House

For those shorter travelers, this one’s for you! Tower above others on your socials and stand tall here at Spite House, one of the nation’s most narrow properties. This house stands a shocking seven feet in width and is twenty five feet deep, a place to stretch out and quite literally reach either end of this Alexandria icon.

Captain’s Row 

This slice of historic America is a charming backdrop to any photo taking excursions into Alexandria’s storied Old Town, a great stop for groups of all sizes, at any time of the year. The plentiful trees, cobblestone trees, and cute buildings are a solid backdrop to any photography project.

Queens Street Rowhouses

Some of Alexandria’s most vibrant and colorful residents are these, the proud and festive row houses of Queens Street! This is yet another great stop to any visits to this side of the Potomac, and is a gentle, family-friendly backdrop to any postcard photos, as well as a suitable setting for casual group photos.

The View of DC

The name says it all. This observation deck provides views of all the major landmarks, sights and happenings of the Capital region, a jaw-dropping background to any travel photos, a vantage point for any cityscape or time-lapse projects, and just a solid attraction in itself. 

Marine Corps War Memorial

For those travelers coming with or to honor service members, the Marine Corps War Memorial is just one of the many solemn institutions on this side of the Potomac commemorating those who have served to protect the nation. 

Netherlands Carillon

Escape to the romantic Dutch countryside complete with tulips, right here in Virginia! The Netherlands Carillon is a versatile spot for photoshoots casual and formal alike, where groups of all sizes can enjoy the beauty of these colorful tulips, from couples, groups, families, and solo shoots. We recommend visiting in summer to get the most of the different colors during your visit. 

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